Trainer & Professor Who - Episode 1 "Misty" (Pokemon/Doctor Who Crossover)

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    So yeah, this is another crazy idea I've been having (thanks a lot Steven Moffat!). Don't know if I want to continue it. So yeah...


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    "Now?" Rudy said with disbelief.

    "Yeah, lunch break's almost over. Gotta get back to work," Misty replied.

    This was a typical day in Misty's life. Everyday was the same. Misty would wake up at 7:30 a.m., go to her job at the Cerulean City Boutique Shop, spend her half-hour lunch break with her boyfriend, Rudy, then go back home at 7:00 p.m., only to start the entire process again the next day.

    "Alright baby. Give me a good-bye kiss," Rudy said as he puckered his lips.

    Misty rolled her eyes and gave Rudy a quick kiss before running off back to the boutique shop. A few hours later, it was closing time at the shop. All the employees were leaving and going home. On her way out, Misty was stopped by the security guard, giving her a clear plastic bag with money inside. Misty realized it was her turn this week to give Surge his lottery money. Disappointed, Misty took the money, and rushed down to the basement.

    "Surge? I've got the lottery money. Surge, are you there?" Misty called out, not getting any answer.

    Noticing a door with Lt. Surge's initials, Misty tries opening it, but it wouldn't budge. She suddenly hears a clattering noise further down the corridor.

    "Hello, Surge, it's Misty. Hello?" Misty called out once more, and again getting no reply.

    Misty then tries opening a different door in the corridor, and this time, it opened. Turning on the lights, she finds nothing but boxes of clothes, and dressed mannequins. While looking around, the door behind her slams shut. Misty tries opening it, but no luck. She then hears strange noises all around her.

    "Who's there? Is this some sort of prank?" Misty yelled.

    She then notices one of the mannequins beginning to move. Turning towards her, the mannequin approaches Misty, and is followed by several more mannequins.

    "Heh, very funny. Whose idea was this? Joey? Joey, is this you?" Misty said rather anxiously.

    As more mannequins start moving, Misty runs for it, reaching the storage area. But she is then cornered by even more living mannequins. Leaning against the wall, Misty thought that this was the end for her. Just then, she feels two different hands grabbing her wrists...


    "Run!" both individuals said at the same time.

    Misty doesn't hesitate and complies, running as fast as she could while squeezing both individuals' hands. She noticed the one on the left seemed like a scientist of some sort with the lab coat he wore, while the individual on the right looked like a young Pokemon trainer, with a Pikachu on his shoulder. They all reach the basement, and rush towards an elevator. However, one of the mannequins tries to reach for them, with its arm preventing the elevator doors from closing.

    "Pikachu, hit it with your Thunderbolt!" the boy yelled.

    "PI-KA-CHUUU!!" the Pikachu yelled as it hit the mannequin with its Thunderbolt attack.

    The mannequin didn't seem to be affected by Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack.

    "It's made of plastic! Electric-type attacks won't affect it!" the older individual yelled.

    "Well then, looks like I'm going to go with Plan B!" the boy said, and started pulling the mannequin's arm hard. He eventually pulls it off, allowing the elevator doors to finally close.

    "You pulled his arm off!" Misty yelled.

    "Yep, I sure did," the boy said while throwing the arm to Misty.

    "Who were they then, youngsters? Is this a youngster thing or what?" Mitsy asked.

    "Why would they be youngsters?" the older individual asked.

    "I don't know," Misty replied.

    "Well, you said it. Why youngsters?" the older individual asked once more.

    "'Cos, you know, they like to cause lots of trouble. Not to mention the fact they try to force you to listen about how their Rattata is in the top percentage of Rattatas," Misty answered.

    "That makes sense. Well done. But they're definitely not youngsters," the older individual replied.

    "Well whoever they are, when Surge finds them, he's going to call Officer Jenny," Misty said.

    "Wait, Surge, as in Lt. Surge, Gym Leader of Vermilion City?" the boy asked, "I remember winning a Thunder Badge from him many years ago."

