Birth by Sleep Ven's Identity and Clothing

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    Aug 31, 2008
    No it isn't.
    Roxas' armband is black at the top and the bottom.
    Ven's is white.
    Just because it's a small difference doesn't mean you shouldn't take it into consideration.
    Nomura said Roxas' checkered armband represents Light and Dark. Maybe the black ends on his and the white ends on Ven's mean something.
    Are you serious?
    For one, He's MICKEY MOUSE
    Two, he was training under Yen Sid, hence the Starseeker.
    Why would Yen Sid train someone bad?
    God I hope that's spam
    Ages can mean anything. A long time ago was ages ago. It doesn't necessarily have to be hundreds of years.
    Timeless River
    Donald and Goofy didn't see Roxas and Sora fight
    so did that never happen?
    Don't spam just to gain more points.

    Mickey and Pete were friends, back during Timeless River which was in the PAST. Eventually Mickey became King and Pete became bad and Mickey banished him. I personally believe taht Maleficent was sealed or something during BBS and Pete freed her and that's why he was banished. Then Maleficent went to gain a team (Disney Villains), freed Pete, and KH1 begins.
    Xehanort the apprentice or his Heartless (Ansem from the first game) Sent her to Destiny Islands
    Repliku isn't Riku's Nobody.
    Axel is NOT Riku's Nobody.
    Riku does NOT have to have a Nobody. He never made a Heartless. Never lost his heart to darkness, he was just possessed by it. THere's a difference.
    You are wrong.
    I'm not going to tell Xion's true nature
    but consider this
    Xion is a girl!
    If you don't know the truth anyway
    How is a guy going to make a girl Nobody?
    Nobodies only make small changes from their true self in terms of appearance.
    And Xion looks NOTHING Like Riku.
    She's not even connected to Kairi directly.