{UPDATED} Kingdom Hearts rules (yes it does rule... but I'm not referring to that sort of 'rule')

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    Quick rules

    This is to help you if you just need to glance at something that you are unsure about but please make sure to read the entire rules as this doesn't include everything!
    • Posts must be longer than 6 words or will be deleted
    • Don't post things off topic to the discussion
    • Don't flame or harass other members
    • Make sure you post in the right section
    • Write clearly
    • Only bump old threads with a post that adds to discussion
    • Please refer below regarding what you CAN'T post
    Things that go in this section:
    • Discussion regarding the FIRST Kingdom hearts game, Kingdom hearts 1.5, Kingdom hearts FM and the series as a whole
      • Topics discussing opinions of the game
      • Any theories
      • Weird things they have spotted in game
      • A question that pops into your mind
      • Anything that regards to the game/gamplay/cutscenes etc. that will produce substantial discussion
    Things that don't go in this section:
    • Discussion regarding another Kingdom hearts game (Birth by Sleep, Dream drop distance, Kingdom hearts 2 etc. They all have their own sections)
    • Questions asking for help (these go in the Kingdom hearts help section)
    • Please refer to rule #2,3 & 4 for further details
    The Kingdom Hearts rules

    Hey everyone! This is a section to discuss the FIRST Kingdom hearts game and any derivatives such as gameplay, characters, worlds etc. Please read these rules as there aren't LOADS but it will just help you understand more about how to post in this section.

    1. The forum rules still apply here so please go and read them​

    2. Please refrain from any “who would win/favourite/ Play as/ Like/Dislike/ think of” threads or those that have little to do with the actual Kingdom Hearts game. This also includes "Who do you want to play as?", "Who would you be friends with?” etc. threads. Keep the discussion purely in relation to the Kingdom Hearts games, not what you what you would do if you were the main character. Although they seem relevant, they don’t really open up much for discussion.​

    3. No “Don’t you hate *insert character name here*” threads, this is not a place to hate on the characters plus it bottlenecks discussion. Alternatively, you can post threads discussing opinions on characters or their development but don’t focus it on hate.​

    4. No posts in this area referring to mundane inquiries like 'guesswork' such as 'If KH characters had MP3 players, what songs would they have?' or "What did Sora eat for dinner?" These do not contribute to the games in any way and though they may be topics you wish to discuss, it is encouraged that they are done in the Spam Zone. In that area, you can ask pretty much whatever you want and get some zany responses. This area is meant to pertain to the games and debate on actual things in them.​

    5. Please think before you post a thread. Make sure your opening post is clear so people know what you want to discuss, sometimes this isn't always easy but try to do the best you can. We don’t want loads of first responses asking what you mean as that just clogs the thread up with spam posts.​

    6. Please keep text talk to a minimum and try to write clearly. It makes things hard to understand and can be confusing. We do understand that not everyone’s first language is English and that’s fine but try your best. Anyone who moans about another person’s grammar/writing style/weird font will have their post deleted and will be punished. This is not a place to ridicule people, if you really have a problem with it then confront them directly in a polite and mature fashion or ask a member of staff.​

    7. Make sure you post your thread in the right section. This section is specifically for KINGDOM HEARTS 1, KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5, KINGDOM HEARTS FM discussion and no other games. If you post something that directly relates to Kingdom hearts 2 or another game then it will be moved to the correct section so think before you post. Threads that encompass the whole series (e.g. List each game in order of preference) can go in here.​

    8. Make your post count. Please try to make your post longer than 6 words, anything less will be viewed as spam and automatically deleted. If you can make your post even longer by elaborating on the point then please do. Posts count here so make sure they add to the discussion.​

    9. Don’t spam. This includes any post that is off topic to the one being discussed. If you go too far off topic then stop and feel free to make a new thread in the appropriate section but spam will be deleted and repeat offenses will lead to punishment.​

    10. Use the search button; it's there for a reason. If you want to create a thread about Riku’s Keyblade the probability of it already being made is high. It is there to help you. If a staff member knows one was created previously they will close the most recent one or merge it.​

    11. Bumping is allowed, to an extent. Please do not make duplicate threads, if there is a thread already open then post in that one (these can be found by using the search button *see rule #10*). If you do bump an old thread then your post must add to the topic otherwise it will be deleted. Please do not bump loads of old threads at once as that creates a backlog and blocks current discussion. Repeat offenses will lead to punishment.​

    12. Problem threads. If a member notices that a thread needs to be closed/moved etc, please just PM one of the staff members that is allocated to the section (Ienzo), S.Mod or Admin. Don’t post in the thread saying, ‘I’ll contact a Mod.’, it is an unnecessary post. Also, if you have complaints about the threads being closed or moved, please PM a Mod of this area, S.Mod or Admin (preferably the one who did the action if you know) to question why rather than opening a thread concerning that in this area.​

    13. No flaming or harassment. Please be considerate to all posters here and realize that not everyone shares your points of view. Do not incite fights, flame members or harass people. This is a general rule around the forums and in here many topics are posted pertaining to theories, thoughts etc on the games. Be respectful.​

    14.Kingdom hearts III isn’t out yet. Please post any discussion about the game in the Kingdom hearts III subsection (yes, it has been announced and has its own subsection! So use it : D)​
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