    "Umm, yeah," Misty replied, confused by the boy's comments about winning a badge years ago, wondering how old he was when he started his Pokemon journey, "He has a part-time job here as chief electrician."

    "Oh, then sorry to say this, but Lt. Surge is dead," the boy said.

    Misty's heart sank when she heard what the boy said about Lt. Surge. The elevator had now reached the ground floor, with Misty and the others quickly getting out.

    "That's just not funny! That's sick!" Misty yelled in response to what the boy said.

    "Hold on. Mind your eyes," the older individual said as he pulled out some sort of device from his pocket, pointed it at the elevator, and disabled it.

    "Who are you guys? And who are those down there?" Misty asked.

    "They're made of plastic. Living plastic creatures. They're being controlled by a relay device in the roof, which would be a great big problem if I didn't have this," the older individual stated while he pulled out a small bomb from his coat.

    "So, we're going to go up there and blow them up, and we might die in the process, but don't worry about us. No, you go home. Go on. Go and do whatever it is girls do while they're home. And don't tell anyone about this, because if you do, you'll get them killed," the boy explained as he, the older individual, and Pikachu went through a door to take the stairs to the roof, only to come back.

    "I'm the Professor, by the way," the older individual said.

    "And I'm the Trainer. And this here's Pikachu," the boy said.

    "Pikachu!" Pikachu said, introducing itself to Misty.

    "So what's your name?" the Professor asked Misty.

    "Umm, Misty..." Misty replied.

    "Nice to meet you, Misty. Now run for your life!" the Trainer said as the three went back to the stairs.

    Misty, utterly confused by what had just transpired, started to run away. She then heard a loud explosion from behind her. A huge fireball had taken out the upper floor of the boutique shop. Misty continues running, passing by what appears to be a large Pokeball parked just in the alley between two other stores....
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    Nov 2, 2011

    That night, Misty just sat around the Cerulean City Gym with Togepi by her side, doing absolutely nothing, and listening to her sisters, Violet and Lily, talking with their friends with their cell phones, and staring at the mannequin's arm that the Trainer pulled out.

    "Total bummer! Looks like we'll have to do all our shopping in Vermilion City," Violet said.

    "I know, Misty was like, totally lucky to get out before it happened," Lily said.

    Misty noticed the gym doors open, and in came Rudy, who was relieved to see Misty alive and well.


    "Misty! I've been trying to call you all night. I can't believe that just happened!" Rudy cried as he rushed towards Misty and hugged her tight.

    "I'm all right, really," Misty replied.

    "Well, what happened?" Rudy asked.

    "I... don't know, I mean, I wasn't in the building. I was outside. I didn't see anything," Misty replied, not telling Rudy the entire truth of what really happened.

    "Well, you gonna be alright?" Rudy asked.

    Misty smiled and nodded. Reassured that she was going to be safe, Rudy then kisses Misty goodbye, and picks up the mannequin arm that Misty brought over. Rudy playfully pretends that the arm was strangling him. Misty laughed at Rudy's playful side, and waved goodbye.

    "Alright, later girls," Rudy said as he left the gym.

    "Bye Rudy," both Violet and Lily said before getting back to their phone calls.

    While walking back home, Rudy passed by a dumpster bin where a Trubbish was sleeping.


    Rudy threw the arm into the bin, and continued on his way home. The Trubbish inside the bin was startled by the arm that was thrown, but quickly went back to sleep. But little did the Trubbish know, the arm began to move, and started to strangle the Trubbish...


    Next morning...


    "Eat up Togepi. You wouldn't want an empty stomach," Misty told the little Pokemon as they were eating breakfast at the Cerulean City Gym.

    "Togi! Togi!" Togepi said as it continued eating its breakfast.

    Usually at this time, Misty was supposed to be working at the boutique shop. Now that it was destroyed though, Misty went back to doing what she did before she got that job, which was helping out her sisters with running the gym, even though they barely needed her help. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

    "Come in!" Misty called out, but the knocking didn't stop, confusing Misty.

    The door then burst open, revealing the Professor, the Trainer, and Pikachu.


    "What're you doing here?" the Professor asked Misty.

