Twilight Angel

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    Just a lil serious fanfic about Saix and a few ocs. This is a change of pace from the torturous fics of humor on the organization that I usually write on Animespiral. XD

    Summary- An entity known as the 'Twilight Angel' is a threat to the Organization. Xemnas sends out Saix, Axel, Demyx, Xaldin and five others who are 'unique' on a search and destroy mission... if only they knew that their true threat was another entity called the 'Devil of Dawn'.

    (Xemnas gets a pet owl... is that bad**$ or what?)


    Chapter 1- The Assignment (Part 1)

    An owl flies through the night sky of the World That Never Was. But then again, it was always night in this world. No light allowed. Maybe a speck but that would be quickly engulfed in darkness. The owl itself was just as dark as anything else in that world, only it's gold eyes cut through the repugnant dark. It's destination was at the top of a white castle that overlooks the City of the Dark. It's purpose... well, that is soon to be revealed.

    The Altar of Naught... The very top of Castle Oblivion. A place that Xemnas is usually present to get away from all the going-ons of the Organization, a little down-time if you will. Especially to gaze at the giant heart in the sky that is his obsession... well if he could feel like that towards it but he certainly does. Ember eyes gleam with satisfaction as they lock onto to the owl. The Superior holds out his left arm, the owl closes in and perches itself on his forearm, wings at its sides, reporting in to the Leader of Organization XIII with a quiet 'hoo'.

    "...I see... Are you certain?"

    Another 'Hoo' and a flap of it's wings to answer him. Xemnas nodded and sent the bird on it's way. He stares at the departing herald, thinking about what he has just heard and nods again.

    "I think it's time for a meeting..."


    One by one, the Nobodies of Organization XIII stopped what they were doing and headed to the (XP big-white-circular-room-that-makes-it-seem-like-their-in-an-asylum XD).

    Axel steps out of his room, just as a young woman passed by. She looked nearly the same age as Axel. She had hazel, gold eyes but she had no pupils and long ashy colored hair that reaches mid-back length. She wore a black, double-breasted short-jacket that buckled just below her chest and was opened to reveal a red halter top underneath, a red silk scarf around her neck, black pants and black highheeled boots, the heels colored red. She also has a tattoo of the Nobodies symbol on her lower back and the letter B and the number VIII next to it.

    "Hey Blaze, for once you're present." Said Axel

    Blaze only grinned. "Hey I could've made a big entrance, like an exotic burning intro."

    Exotic Mane of Inferno. That was her title. However, she wasn't a member of the Organization. she was something else to them, along with four others. and speak of the devil, they are soon joined by Demyx and another girl that seemed younger than the three of them. she had long wavy blonde hair and dark blue eyes, she too didn't have pupils. has a blue silk scarf and is wearing the same thing as Blaze but a more different, black pants and black and blue boots. She has tattoo of the Nobodies symbol with a letter S and the number IX next to it above her left breast.

    "So!" Demyx chirped. "You guys know what the meeting is about?"

    Axel and Blaze shook their heads, but the young blonde woman clapped her hands and squealed with delight.

    "Ooh! Maybe it's about putting up a Concert hall! I mean, the Hall of Empty Melodies is great and all but, come on! Demyx, you have to agree with me, right?!"

    Demyx nodded with glee. "Sure do Sapphiree!"

    Devious Siren. Sapphiree is also like Blaze. said girls stopped walking and held their arms out to stop the boys too.

    Axel blinked. "What's up?"

    "Psycho B----, coming through." she mumbled.

    They all froze to the sounds of heels clicking in a rapid pace. Another woman who looked older than the group of four heading in the same direction as them. She had violet hair in a strange style and amethyst eyes, again, no pupils. She has on a long, flowy, double-breasted coat, a violet scarf, black shorts underneath and black highheeled ankle boots. The heels are violet. She has a tattoo of the Nobodies symbol and the letter S and the number VII next to it on her chest.

    Demyx shakily waves at her. "Umm... hiya Solaris."

    She walked passed them and looked over her shoulder to give Demyx a fatal gleam from her eye. The Melodious Nocturne squeaked and pushed himself against the wall. Satisfied, Solaris continued walking.

