Kingdom Hearts III Vanitas Returns?

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    Okay, just for fun I was re-watching the latest trailer of KH3, and I some of the first enemies you see in that trailer are floating blue ghosts. Now, they could possibly be pure heartless like Shadow Heartless, but they seem more like they're unversed. If that's the case, wouldn't that mean that Vanitas would be back? This is most certainly an "if/then" thing, and I get that Vanitas was beat and gone at the end of BBS, but with the whole time travel thing, could Vanitas possibly make a comeback?

    Or I have it wrong like I said and those were simply pure heartless and not emblem heartless
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    (I like how you bring up Vanitas was beat and gone when we've thought that about so many characters but they suddenly have come back Lol.)

    My personal opinion/theory is that anyone who appeared in 3D will be making an appearance in KH3. We did see him briefly. I don't think Time Travel will have too much to do with it, but rather that it'll have a lot to do with Sora's Heart. Roxas, Xion, and Ventus are all inside Sora, and in 3D heard Vanitas say they're all 'prisoners'. I think if Ventus is able to come back, Vanitas will be returning with him. They could have been Pure Heartless, but I think it's interesting that you bring up Vanitas. If you think about it, Vanitas wouldn't really have a reason to show up in any of the other games like he did in 3D. He didn't know Ansem, or Xemnas, or Organization 13. It's only in 3D when Xehanort is around that we finally see him again since BBS. Vanitas could have just been 'dormat' that entire time, and is now waking up at the call of Xehanort. All that anger that Vanitas has might be brought back in 3, and that's why the unversed are there. I would not be surprised if something like that would happen. In KH1/COM we had just Heartless, but in every other game we've had two enemy's (In BBS there were brief Heartless but I'm counting them in lol). In order to have that same feel to Kingdom Hearts two that would need to add in an enemy type that's different from just the Heartless.

    That is a horrible, messy 6AM explanation of my thoughts on it but there it is haha.

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    I don't think the trailer showed any unverse, and the reason I say this is because UNverse have red eyes while heartless have yellow; there are exceptions to this like the Final Boss Aqua fights in BBSFM. However, all the heartless in the trailer had the heartless insignia; from what I could tell.

    I do hope Vanitas makes it back to the series, though, as it would be interesting to see Sora face to face with another person with his face. It'd be like Star Wars Empire Strikes back when Luke Skywalker went into that cave to fight his darkness or whatever. When he defeated darth vader, the mask popped open to reveal Lukes face, a warning to him saying that he could just as easily fall to the darkside if he is not careful. To further push this idea forward, Riku had to fight Anti Black Coat ( Sora's Darkness) in KH3D when he was attempting to wake Sora up from his deep sleep. Basically, the closer you get to the light, the bigger your shadow becomes. In this case, Sora's light was so strong that he harbored this strong darkness inside him as well.

    Just like Luke Skywalker; he shows us that he also harbored this anger in Return of the Jedi when he cut off Darth vader's hand off (Poor guy).

    What I'm trying to say throughout all this is pretty much I agree with Cailyn. There's a lot of space in the story to bring Vanitas back. :rolleyes: