Valentine of Destiny

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    Yay for updates! 8D

    Hmm... A contract, huh? I have a feeling this is going to get very interesting, especially since they have to "face their fears". But it seems Hiashi has a hunch that it's going to get sticky soon.

    Oddly enough, it seemed to skip around this chapter, and it felt shorter than your last few.

    It was good, nonetheless. Can't wait for more! ;D
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    I dunno... The first few paragraphs feels like I've seen before somewhere, very very familiar.
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    That might be; things were a little hectic writing that last chapter, so it’s possible it came from somewhere else.

    Oh, man, talk about your necrobumps! Okay, sorry about the wait, school and all that. Here’s the next chap:

    “This is too much, Mayor! We can’t have freaks like those in our neighborhood!â€

    The mayor stood in front of Destiny City Hall, in front of a large, soon-to-be-mob. The short, plump man looked exasperated, his bald head clearly sweating. He raised his hands to try and calm everyone down, but they continued to yell.

    “Please!†the mayor yelled over their voices, “Be sensible! These families have been here for as long as anyone can remember! Do you really think they would harm you all now, after all this time?â€

    “Who says they were on our side to begin with?†yelled one man, “For all we know, they’ve been waiting all this time for the right moment to strike!†The crowd began to roar again. The mayor took a step back. This had been going on for an hour, and he was getting very tired. There was just no talking these people out of it: They were out for blood for Sora’s family, after all that happened. Only now, it seems they’ve rallied against Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, and anyone else who supported them. The mayor reached inside his pocket and pulled out a walkie-talkie. “I trust you heard all of that?â€

    Irvine sighed, “Every word, sir. I’ll inform the others. Keep me posted.†Irvine retreated from one of the buildings he was perched on, and headed back to inform Sora’s family and Squall.

    C’mon, guys, he thought, We’re running out of time! If we move Kairi now, she won’t make it, and neither will the others!

    “Sora! Kairi! Stop!â€

    “Aw, c’mon, Riku! This is fun!â€

    “Yeah, Riku! Don’t be a downer! Join in!â€

    Riku dodged as much as he could to evade Sora and Kairi’s wild assaults. The two were wearing the ‘all-too-familiar-to-Riku’ heartless armor that Riku first used against Sora on Hollow Bastion. The difference between Riku then and those two now: Sora and Kairi were much crazier and much more powerful. If they weren’t shooting him with dark magic attacks, they were trying to goad him into going back to the darkness.

    “I don’t know what Hades was thinking in trying to pit me against you two, but I do know this: You’re not real.â€

    Sora flew past Riku, and with an explosion, changed into his antiform, “Aw, who says we needed to be real? We just wanna have fun! And making you go splatsy is a good way to do that!†Kairi landed on the opposite side of Riku, and mimicked Sora: She changed into a similar antiform, “Well, he could always let us destroy him…or you and I could start making out, Riku.†She stood in a pose that was…well, was rather ‘un-Kairi’. Riku blinked. This was just getting too weird.

    Sora tried to take advantage of Riku’s being distracted. He jumped in the air, and tried to land a kick to Riku in the back, but to no avail. Riku sliced him in two before the kick connected. No heart was released as Sora disintegrated. Riku was right; they weren’t real. He stared down a nervous looking Kairi.

    “Uh…about my offer?â€

    The audience watched as Riku started to appear from a portal , a result of him winning against his fear: Fighting against a corrupted Sora and Kairi. Hades voice boomed as Riku finished walking through.

    “Well, this is a surprise!†Hades raised his hands, “The former evil known as Riku has defeated his fears! But! Can the same be said of his two teammates?! Let’s find out!!†Hades pointed towards Riku’s left. There were two more portals next to where Riku stood.

    “If the challenger wants to take a rest, he may,†Hades sat back in his seat, smug. Riku glared at him, then raced into the next portal. Hades grinned more broadly as he went through. If nothing else, he had a good show.

    Riku emerged from the portal in both pleasant, and shocked surprise, as he looked around. It looked just like the room Sora fought him in to retrieve Kairi’s heart. The same room where Riku fought Sora as Ansem. Only, it looked much cleaner than it did when they first arrived: No signs of rust, dust or any wreckage. The equipment looked as though it hadn’t been used at all, yet.


    Riku turned towards the source of the noise. Hiashi was fighting a much younger, much more domesticated looking Braig, and a scraggly, long haired man, about the same age, with long, sharp looking fingernails. Hiashi wasn’t just trying to fight them off, though.

    She was crying while doing so.

    “GO AWAY!†she screamed, “I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU ANYMORE!†She slashed wildly at the two of them, but it just passed through them, like they were hazes. She’d have been better off fighting air. Riku shot his signature ‘dark aura’ attack at the two figures. It passed through them, also. Hiashi, surprised, looked at Riku. Her eyes were full of tears. Riku recoiled in surprise at her; she looked scarier like this than when she was angry.

    “LOOK OUT!†she screamed. Riku turned too late as Braig’s sword went all the way through him. The collision sent him flying towards the opposite wall. Hiashi’s knees shook. She quickly attacked the floor, making a huge dust cloud, blinding her two foes. She made a mad dash towards Riku, and tried to hold him up. She was surprised when he tried to get up.

    “NO, don’t try to move!†Hiashi tried to force him back down, “You were just-,â€

    “I’m fine, Hiashi.â€

    What kind of a lie was that?! “No, you’re not okay! You just got stabbed!†Riku shook his head, “No…I didn’t.†He moved his vest a little, where the sword went in…or rather, should have. There was no wound, no point in entry.

    “…What in-?†breathed Hiashi.

    Riku got to his feet, brushing the dust off of himself, “I’m not entirely sure how this works, but everything we’re facing is an illusion. Braig is still alive…sort of, so he can’t be here in the Underworld, right?†Hiashi blinked, “I guess…â€

    Riku cocked his head a little while looking at the guy with the long hair and nails, “Who’s he?†He pointed at the man. Hiashi glared at him, “Wolf,†she stood up, gripping her broken sword, “and if he’s not real, then how do we defeat…?†As she was finishing that sentence, Braig and Wolf, along with the room they were standing in, faded away. In front of them, stood a portal…the two looked at each other, shrugged, and went through.


    The two jumped as Hades voice boomed over the Underdrome once more. They looked around, seeing the large number of dead souls cheering as the two emerged from the portal. They were back?


    “Wait, my fear?†Hiashi glared at Hades, “I wasn’t afraid of Braig or Wolf! Just what was my fear about?!â€

    Hades smiled a crooked smile, “Your past, my dear.†Hiashi mouthed ‘what?’

    Riku nodded, “Makes sense,†Hiashi turned towards Riku while he was talking, “You’ve been so obsessed with trying to prevent what happened with you, you’ve kind of let it rule your life.†Hiashi stared at the ground a little…it seemed so fantastic a reason. And yet…

    Hisahi looked back up at Hades, “What did you mean by ‘Master of Disaster’? Vincent’s never done anything wrong in his life!†Hades smiled that crooked grin of his down at Hiashi again, but didn’t say anything. Riku watched Hades…he only saw that look once, when he was with Maleficent. A look of certainty, as if, one way or another, they would surely lose.

    “Let’s go,†said Riku. The two jumped through the third portal, sailing to where Vincent was located.

    “HANG ON!â€


    Riku arrived to a rather grisly sight. He couldn’t make heads or tails of where he was: There were just too many heartless crawling about that they covered everything. Hiashi gasped, and then quickly covered her mouth. Tears were falling down as she watched the heartless quickly cover a woman; rather pretty, albeit frantic and frightened, and wearing a lab coat that was being quickly torn to shreds.

    “Lucrecia! Hang on!†Vincent yelled. The two turned their heads towards Vincent. He was a good thirty feet away from her, and he was swarmed with just as much heartless as she was, and not getting any leg room to make a move.

    “Wait, so that’s…?†asked Riku, pointing towards her. Hiashi shut her eyes, tears still falling. She quickly nodded, “This…this was how she died…this happened just shortly after the invasion started. I never knew it was like this…†Riku quickly grabbed her, “Remember, this isn’t real! Right now, though, Vincent needs our help.†He let go of her, and quickly swung his keyblade at one of the heartless: It bounced off.

    “What in-?†Riku began, but he didn’t get to finish that sentence. As quickly as they had arrived, everything grew dark, then, everyone was back at the coliseum. Hades loomed down over the trio, like he succeeded.

    “You failed, ol’ boy,†he gloated, “but, since this tournament is in it’s beion, and the crowd just LOVES YOU!†he raised his arms up, and the audience cheered, “we’re gonna give you guys a second chance.â€

    “’A second chance’?†said a skeptical Riku, “From you? There’s gotta be a catch.â€

    “Right you are, my feather-headed friend!†said Hades, pointing at Riku, “You’re either going to have to give something…or someone up if you are to continue. And even then, you’re going to have to fight you’re beloved Lucrecia again,†he knelt down to where it was a low hiss, “only this time, it’ll be hand to hand. So, tell me, heroes…which is it?â€
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    Wow, that update was different than I expected. Very action-filled. The Sora and Kairi clones were not expected at all, which actually made it interesting. And the whole thing with Hiashi and Vincent...gosh. Well, the ending always brings a good cliff-hanger, and you've done it again. Dx Update soon, please!
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    Okay, let’s see if I can get another update within three months, shall we? Here’s the next chapter:

    “I’m waiting, heroes,†said an impatient, if not annoyingly ‘superior’ Hades. He leaned forward, towards them, “Give me an answer, or you’ll forfeit by default. Going once…â€

    Riku started thinking fast. What could they give? If they gave one of their own, not only would they be down a person, but it would be next to impossible to defeat Hades, should it ever come to that. They had nothing!