    Her title was the Sol Enchantress. Another piece to fuel the fire.

    "Uhh oh... There goes Saix." Sapphiree warned.

    Axel waved his hand in a dismissive gesture. "Whoop, party's over."

    The fire has been overfueled. The Luna Diviner and the Sol Enchantress stopped walking, they were at least 7 feet away from each other, glaring hardcore at one another. Axel, Demyx, Blaze and Sapphiree wince in anticipation of a fight that would erupt from the two... It wouldn't be the first time.



    Another glare contest and then the two continued to the meeting room without incident. The four let out a breath they didn't know they were holding. Blaze fans herself with her hand. "Geez, that would've been a trainwreck in a half." The three nodded in agreement and continued their trek.


    All the Nobodies of Organization XIII are seated in their seats. (otherwise, really tall, uncomfortable-looking chairs. XD) While Solaris, Blaze, Sapphiree and another person were standing in the center of the room. This person had long blonde hair done in two ponytails and one light blue eye and one dark blue eye. no pupils. He was dressed like Solaris only his scarf was light blue. and he wore black pants and black boots. He had a tattoo of Nobodies symbol and the letter S and the number XII next to it on the left side of his neck.

    "This had be better pretty effing important, I was in the middle of reading a verrrry good book." mumbled the man.

    "Sherly, take it dowwnnn a knotch." Blaze teased.

    "For the last time, it's Sherlen, call me Sherly again or else."

    Larxene snickered at that remark.

    Sherlen. The Insanely Violent Lightning. If He and Larxene were related... well... that might not bode well.

    After a short while, Xemnas appeared and gained everyone's attention. He looked around at all of them with a serious expression on his face, perhaps the most serious he's ever been.

    "We have a problem."

    (To be continued...)


    I should stop here before it gets too long, or maybe it is. =_= doh! Next part, I'll give ya the personalities of the four, but we still have one more of them to reveal. plus, the assignment. XD
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    Twilight Angel Pt2

    Second part of chappie 1.


    The Assignment- Part 2

    Blaze strutted her hip to the side and tilted her head. "Um, what kind of problem, Xems?"

    "Apparently... There is something that will soon prevent us from reaching our goal. However, we will prevent such a thing from happening. Which is why I will send some of you out on a search and destroy mission."

    Sapphiree tilted her head in confusion. "That's kinda vague Xemmy, can ya be more specific."

    Xemnas was getting annoyed at the nicknames. "What I am saying is, this entity is swift, never staying in one place for too long. Some of you will be out in the worlds, keeping surveillance while the others will--"

    "Destroy it? This assignment seems very... oh, I don't know how to put it. I just can't find the right word for it."

    Saix glared at Solaris. How dare she make light of the situation at hand?!

    "Well to make it to your liking Solaris, you'll be paired up."

    Vexen seemed to looked surprised by this and spoke.

    "Are you saying... that you're sending them out... now?"

    "...I'll speak with you about it after the meeting." came the icy reply from the Superior. This shut Vexen up immediately. "Now then... Solaris, Blaze, Sapphiree, Sherlen and another who is not present at the time... you will be paired up with an Organization Member."

    And pop goes Solaris.

    "Excuse me, Superior, did I just... hear you right or am I deaf? Paired with an Organization member? You can't be serious! I have hunting abilities that surpass any of these weaklings in this room, I think I am more than enough to take out this entity!"

    Silence seemed to have filled the entire room. Everyone was shocked that Solaris snapped at Xemnas who, surprisingly, had a smirk on his face.

    "Would you still be saying that if I told you that the target is none other than the Twilight Angel?"

    Solaris recoiled. Blaze, Sapphiree and Sherlen looked down at the floor. Members VII through XIII looked at one another confused while the senior Nobodies remained calm with nuetral expressions. They knew more about the Twilight Angel it seems...

    "Didn't think so. Here are the pairings. Sherlen, you're with Larxene and Marluxia. Sapphiree, you're with Demyx and Luxord. Blaze, you're with Axel and Roxas. Solaris, you're with Zexion and Saix."

    The reactions of the mentioned people were varied in many different ways. Excitement, Skeptical, So and so but... Solaris and Saix were not having it.

