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    Chapter One : Memories

    I'd never been given an option on whether I live or die. It's something that destiny must call up for you, and something that no person should decide for you, but for me. I could die tonight, or I can try and survive the torture that burns through me.

    I'd already fell down the hill, into a pit of fire. It circled around me a few feet, and I couldn't get out. My whine was lost int he roaring waves of fire that was set on the forest.

    All I could think was that I was going to die tonight. But I'd not planned to. I always wanted to to die old, and I knew everyone would end up dying once in their life. I mean, of course you can only die once, unless you're brought back, but it's very rare that you come back and stay for a while.

    The heat burned up the air around me, and I couldn't see anything from the smoke burning around my face, tearing up my eyes. I would rub them and they would sting. I barked out coughs and tried to look up at the sky, for the brightest star. My father had taught me that if I ever ran into trouble, to run for the brightest star, and I would be safe from anything that wanted to hurt me.

    I made my jump across the fire that encircled my body and fell on impact on the warm dirt. I had not been used to jumping or using my legs to run yet. I'm only about a few months old.

    My ears pulled up when I heard a faint distant name calling for me.

    Come over here!
    Follow Me!

    The voice was my mother's. She was calling just for me to run to her. I'm sure that my brothers had already made it out. My little legs ran as much as I could. The dirt under my paws were getting hotter and hotter, until I realized, I wasn't heading for the brightest star. I heard my mother call my names a few more time.

    I'm coming mom! I exclaimed in a weak bark. The smoke filled my lungs and my barks became wheezes. The bright star was behind me, and when i saw a large creature standing on two legs, with an object in their paws. I realized I shouldn't have listened. They caught my mother probably... That's where I heard her voice.

    I turned my body and started running the other way, until the ground was lost under my paws. I was running through the air. My head turned and i was being held by the creature. I whimpered out barks at him to put me down, until I was put in a large round movable object. The top had closed and I was trying to push my way out. It felt like a smooth fur that didn't have hair. I could hear it tear softly and there was a hole in it. I barked out more.

    Natasha! Where are you!? my father yelled out. That was him. No one could ever imitate my father... I barked out more, letting him know where my location was. The object I was in moved a few times, until I heard my fathers barking and growling. I felt a blunt force to the bag then another on my underside. I could hear the growling and barking coming from my father. His snarls scared me, but i knew he was very protective of me. He's loved me so much and he always made sure I was his top priority.

    I could see through the torn hole, my father growling at the creature that put me in this object. The back of the object had began to get hot. I was near the fire!

    Daddy! I whined. His glare didn't turn. I could see everything in his mind. He was angry at the person in front of him. It was...human
    He tackled the human, and started biting him.

    Daddy! Please stop!
    I cried out. The back of the object had caught fire, along with the fur on my back. The smell was recognizable. I yelped out loudly. And it was no yelp for help... it was a yelp of pain and torture. My back was now burning, and I could smell the singed skin on my back..

    Daddy! I'm burning! I whined out. I tried ripping the object more, until I was able to get out. My back was aching, and I couldn't stand up. My knee's buckled, and I kept staggering.

    My legs went numb and I felt the flame leave my back, but i felt the ember still singeing more of my skin. My father had picked me up by the scruff of my neck, and took off. I looked in the sky seeing him follow the brightest star.

    Daddy! My back's burning! I cried out.

    Hold on just minute. I'll get you to the river!
    he said with confidence. The area was becoming more familiar to me. The river wasn't too far back. I heard something, like a loud snap.

    Don't listen to anything except my voice!
    he instructed. My face was hard to read where i was in pain, but in a few seconds, i felt something freezing cold now, and my lungs weren't filled with air anymore. My head was pulled out of the river and I barked out coughs of water. The burning was no longer there, but the pain was still unbearable.

    Your'e going to be alright he said, and then headed on towards the bright star, to the end of the forest and the large forest fire.
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    I love it!

    Is this the story you told me about at school?
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    Chapter Two: Father and Daughter (Part One)

    I had woke up in a deep cold sweat. My muzzle was a little cold and I'd looked around, seeing my father asleep. He was out pretty late last night, I'm sure of it. He'd heard some warnings of an early hunt from the humans.. Maybe that's why my memories had came back to me in a dream. My fur started to ache on my back.
    My fur had ended up growing back fromt he burns, but the color was never to same. The skin on my back was black and gray, but I could never see the marks. My father would never look at them. Even if I would ask him what it looked like.
    I shook my head, getting up from the soft and cool stone I laid on. My shoulders went into a long stretch as I yawned again. I saw my father lying next to my mother and I smiled. I stood up and already started for the den entrance, more likely exiting the den.

    The morning went by quickly. Since my father was still sleeping from such a long night, I decided to do his normal runs.
    I thought I would be scared doing my first ever run, but instead, I felt brave, and happy... like I was born to do this.
    To my father, I may be born to do so, but my mother, she thinks my father is making a big mistake. I can still heard their arguments playing over in my head.

    A sudden crunch of a leaf caught my attention. My ears pulled up listening for more noises. A few whispers and hushes were being said aloud. My heart stopped when i seen a flash of metal from the sun.

    Natasha! Get out of the way! my father yelled, from out of no where.
    My heart hadn't stopped as long as this before. I could hear a click, and a gasp escape from my lips. My father smashed into me, at the same time that i heard an ear spilitting -bang-. It was a gunshot.

    Run! he instructed, shoving me the way towards the den. My legs caught up onto the ground and they automatically started running.

    Keep running! he instructed again Don't look back
    My heart thudded again, against my furry chest and it was speeding up. After a few minutes of running my father finally spoke again.

    Stop Natasha, they're gone for now, he spoke spoke calmly. I heard his feet stop when mine did.

    Natasha, what were you thinking!? he scolded at me. This broke me down. I only wanted him to get more rest.