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    [First and foremost, always follow our main site rules & policies].

    Hey guys! Welcome to the production studio. As the title implies, this section is a place for people to post their own audio and video creations. However, please keep in mind that as with all other sections, there are certain criteria for what fits here. Before you get posting, we ask that you understand this criteria, as detailed below.
    What this section is for:
    Music Videos - AMVs, GMVs, MEPs, etc. There are no restrictions in terms of the source of your clips, as
    long as they are appropriate for the site.

    Completed Video Fandubs
    Animated/Flash videos
    Commentaries & Let's Plays, etc.

    Music & Podcasts: Anything that you have created yourself

    What this section is not for:

    Code Demonstration Videos: please put these in the Video Showcase section!
    Fandub Casting: Feel free to post your completed fandubs, however we have another section dedicated to casting right here!

    Regarding how content is posted...
    The more detailed you are, the better. For the sake of critique, it is in your best interest to provide as much information as you can about the audio/video you're posting! There are no requirements for this strictly speaking, but including things like the type of video (AMV, MEP, Fandub, etc.), the people involved, the music used, etc. can only help where feedback is concerned.

    What about posting feedback?
    One of the primary reasons people post their video projects here is for feedback and critique, as it can be a great way to get advice that can improve one's editing skill! As such, it is highly encouraged to post feedback on videos here, but there are of course some things to keep in mind when you do so:

    Be detailed. This doesn't mean being verbose so much as it means simply not to spam. Don't be afraid to be honest -- that's what this section is for! Please give a response beyond a one or two word answer, and detail what you may or may not have liked about the video. Remember, praise can be detailed as well as critique. Off-topic and non-contributive posts will be deleted.

    Be constructive. Critique should be honest, not harsh. Don't pepper responses with unnecessary antagonism, even if you disliked the video. As with everywhere else on the site, we ask that replies be polite and civil -- being informative, rather than insulting, is key. The goal of critique, after all, is to help the recipient improve -- not to discourage them! (Side note: Approval or disapproval of someone's song choice is not critique! You may express this, but do so politely and only do so alongside constructive criticism of the editing.)

    To those who post videos: accept feedback graciously. "I wasn't asking for feedback" is not an acceptable excuse or response, as this section is for the express purpose of receiving it (tip: if you just want to get your video some exposure, try our Video Portal!). Constructive criticism is being posted with your best interest in mind, so don't be angry when you receive it -- use it to improve. Angered responses and excuses to critique are liable to be deleted. Additionally, while you are welcome to thank someone for their feedback, please don't simply post a thank you if you have nothing else to add -- do that via a Private Conversation!

    "I think someone is breaking the rules. What should I do?"
    First and foremost: do not step in yourself. While the staff appreciates your good intentions, trying to handle it on your own can potentially aggravate the situation, which is the last thing we want!
    Some examples of rule-breaking in this section include, but are not limited to:
    - Advertising one's video in someone else's thread;
    - Insulting criticism and/or arguments sparked by critique;
    - Posts that are not feedback or simply reiterate feedback that has already been provided;
    - Posting anything with inappropriate material;
    - Posting something that belongs in another section;
    - Etc.
    If you see any of these behaviors (or any others that you feel may be breaking these or the main site rules) or if you have any questions, please contact someone on our staff team. We're here to help!

    And with all that said, happy posting!

    - The Staff
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