    “Going twice…â€

    Then it happened: Riku heard Hiashi take a deep breath. He saw her get up and walk a few steps towards Hades. She thrust her fist onto her chest, but before she said anything:

    “Sora’s form drives!â€

    Hiashi whirled around, shocked and angry at Riku, while Hades stared, a little confused. Hiashi whispered, “What are you doing?!â€

    Riku replied, “Trying to keep this team together! If we separate, we’ll lose for sure! Besides, he didn’t say anything about getting what we lost back!†Hades spoke over the whispers, in a confused, yet annoyed tone, “Why, pray tell, would I want some of Spikey’s underwear? Just…answer me that, Mop Top!â€

    Riku narrowed his eyes at ‘Mop Top’, “Each one of Sora’s drive forms increases a particular ability. The magic behind the forms…they were added to his clothes. He didn’t receive new ones, his old ones were altered.†Hades nodded, with his hand on his chin, looking deep in thought, “Interesting, interesting,†He motioned with his hand, “Please, continue.â€

    Riku continued to explain what each of the forms was capable of. The more Riku went into detail, the more Hades nodded, and started to smile. Finally, he spoke, “So, let me see if I’ve got this right: You give me the source of one of the brat’s strongest abilities, just so you three can stay together and fight?â€

    Riku stared at Hades, “We’re not interested in Sora’s magic, his clothes, his weapons, or his techniques. We want Sora.†Hiashi stared at Riku as he said that. He looked back and forth at him, then Vincent. Vincent was still…out of it.

    Hades made a quick shrug, “Eh, I’ll buy that. You’ve got a deal, kid.†He made a quick swish of his hand, and a swirl of light later, 6 different colored spheres, each one with a symbol of one of Sora’s forms, appeared in front of Hades. He stared lovingly at each of the spheres, but then made them disappear.

    “Okay, heroes, you’ve paid your price. Now, you’ve got three minutes for your rematch!†Hades sat back, and stretched a little, eager for the next match to start.

    Riku got up, and walked towards Hiashi, who was trying to hold up the injured Vincent. “Cure potion,†he muttered. The trio were surrounded by the familiar Cure bells, and instantly healed. Vincent stood up, along with Hiashi.

    “You all right, pops?†asked Hiashi. Vincent clutched his head a little. He didn’t look like he was here.

    “I can’t fight her,†he murmured, “I just can’t.†Riku started in, “She’s just an illusion. That’s what this whole tournament is about. Hades doesn’t like getting his fingers dirty, especially if it’s on his own turf. Besides, think about it: Lucrecia was a scientist, not a fighter. There’s no way the real Lucrecia would ever be able to fight you, let alone beat you.â€

    “Time’s up!â€

    Hiashi and Riku jumped at the boom, while Vincent remained unfazed and unchanged about his opinion. He reluctantly assumed a battle stance, expecting the worse. The gates opposite the trio opened, and, in the darkness, a woman’s figure was made out. It wasn’t a lab-coat wearing, scientist figure that Riku had first imagined; the figure had body armor. She had a lance, with a blade at the end: a halberd. Her stance was not that of an amateur, even though it was relaxed: The weight was on one foot, with one side towards the trio. If she was an illusion, she was a good one. Still, there was no mistaking her looks, as the reactions of Hiashi and Vincent confirmed: Mixtures of shock, amazement, and horror.

    Riku looked at the two of them, “This isn’t her. Think about it, guys: Would the real Lucrecia be willing to hurt either of you?â€

    Hiashi looked down for a sec, surprised that she forgotten that. Vincent, however, immediately said, “Yes.â€

    The two stared at him in surprise, “I let her be taken by the heartless. She depended on me to save her, and I failed her!†Riku closed his eyes, trying to calm down, then opened them again, “Vincent, didn’t you hear me? This isn’t her!†Hades spoke over them, “Actually, this IS the real Lucrecia; she’s just been given a little ‘adjustment’, to make sure you fight.â€

    Hades leaned forward, excited, “Here’s the best part: The only way she’ll go back to ‘normal’, is if you zeroes defeat her! In combat, even!†The crowd roared. Finally, some action!

    Lucrecia charged towards the heroes, covering the distance between them like it was nothing. Riku stopped her charge with his keyblade, blocking her thrust. The block still, however, forced Riku back a little bit.

    “You know,†Riku said to the trio, struggling, “I think I’m starting to believe Hades about her not being an illusion!â€

    Hiashi quickly got between the two, and kicked the halberd into the air. She jumped, trying to claim the halberd, but to no avail. Before she was halfway up, Lucrecia beat her to the halberd, and delivered a kick to her lower abdomen, forcing her down. She landed hard, on her side, and stunned. Lucrecia attempted a dive, her weapon pointed downward, aiming at the fallen, would-be heroine. Riku hurled his keyblade, intercepting the blow, sending her to another end of the arena.

    Throughout the whole ordeal, Vincent stood there, watching, transfixed, not on the present, but of the past. His mind raced to when the heartless piling on top of Lucrecia, and keeping him from her. Her face was full of horror, her eyes in tears, her voice gone from screaming so much. Her arm was outstretched towards him, just inches away from his. He was so close…and too late, when she was completely buried by the heartless. As soon as her body wasn’t visible by the piling heartless, the battle was lost...nothing remained, not even a tear.