    "Uhh, I live here..." Misty replied, surprised by their sudden appearance.

    "Well, what do you do that for?" the Trainer asked.

    "Because I happen to be related to the gym leaders. I'm only home because SOMEONE blew up my job," Misty answered, giving the three a nasty look.

    "I must have got the wrong signal. You're not plastic, are you?" the Professor asked as he walked over to Misty and knocked her head to check, "No, bonehead. Bye, then."

    "Oh no you don't. You three. Inside. Now!" Misty demanded, closing the door and preventing them from exiting.

    "Hey Misty, who are they?" Violet asked as she came in.


    "It's, umm... about last night. They work for Offiver Jenny. Give us ten minutes," Misty replied.

    "'Kay," Violet said, going back to running her errands.

    "Was that a gym leader here?" the Trainer asked.

    "Yeah, that was Violet, my sister," Misty answered.

    "Wow, a lot of things must've changed since I won a gym badge here," the Trainer commented.

    "Pika-chu," Pikachu said, agreeing with the Trainer.

    The words the Trainer just mentioned had Misty pondering many things. Her sisters were gym leaders for five years, and she doesn't remember hearing about a five-year-old Pokemon trainer winning a badge here. Something was definitely up.

    "Well, we should go and tell Officer Jenny about this. Together," Misty said.

    "That won't last, he's gay and she's an alien," the Professor commented as he picked up a tabloid paper on a table and started reading it.

    "Listen, I'm not blaming you guys, even if it was just some sort of joke that went wrong," Misty continued.

    "Hmm, sad ending," the Professor said, putting the tabloid paper back on the table.

    "But, they said on the news they'd found a body," Misty said.

    "Hey, look at this," the Professor said, pointing at a mirror on the wall as he was joined by the Trainer and Pikachu.

    "Ah, could've been worse. Look at the ears," the Professor commented on his reflection.

    "Heh, I sure do look good. Though I wonder why these two marks had to appear on my cheeks," the Trainer commented as he saw his reflection.

    "Pikachu," Pikachu said as it saw the Professor and the Trainer comment on their appearance.

    "Ahem, are you guys even listening?" Misty asked, annoyed by the Professor and the Trainer apparently ignoring her.

    "Oh, sorry about that Misty," the Professor replied, turning his attention back to her.

    "Anyway, if we are going to Officer Jenny, I want to know what I'm saying. And I want you two to explain everything," Misty said.

    The door suddenly opened and closed, but no living thing was in sight.

    "What was that?" the Trainer asked.

    Looking around, Misty notices a familiar sight on the floor. It was the same mannequin arm from the previous day. The arm jumps in mid air, and grabs Misty's face. Screaming, she tries to yank the arm out of her face, but to no avail. The Trainer rushes to Misty and tries to pull the arm himself. He finally gets it off of Misty's face, but struggles to keep it from grabbing his face.

    "Uhh, Professor, a little help here!" the Trainer yelled as he struggled to keep the arm in place.

    "I'm on it!" the Professor replied as he grabbed the same device he used the previous day in the elevator, and pointed it at the arm.

    The device seemed to have worked, as the fingers on the arm stopped flexing, and became lifeless once more. The Trainer, the Professor, and Pikachu gave a sigh of relief.

    "There, you see? Armless," the Trainer said as he threw the arm to Misty.

    "You think?" Misty said as she smacked the trainer with the now lifeless arm.

    "Ow!" the Trainer cried.

    A few minutes later, the Professor, the Trainer, and Pikachu were walking outside. They were then followed by Misty, carrying Togepi in her backpack.

    "Hey wait! You can't just go off like that!" Misty called out to the three.

    "Yes we can. Here we are. This is us, going off. Later," the Professor replied as he continued walking.

    "But that arm was moving. It tried to kill me!" Misty cried.

    "Perfect score for observation," the Trainer commented.

    "You can't just walk away. That's not fair. You've got to tell me what's going on," Misty pleaded.

    "Hmm, no we don't," the professor said.

    "All right then. I'll go to Officer Jenny. I'll tell everyone. You said if I did that, I'd get people killed. So, your choice. Tell me, or I'll start talking," Misty said.

