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    Jan 11, 2009
    Okay, so for school I had to write this 'found poem' which is basically when you extract words or phrases from any body of literature and transform it into a poem. I had to use a New York Times article though, which made it a little more challenging. But nonetheless, here's the poem and a link to the article!

    I am brave, yet I am more afraid.
    The disease has returned,
    And my fragmented body is asking, “Why?”
    I fear that my mind, saturated with dissonance, is still in the cloud of unknowing…
    This cannot be right. This is not the truth. This is not all there is to me, right?

    Friends asked, “How are you doing?”
    “I… don’t know,” I informed them with disturbing honesty.
    They then plunged into the trap of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, like always,
    And now I tell myself, “Maybe I am better off not saying another word.”

    All the pills and treatments are not working,
    And yet I think I am perfectly healthy…
    But I am not the person I believe myself to be.

    …I am dying, this I now know,
    But I keep trying to avoid the fate that haunts me,

    And I will not stop.

  2. Beau Hollow Bastion Committee

    Jan 11, 2009

    A question put their feelings on hold,
    dismany over another chance.
    "Hope"... "revenge"... the widow,
    cursed to a torn fairytale,
    determined to search for a shocking secret.

    Her answer coming soon.

    A meaningful gift, having feelings, persuaded him to go.
    An understanding: an unlikely source of nerves
    A surprising announcement concerning her future.
    A confession of mystery and struggles.
    A secret from her nearest and dearest.

    Can she let go of what she really wants?

    ( this was extracted from the "tv tropes" section of the april 22nd, 2013 edition of the new york times...

    here's a picture of what it actually looks like... )