    Throughout the time he spent together…he never once told her the three words he wanted to tell her the most. There was just no way he could fight her…

    He wouldn’t fight her. No one would.

    “STOP THE MATCH!†Vincent yelled.

    Hades, angry at the constant interruptions (even if some were his fault), raised his hand for Lucrecia to stop, “It’s a little late for a bathroom break, don’t you think, pretty boy?â€

    Vincent ignored the comment, “What will it take to not fight Lucrecia, free her and proceed?†As Riku helped Hiashi, was starting to come back to consciousness, he stared confused at Vincent. What was he trying to do, here?

    Hades rolled his eyes, “Look, I don’t know what you want, here. I can’t keep pulling strings every time you have a hard match! Let’s face it, the people want drama! They want action! They want-,â€

    “-the fight of their afterlives, yes, I heard,†said an irritated Vincent, “but it won’t do them any good if they get a two-on-one match, instead of a three-on-one.†Hades shrugged, “Not my fault if you don’t want to fight, junior…well, technically it is, but you know what I mean.â€

    “Vincent,†whispered Riku, “what’re you trying to-?†Vincent cut him off, “Then take me in her place!†Hades rolled his eyes again, “I told you, I don’t make such exchanges with heroes anymore!â€

    “Hear me out, Hades!†Vincent raised his hand, “This isn’t just payment, my selling my soul to you so I could fight! This is with interest!†Hiashi gasped, and Riku was in shock.

    “I don’t want Lucrecia to live in my place, or anything like that. I’ll fight in her place. You can take me, turn me into your weapon, do whatever you wish…at the end of this tournament, all I want is this: Her will be free, her mind her own, and the two of us, together for the rest of eternity. If you grant me this, I’ll not only surrender, but I’ll fight Riku and Hiashi.†Hades sat back, considering the pros and cons, then sat forward again, “You have a deal, Vincent.†He waved for Lucrecia to leave.

    “I suggest you prepare yourself.â€

    “We can’t have this anymore! Everything was just fine before their group came about, noook at us!â€

    A mob was forming outside an abandoned home. The residents of Destiny Islands were taking a stand.

    “First, they bring those monsters, and then they attack the mayor’s foster daughter! We’ve had enough! It doesn’t matter whether or not the Mayor supports them! They’re a menace, and WE WILL HAVE ORDER!†The mob roared, and proceeded to march. Their objective: The home of Sora’s family.

    Squall watched out a window as he saw the mob coming closer. Their torches were small and glowing, like fireflies.

    “They’re coming,†he said.
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    <<insert witty comment here>>
    Holy crap, Vincent!!! O.o what the hell!?!? >.< I'm getting more into this story. Love it...though I think I really dislike Vincent for doing this...
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    I know I"m bumping this, but I promised I would read this. I really dont like the Lucrecia character, but this makes it a little sweeter. Good job, buddy!
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    This thread shall LIVE AGAIN! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Okay, here's (finally) the next chap:

    As Hades anxiously waited for the final minute mark to be up, he heard someone walk to him from behind. He turned around to find Auron approaching.

    “You’re going to let him go through with this?†asked Auron. His demeanor appearing as grim as ever as he started to approach Hades.

    Hades shrugged, “No reason why not. I don’t care so much about the story behind the fights. If something can motivate a fighter further, I say ‘go for it’!†Auron walked closer to Hades, “If that’s the case, then maybe you’d like to give Vincent’s story a plot twist.†He placed a small, glowing sphere on the armrest of Hades chair, “It would add to the drama.†Auron then turned around and walked off. Hades examined the sphere, then smiled.

    Riku and Hiashi began to assume stances, the last ten seconds passing by fast. They had a plan to take down Vincent, but it would have to move as fast as they could go. Five seconds left. Four. Three. Two.

    “Last minute change, kiddies!†Hades boomed. Riku and Hiashi stumbled forward a little, while Vincent breathed a sigh, and unclenched his gun from behind his cape. “We’re taking this up a notch!†Hades threw a sphere at Vincent. As it hit him, Vincent was completely covered in an explosion of energy. When the light cleared, Vincent stood there, hunched over a bit, and growling.

    Vincent’s cape was no longer intact, although that doesn’t mean there wasn’t any ‘crimson’ on him: His hair was spiked in huge red and crimson clumps, with two huge, pincer-like bangs covering his face. If there was any trace of his cape left, it draped from his shoulders onto his chest, but even if it was intact, it still couldn’t cover the huge, red and black demonic wings on his back. Although covered almost completely in black, the parts of him that had metal, his arm, knees, etc., appeared as though they were attached, now; like they were more…like bone. Whatever appearance of looking human that Vincent had was gone.