    "Are you trying to sound like a tough gym leader by saying that?" the Trainer asked.

    "Sorta," Misty replied.

    "Nice try, but it won't work," the Trainer said.

    "But, who are you guys?" Misty asked.

    "We already told you. I'm the Professor. He's the Trainer. And that's Pikachu," the Professor answered.

    "Pikachu," Pikachu said.

    "Yeah, but Professor what? And what kind of a name is 'The Trainer'?" Misty continued asking.

    "Just the Professor," the Professor replied.

    "And just the Trainer," the Trainer added.

    "The Professor and the Trainer," Misty commented.

    "Hello!" both the Professor and the Trainer replied.

    "Well, Come on then. You can tell me. I've already seen enough. Are you working with Officer Jenny?" Misty asked.

    "Nah, we're just passing through. We're a long way from home," the Professor said.

    "But what I do? How comes those plastic things keep coming after me?" Misty asked.

    "Oh, so now the whole world revolves around you. You were just an accident. You got in the way, that's all," the Trainer commented.

    "It tried to kill me!" Misty yelled.

    "It was after Pikachu, not you. Last night, in the boutique shop, Pikachu was there with us, you blundered in, and almost ruined the whole thing. This morning, we were tracking it down while it was tracking Pikachu down. The only reason it fixed on you is 'cos you've met Pikachu," the Professor explained.

    "So what you're saying is, the entire world revolves Pikachu," Misty said.

    "Pikachu," Pikachu replied.

    Misty smiled at Pikachu, sad to hear that those plastic creatures were trying to capture a cute little Pokemon.

    "But, all this plastic stuff... who else knows about it?" Misty asked.

    "No one," the Trainer responded.

    "Wait, so you guys are all on your own?" Misty asked.

    "Well, who else is there? I mean, you people, all you do is eat, go to bed, and watch TV, battle with your Pokemon. And without even noticing, underneath you, there's a war going on," the Professor replied.

    "Okay. Start from the beginning. I mean, if we're going to go with the living plastic, and I don't even believe that, but if we do, how did you kill it?" Misty asked.

    "Whatever's controlling it projects life into the arm. The Professor cut off the signal with his sonic screwdriver," the Trainer said.

    "So, who's controlling it, then?" Misty asked.

    "No idea," the Professor replied.

    "But what's it all for? I mean, living mannequins, what's that about? Is someone trying to take over all of Kanto's boutique shops?" Misty asked.

    "Nope. Whoever's doing it wants to catch Pokemon, which is why they were after Pikachu in the first place?" the Trainer replied.

    Misty was pondering to herself everything she was told. How did a boy and some professor know about all this, she thought to herself.

    "Tell me, who are you guys really?" Misty asked.

    The Professor, the Trainer, and Pikachu stopped walking, and turned their attention to Misty.

    "You know how we were just discussing the world revolving? It's like when you were a kid. The first time they tell you the world's turning and you just can't quite believe it because everything looks like it's standing still. We can feel it. The turn of the Earth," the Professor said.

    "The ground beneath our feet is spinning at a thousand miles an hour, and the entire planet is hurtling round the sun at sixty seven thousand miles an hour, and we can feel it. We're falling through space, all of us, clinging to the skin of this tiny little world. And if we let go... That's who we are. Now, forget about us Misty. Go home," the Trainer added.

    Background Music

    The Professor, the Trainer, and Pikachu start walking towards what appeared to be a large Pokeball. Misty, still confused as ever, turned around, and started to head back home.

    "Togi, Togi!" Togepi cried.

    "What is it Togepi?" Misty asked when suddenly, she heard a strange noise.

    Turning around, she tried to look for the three. They were no where to be found. What was even stranger to Misty was that the large Pokeball she noticed vanished as well...
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    I find this extremely clever, though it would probably be better if you hadn't completely copied the script from Rose...
    Other than that, its great! Now all you need to do is come up with some original stories for future episodes.
    Also, would you be able to tell me what you think of my new story "Puella Magi Twilight Magica"? I've got a thread up for it now.