    Saix stood up from his seat, both feet on the arm rests and he pointed down at Solaris while looking at Xemnas.

    "Sir, you CANNOT be serious! Me and that Sun-witch can't, under no circumstances, EVER work together! And with all due respect Superior... you have seriously lost it."

    Then there was Solaris. "Do you honestly feel that it is necassary for all of us to go out and search for that Twilight Angel?! Why is it so important?! I mean, we are aware that it's threat and all but... NO! NO! NO!!!"

    And the arguing continued. Roxas covered his ears to block out the yelling and shouting and roaring between the two while the others watched. Xemnas just let the two duke it out verbally because they know that if they fight physically in his presence then... well... it'd be better it you didn't know what would happen.

    When the two ran out of reasons against the pairing, they stopped. Saix hung his shoulders and breathed heavily. He was still standing on his seat by the way. Solaris was on her knees, panting. Finally, Xemnas spoke, but very out of character.

    "If you two girls are done kissing, I believe you all should be on your way now."

    Saix fell in his seat, Solaris put her head down on the floor, both having anime sweatdrops on their heads.

    "Now then, II through VI, we need to discuss this matter further. the rest of you are dismissed."

    They all nodded and filed out of the room. It was silent for a while when Xaldin spoke.

    "G-III is still recovering Sir."

    "I know that..."

    "I can't believe you let S-VII and Saix go at it like that." said Xigbar.

    "They know better than to go Riot and Berserk on each other while I'm in the room." Xemnas replied.

    "What about B-VIII, S-IX and S-XII?" asked Lexaeus.

    "They are smart and complete... G-III and S-VII are another story, Vexen..." he looked at Vexen expecting a response.

    He simply folded his arms in front of him. "It's my personal opinion that they were released too early. B-VIII, S-IX and S-XII adapted too fast. G-III is still having problems harnessing her element while S-VII is psychotic beyond all belief and all reason though she hides it very well which, I hate to admit it, is frightening."

    "Contradicting yourself, IV?" came the smart comment from Zexion.

    Vexen had a comeback. "At least I'm not the one going out in the field with her and another psycho."

    Zexion thought about this for a moment. He's with Solaris and Saix, possibly the two most dangerous people in this world next to Xemnas and he realized that he'd be playing referee on this assignment if he choses to. He couldn't be like Xemnas and just let them fight... He remembered what they all had agreed on when those five came into existence and nodded to himself.

    "I understand the risk but... if the Twilight Angel really is showing up then... I will take that risk."

    Xemnas seemed happy with his reply. "Excellent VI, that goes for you two Xaldin and Xigbar. Watch G-III closely, she might lose it since SOMEONE didn't fully complete her."

    Vexen sighed and lowered his head.

    "If we are clear on what we know... then... let's get this Twilight Angel and show it that no one messes with the Organization."


    Everyone was being... interesting in the meeting. XD and now the personalities of the four.

    Sherlen is cocky and devious. He likes to insult people at every chance he gets and disregards everyone as being weaker then himself. His brashness and cruel attitude make him very much the male version of Larxene, though with a few things missing.

    Sapphiree is a bubbly young girl. Excitable by nature, she likes to sing and enjoy life, not letting negative things get her down. She can appear very childish at times, and can come off as rather foolish by her actions, but in general she is just a nice girl who just wants to have a good time.

    Blaze appears very confident with herself and has an air of sophistication about her. Besides that, she seems to revel in her own glamour and importance and looks down on anyone who isn't willing to see things her way. She does her best to inspire confidence in others though tends to tease people at the same time. Underneath what could be called a snobby exterior is a soft-hearted woman, who values those she holds close.

    Solaris is a blood-thirsty killer (that has yet to be seen) and doesn't care about anyone or anything. She is also in a constant rivalry with Saix. she is a very vane woman with obvious psychotic tendencies… though she keeps all of this masked under a calm and collected façade which sometimes is very creepy and no one knows when she’ll snap.

    ^_^ tra la la, I'll reveal the fifth unique person next chapter. But why is that the senior members call them by the things tattooed on them? Hmmm... mystery.