    Riku gasped, while Hiashi covered her mouth with both hands, resulting in Vincent roaring. After a few moments, Riku managed, “So much for rushing him…†The crowd roared. Hades raised his hands, as if in triumph, and pointed at Vincent, “We’ll see what utter chaos Valentine will ensure, tonight! Only here, in the Underworld Colleseum!â€

    The mob slowly made its way through the Destiny Islands, in search of Kairi’s home, and the people that dwelled in it, making their way along a path, through a highly wooded area. As soon as the house was in sight, though, they found themselves with an unexpected surprise: A young man, clad in black leather, with a scar extending from one point to another on his face diagonally, stood up from his sitting position, dusting himself off in the process.

    Squall straightened up as he stood, popping his neck from right to left. He really didn’t want to do this: He drew his gunblade, and pointed it at the mob. He then cocked it. One of the villagers pointed at Squall, and shouted, “He’s one of those freaks from before!†The mob started getting excited, and began to move forward.


    A gunshot was fired from somewhere in the trees, hitting the ground that divided the mob from Squall. The mob stumbled in surprise, coming to a stop. They looked around frantically to find the source.

    “Now, now, we’re not lookin’ for trouble,†said Irvine, hidden amongst the trees, preparing his rifle for another shot, “but that doesn’t mean that we’re not prepared to dish it out.â€

    Squall, annoyed at Irvine from revealing his position by voice, continued to stare at the crowd, his blade pointed at the people, “What is it that you want, exactly?â€

    Someone from the crowd yelled back, “We want allaya freaks to get outta our town!†The crowd nodded and muttered approvingly at his response. Squall wasn’t phased by that, “How do you all feel about a negotiation?†The crowd of people looked amongst themselves, earnest, yet confused. One person spoke up amongst the chatter, “What do you have in mind?†Squall slowly blinked.

    Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie all watched anxiously from Kairi’s home, as the mob stopped short of Squall. Tidus was nervous, “D’ya think they’ll be able to hold them off?â€

    Wakka shook his head, “I don’t know, man. All I know is, they gotta. We don’t have much choice, or time left.â€

    The speed Vincent used to throw Riku and Hiashi back was unbelievable. In less than a second, he had them face down on the floor, circling over the two of them like a vulture. Riku coughed, struggling to get up, and to wiping the dirt from his eyes. He tried carefully to watch for any patterns to Vincent’s attacks, but it was no use: They were all too random, unpredictable, and unbelievably strong. He looked over to Hiashi. She wasn’t fairing much better. She clutched one of her ribs as she struggled to get back on her feet. Valentine roared, the force knocking her back down. She coughed, struggled again, this time to her knees.

    “This is insane,†she managed, “Every time we get up, he knocks us back down!†Riku nodded, “I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this…we’re just not enough…†Riku struggled to get back up, only to get knocked back down by Vincent. Hiashi blinked at Vincent’s force, “He certainly doesn’t want us to stand, does he?â€

    Riku, breathing hard and lying on his back, shook his head, “No…he wants us to stay down…why, though? He knows we aren’t going to give up…†Hiashi blinked, “…†Riku turned his head slightly and watched her, “What?â€

    “’Stay down’…I think he’s trying to tell us something, Riku.â€

    “Such as?†asked Riku, but Hiashi shook her head, “I don’t know. None of this is making any sense at all…†Riku watched Vincent carefully, as he hung in the air.

    “…he’s not attacking…only when we attack…or stand up?â€

    Hiashi blinked, “…wait…this is about Lucreica, isn’t it?†Vincent twitched in the air, gritting his fanged teeth. “You went on about how you couldn’t save her, that it was your fault…were you ‘down’ when this happened?†Vincent started to growl again. He flew back a few feet, folding his arms. He was preparing another attack, as Hiashi started to stand again.

    “Vincent, nobody blames you for any of this, especially Lucrecia. How many times do we have to tell you this before it sinks in?!â€

    Vincent charged, an aura of energy surrounding him. Before his blow would connect, Riku blocked in an intercept. “Okay, I think you’ve gotten him angry!†said Riku, a little disgruntled.

    “Keep it up!†said Hiashi, as she walked closer to the Vincent, who was still trying to charge through Riku’s block, “Pops, you know I’m the worst when it comes to blame. If I don’t think you did any of this, do you honestly think the doc would?†Vincent growled more, as Hiashi spoke, but what came next surprised everyone.


    Vincent, in all his growling and trying to charge forward, had tears running from his eyes. Hiashi reached and gently cupped her pops’ face, slowly managing a hug.

    “It’s okay,†she murmured softly, “…just let it go.â€

    Vincent slowly closed his eyes, and just like that, began to change. His started shifting, melting, waving even, into something more familiar, almost gentle in comparison to his previous form. As Vincent slowly opened his eyes again, he was human once more. The demon weighing heavily on his soul, being lifted.

    But not for everyone. A loud yell, with fire erupting from the top seats of the Underdrome, redirected everyone’s attention. Hades, steamed as ever, stared down at the trio, breathing hard, with a satisfied looking Auron, watching just a few feet behind Hades.

    “YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO FIGHT THEM!†he yelled, a fury unmatched in the Underdrome.

    Vincent slowly stood up, “I did. And with the edge you gave me, I still lost,†He reached into his cloak, and pulled out the orb Hades threw at him, broken and in pieces, “so, I forfeit the rest of this match. There’s just no point in continuing this fight.â€

    Auron walked forward, and cut Hades off, “You realize, of course, that because of your forfeit, you not only loose the right of Lucrecia walking out of the Underdrome, but you must stay down here, as well, not just to satisfy your debt with Hades, but to fulfill the bargain you made today.†Vincent nodded, “I understand, and acknowledge it.â€

    Auron nodded back, “Very well, then. Please, exit the Underdrome, so the rest of the matches can continue.â€

    Hiashi looked at Vincent, concerned, “Pops…†Vincent smiled slightly, “I’ve taught you everything you need to know, and you’ve passed all my tests with flying colors, Hiashi…including this one. You’ll be fine.†Vincent slowly walked towards the exit, where Auron was waiting.

    Riku gently placed his hand on Hiashi’s shoulder, “We have to keep moving. We’re almost there, and we’ll be done.†Hiash closed her eyes, nodded, and went with Riku.

    And just like that, it was practically over. A match with Cerberus, and a final match with Hades, that paled in comparison to what the two just went through, came and went. Until it was Riku and Hiashi, standing alone in the winner’s circle, in front of Hades, frustrated as ever. He tossed a caged, Sora figure at the two, and stormed off. “Just take the soul and go!â€

    The two boarded the gummy ship and began plotting a course back for the Destiny Islands almost immediately, wondering what else was waiting for them, as they travelled back.
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    Whoo! Finally, there's an update. I can't say much, because mine was almost a year-long hiatus. Dx

    Anyway, YAY! They got Sora back! =D I so happy now. Though Vincent's departure was saddening...

    Great job, as always. Keep it up!
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    Wow…it’s been awhile since this thread has been updated. Since I’ve already used the term, “necrobumped,” I think I’ll go with “zombified.” Anywho, here’s the next installment:

    Hades sat in this throne, watching as the two “champions” were flying off to whoever gives flying pita. His beta version of the Paranoia Cup was a huge success, most of the changes that needed to perfect it were minor yet positive ones, his “residents” were entertained enough for three life times, there was relatively no reason to complain about how this day went…and yet, the god of the underworld, the terror of Thebes, the undisputed lord of the dead, sat in a slump.

    “What a bother…” sighed Hades, his head flaming a little less than normal, resting on his hand while slumped. With the Wonder-Brat known as his nephew constantly and practically naturally interfering with his plans, it was rare for any of them to succeed completely, and utterly without a hitch. And what’s more, the enemy was none the wiser about what was going on.

    “Denari for your thoughts?”

    Hades’ frown did not turn upside from that statement. Rather, it turned into an annoyed glare, as the warrior Auron walked into the room, his familiar arm in a sling, sword on his back, and eye covered with a scar. He came to a chair opposite Hades throne, set his sword next to it, and sat down, propping his feet up on Hades desk in the process.

    “I figured you’d be thrilled,” said Auron, in his usual calmness, “You got the soul of that Valentine character back where it belongs, the powers of that keyblade brat’s clothes are at your disposal, and you’re one step closer to over-throwing Olympus.” He smiled slightly, “All-in-all, today was a rather good day.”

    Hades glare did not diminish as Auron spoke. He retorted, “I’d have been more satisfied if I got to keep that brat. I’d have been ruling many kingdoms right now if it weren’t for him, and I don’t feel at all “pleased,” that we let him go.” The flame started to return to his head as he lit his fingers, “And I told you before, Braig, keep your feet off my desk!”

    Auron frowned. His body shimmered and rippled like that of a pebble being thrown into a pond as he lowered his feet. By the time he was sitting upright, Braig looked like his old, “normal” self.

    “Honestly, there’s no need to be grumpy, Big H!” Braig said, in his familiar surfer accent, “True, you didn’t get all that you wanted, but let’s face it, the three-man posse that came for the brat could’ve been much larger.” Braig leaned forward, “And if your bro and nephew learned all that was going on, and how long it’s been going on…”

    “Yeah, yeah…” Hades tapped his fingers repeatedly on his desk, “…I don’t like having to give up the main prize like that, but you still have a point…Much as I hate to admit, it wasn’t a bad day overall.”

    Braig shrugged, “At least they bought that “contract” bit.” He then broke into a laugh, “Imagine, any of the gods being bound by a contract, right? I mean, where in the world would that hold up?” Braig chuckled more.

    Hades made eye contact with Braig, “Which brings up the question: you said you’re planning on acquiring new real-estate…where and why?”

    Braig took his sunglasses and started cleaning them with his cloak, “There are a lot of worlds out there, Big H, with all of them originally being the same. It’s not hard to believe that there’s a place even you’ve not been to,” Braig looked up without raising his head, and smiled, “and there let me tell ya something: there’s more to them than you know. The best way to see those worlds is to reflect.”

    Riku finished setting the controls on autopilot as the gummi ship entered hyperspace. He went back to the now-familiar lobby area, where he found Hiashi. She was sitting there, watching as the stars flew by, completely unresponsive.

    This was a strange thing, seeing her completely unresponsive…either she was full of life, or angry at it. This made her look completely drained.

    Riku gently tapped her knee as he sat down, “Hey…you okay?”

    “I lost my dad, Riku…” she didn’t even move her eyes towards Riku as she spoke. She remained completely remote, “...I found out things I never knew about him…and because he’s gone, I can’t ask him about it. There’s just so much I don’t understand…”

    Riku sighed, “Hiashi…believe it or not you’re never going to completely figure out your parents. Nobody can ever completely know what’s in their lives; there will always be something.”

    Hiashi closed her eyes, “…yeah.” She reached in her cloak and pulled out the disc they found earlier, when they boarded the gummi ship. “…I just don’t understand why he didn’t tell me any of this.”

    Riku turned his head, and looked out the window. It wasn’t that long ago…

    “Three…Two…One…BLAST OFF!”

    Riku hit the ignition as the gummi ship started leaving the outer orbit of the Olympus Coliseum. Once the ship had made it safely out of the planet’s orbit, he brought the ship to a halt, one of the red lights flashing.

    Best to take care of this now, he thought, before any unwanted problems occur later…the light indicated the problem was in…the lobby?

    As Riku made his way to the lobby he found Hiashi on her hands and knees, searching under the chairs. She looked up as he entered, “Problems?”

    “Looks like it. Some kind of alert says something’s up in here…” Riku looked around, “…but I don’t see anything unusual…” He raised an eyebrow, “except for you on the floor.”

    “I dropped my key, and it went under the chairs here…” she reached farther along, straining herself, “only…it must really be in there, because I can’t reach it…hang on..” Hiashi reached further along until her shoulder was under the compartments, “…I’ve almost…got it!”

    She pulled her key out…along with a strange, keychain. It resembled a familiar three-headed wolf, with a string attached to it. “Huh? This is Pops’ keychain! How’d it get under the seats?!”

    She tugged on the string. A disc popped out from under the seat as well. The two of them stared at the disc for a moment, neither one of them moving. Riku looked up for a quick moment, “Huh…the light stopped flashing…I guess this thing must have been setting off the alert…” Riku looked back down to the disc, “Vincent doesn’t strike me the type of person to listen to music often, did he?”

    Hiashi shook her head, “He didn’t leave a lot behind, either…I’ve never seen him carry a spare keychain, either.”

    “Only one thing to do, then.” Riku said, as he prepared to computer to read the disc. In less than a minute, the two were at the monitor, investigating the contents…after a moment of scrolling, both were wide-eyed.

    “I don’t believe this…,” breathed Hiashi, “…how…why? How could he have had this on him?”

    “Security footage of Radiant Garden as the first invasion of heartless emerged…” Riku shook his head, “…there’s enough footage here for over a month before and after the invasion…” Riku scrolled through the data files of the disc, “…he must have taken this from Ansem’s master computer. That’s the only explanation why this disc has so much data…wait.” Riku clicked on a folder, “this is labeled journal entries…oh, no…” The folder contained many files with many numbers on them, but they all had the same title:

    Lucrecia Experiment Reports.

    “Not again…” Riku palmed his eyes with his right hand, “Nothing ever good comes from these reports…” He resumed and began scrolling through them, “…there are over 30 entries here!”

    “What’s the big deal?” Hiashi said, looking over Riku’s shoulder, “I mean, they are just entries…”

    “Any time we have reports of any kind surface, they’re usually a hint as to what’s coming. We’ve had two sets of Ansem’s Reports surface, but they were around 13 or 14, tops…for there to be 30…” Riku began clicking around, “…this doesn’t bode well-huh?!”

    The screen began to pixelate, to break into increasing snow and noise.

    “What happened?!” exclaimed Hiashi.

    “I don’t know! All I did was scroll down!” Riku began typing rapidly on the computer, “This must be some kind of time-delayed virus or something!” He typed faster and faster…

    Too late. The screen went black. The two of them sat there stunned.

    Until the screen came back on, this time a familiar face watching them.

    “Hello, Hiashi. Riku. There are some things I need to tell you before you begin your journey to the Destiny Islands.”

    All was silent for Riku and Hiashi, except for their hearts beating out of their chests.



    “If you’re reading this message, then I’m with Lucrecia right now. I’m sorry for having to sabotage your ship in order for you to find this, but it’s important that you see this message first.”

    The screen changed to a growing list of files, being scrolled down. The two could hear Vincent’s voice as the list scrolled, “This disc is a copy of the research that Ansem’s assistants performed under Xehanort’s research. This should give you some clues as to what Braig is planning.” The screen changed back to Vincent, watching with his familiar, yet missed, scowl.

    “This is not the main reason why I’ve assembled this disc. There are some things that I’m going to tell you that are found on this disc, but it seemed more…appropriate that you hear it from me. Even if it’s like…” Vincent used his arms to indicate himself and the area around him, “…this.

    “Hiashi…you’ve known for awhile that I had to change in order to stand a chance against the invasion. I always let you assume that Lucrecia helped to heal me, since the weapons I’m using are her design…it wasn’t as simple as that. You remember the beginning of the invasion…there were small waves at first, small parties, but effective ones…” Hiashi closed her eyes as he spoke. Vivid memories of those small swarms appeared in her head as they appeared in different districts.

    “Yes…” she murmured.

    “During those first invasions, we were hopelessly outclassed. Those small numbers caused many buildings to fall, and slowly drained our hope away. Nothing we did worked…we were becoming desperate. So, as a last effort move, we mounted a counter attack…” Vincent closed his eyes, and took a step backwards. He began to take off pieces of gold armor on his arm, and roll back his sleeve, “Not only did it not work, but most of my team was consumed by the heartless…by the darkness, and became heartless themselves,” As he finished rolling up his sleeve, he held his arm up. The arm was pitch black, with features that made it look…less than human.

    “…including myself.”

    Hiashi and Riku gasped at the sight.


    “His arm…” Riku whispered in shock, “…it looks a lot like Elanore’s…”

    “…there was nothing I could do. I was being consumed. I could feel myself slipping farther and farther inside. Still, I fought with everything I had in me…but then, as everything was going black, I awoke in a strange place: a room, with swirls of colors. The heartless were pulling me along, through the corridors of darkness, to other worlds…

    “Our journey stopped in the Underworld, where Hades came upon me. He was amused at small, dark creatures like the heartless could cause so much trouble. Before he walked away, I begged him for help…I begged him to get them off me, so I could save my family…I told him I’d give anything to go back and fight.”

    Riku and Hiashi listened intently to every word…even though they knew what was coming next.

    “He turned back around, to watch me. I’ll never forget his next sentence: “Anything to go back and fight? Even if that were to mean you’d have to fight for me, later?”

    “I should have known better…but I agreed to his terms. With a swipe of his hand, the heartless were blown off me. I was weakened by the heartless, barely hanging on…Hades used his powers to heal me, fix me…change me…into what you see now.” Vincent stood before the screen, gesturing at his arm, and the rest of him.

    “He then sent me back to Radiant Garden with a flick of his hand…to this day, I can’t help but wonder if Hades didn’t have a hand in the invasion. I never told him that I was from Radiant Garden, and I never learned how he knew this. Regardless, the extent of his treachery was revealed the moment I arrived…The bargain was that I give anything to go back and fight…it was not a guarantee that I would save you…that I would save Lucrecia. Much time had passed when I returned. By the time I arrived, you were being tortured, and Lucrecia was being pinned in a research lab. He wanted to make sure the fight was lost…the number of heartless invading had increased ten-fold.”

    Vincent closed his eyes, tears rolling down as he struggled to speak.

    “I tried to save you two…by the time I got to Lucrecia, it was too late. She had already been too badly hurt…she told me that Braig had betrayed us…that Braig was really Wolf, and that he was using you as an experiment to open the Door to Darkness…” Vincent reached behind his back, looking like he was pulling something out his pocket, “…before I went to save you, it was clear that Lucrecia wasn’t going to make it…I did the only thing I could think of to give her hope, to try and encourage her to hold on, that she could still make it...this was the only thing I could think of.” He pulled out a small black box, and opened it.

    The diamond ring shone brilliantly, with small traces of red along the band.

    “By the time I got back to you…”Vincent’s voice trailed off, then as he cleared his throat “…the experiment was complete, the place in rubble, and you were hurt…the rest of the invasion you already know.”

    Vincent closed the box, put it back in his pocket, and closed his eyes again, “…I’ve failed you as a father for not telling you what happened, for not telling you the extent of what’s happened to the war…this disc that Lucrecia gave us should be able to help you understand, and to figure out what Braig is up to. This is the request of a fool, but I don’t doubt that you and your new friends and allies will be able to right the wrongs that have been committed.

    “Riku…I know there’s a lot in this you don’t understand, but I’m fairly certain you and the others can decipher the contents. A good amount has been encrypted so prying eyes could not find. But I have one more request, for you, one more request of a foolish man: Please, help Hiashi track down Braig…help my daughter.”

    The screen went black again, then returned to the folder containing Lucrecia’s experiments, as Riku and Hiashi both sat there, stunned, and utterly silent.

    Hiashi could barely breathe, “…I never knew…I never knew any of this…” tears rolled down her face as she spoke, “…why?...why didn’t he…” She couldn’t bring out the rest of the words…but Riku knew what she meant.

    Riku blinked for a moment as the stars were passing by. A light on the overhead was flashing.

    “We’re coming up on the Destiny Islands.”

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    Nice keep the updates coming
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    wow, been a while eh? 3 years...

    I'll have to re-read this at some point to refresh, but if I put a watch on this thread I must have liked it right? ;P

    seriously though, I love when old nearly forgotten stories are continued, it gives them a weird feeling, like a mix of nostalgia and goodness.