Kingdom Hearts II Was Sora justified? *Spoiler*

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Was Sora justified in destroying the Organization?

  1. Yes he was

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  2. No he wasn't

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  3. I dont know, dont ask me this question.

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  1. tSG1 Chaser

    Jul 8, 2008

    He was justified in the sense that they came after him.

    However, he just attacked them relentlessly, with pleasure.
  2. WilliamTheWise Hollow Bastion Committee

    Feb 21, 2009
    With my Pack
    Yes, Xemnas wanted himself to be whole, but also wanted power to create his own new world just like Xehanhort's heartless. He craved power and had to be stopped. Now if Sora had his way I think Axel would still be alive.
  3. DeathKingApocalypse080808 Destiny Islands Resident

    I say yes, because they were trying to kill him, and using him and his friends
  4. xemsai-superfan Destiny Islands Resident

    Jan 28, 2009
    in the realm of darkness
    Technically, this is my opinion and that's what matters, but you're free to think about it:

    I really just see the Organization as in between, right on the border of light and darkness, neither good nor bad. If it was me, I could see their goal and I agree that it may have been wrong for them to reach their goal like that, but I wouldn't go as far as killing them. I would at least try to understand first and even if that didn't work, I still wouldn't go to kill every one of them. I mean, take every time I fight Saix for example. Every time I come to that fight, no matter how much it annoys me, I become very uneasy because I know that somehow, him joining the Organization isn't how he wanted to be and I really didn't wish that I have to kill him. But that's just me...

    I agree that they went about the wrong way of reaching their goal to be whole again, but I still wouldn't go as far as to kill them. I think Sora should have tried to reach out to them and if that didn't work, he should not have killed all of them. Maybe others should think about Organization members who did not deserve to die. To me, the Organization stands on the border between light and darkness. I know at least that some members deserved to die, but there were other members who did not deserve death as well...
  5. Naqki Traverse Town Homebody

    Aug 13, 2009
    The organisation had perfectly reasonable reasons: They simply wanted to be whole again. However the things they needed to do in order to achieve that goal: Manipulating people, like Sora and his friends, was evil.
  6. Rexyggor_thenewmember Twilight Town Denizen

    Mar 6, 2007
    I think it was the Organization that really destroyed themselves. (no, I'm not just talking about Vexen and Zexion).

    Really, they used as much strength as they could to fight Sora, and in the end their bodies couldn't hold hold their forms any longer for there was too little energy for them to use to become stronger and stay a nobody.

    In which case, they ended up destroying themselves with their own greed to reclaim their whole selves. Sorry if this isn't completely explanatory, but this is in addition to what people have said about the Organization's quest.

    Also, I don't see their actions as "evil". Their actions involved greed was all.
  7. Ŧiмє Яǽрεѓ King's Apprentice

    Dec 17, 2008
    Inside your mind.
    I'd say he definately was, while the Organisations plight was understandable, their actions could not be ignored. The orignal six were the ones who created the Heartless, quite deliberately, and locked up Ansem for years, so in a way they were the cause of all the trouble in the first game too. Thats already enough reason to stop them. And throughout the game they constantly either attempt to convert people into Heartless (Beast) or summon powerful Heartless to terrorise people so that it can be destroyed and they harvest the heart. Really, there were loads of Heartless running around that Sora was killing anyway, so why not just leave the worlds alone while he does it? And in the end Xemnas didn't care about getting a heart anyway, he just wanted Kingdom Hearts for power like his counterpart did in KH1. The other original 5 were very willing accomplices, Saix was definately working right next to Xemnas, not to mention his cruel mind games with Sora, Axel was good in the end because he realised that what the Organisation was doing was wrong, Demyx I feel was forced into it and Sora was quite harsh with him, but letting him live would only have resulted in trouble, Luxord is bad as demonstrated by his terrorising of the Port Royal townsfolk with Grim Reaper, Marluxia and Larxene don't need explanations, Roxas was good and survived in the end.

    So yes, Sora was very justified.
  8. Hi-ppos! Merlin's Housekeeper

    Sep 10, 2007
    He definitely was. Like Riku said, the organization, their darkness, "mess up our worlds." Their cause destroyed entire worlds, so many people lost their hearts, so they could be whole again? I mean I understand where they were coming from, but they were trading innocent lives for theirs, which is human and selfish but not something Sora could ever identify with, so I felt his genuine disgust and hate - as close as Sora can get - for these people and completely understood.
  9. Princess Celestia Supreme Co-Ruler of Equestria

    Dec 20, 2007
    Your confusing the Organizations Agenda with the Heartless.
  10. Bluelazor Traverse Town Homebody

    Aug 25, 2009
    The World That Never Was
    I think he did do the right thing because if Sora had let the Organization roam free things would turn out a whole lot worse. I doubt that Kingdom Hearts would actually give Organization XIII their hearts back (and perhaps Xemnas knew that). If that is the case, then Xemnas would have tricked his fellow Nobodies into doing what he told them to so he could use the mysterious power that Kingdom Hearts would provide to take control over the universe. It's just his nature, along with the nature of a lot of people, he gets a small taste of power and then he wants more power.
  11. Emma Wemma Traverse Town Homebody

    Jan 24, 2008
    I felt quite sad for them, since they only did the things they did to regain their hearts and truly exist, which is quite depressing really when Sora goes and destroys all the none existing people :(

    but, i do have to think - they did turn into heartless, so they had given into the power of darkness (apart from Roxas - he was a nobody coz of different circumstances)
  12. anotheraxelfangirl Destiny Islands Resident

    Jan 14, 2009
    The Castle That Never Was
    Absolutely not. Yeah, Xemnas is a psychopath, and sure, he could totally have found a better way of finishing Kingdom Hearts than manipulating Sora, but that does NOT mean they all had to die. Look at Demyx— first of all, the Olympus Stone is, in effect, A COIN. Second of all, he very clearly didn’t want to fight Sora, and was perfectly friendly when he popped up in Hollow Bastion. Sora comes up and starts bullying him, and then bludgeons him to death just because he’s wearing a black cloak. I know they all did some bad things, but so do plenty of other people Sora meets— Riku joins up with the Disney villains to help destroy the worlds, and Sora forgave him!

    Then look at the description of a Nobody— they are created when any person with a strong heart, be they evil or good, becomes a Heartless, and that’s a direct game quote. Some of the Organzation was good, and some evil, and Sora had no reason to just automatically assume they were all trying to destroy everything. All they wanted was to be whole again— is that really so wrong?

    I have plenty more to that explanation, but I’ll spare you. No, in my eyes, Sora was not justified.
  13. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

    Aug 31, 2008
    Who was good?
    And don't count Roxas or Axel.
    Axel still followed orders and killed his fellow members. Eventually, he tried to redeem himself.
    But before that, he wasn't a good guy.
    Demyx? What about right before you fought him? His personality changed, "Silence, traitor."
    That doesn't seem friendly.
    I don't count him as good either. Yeah, he was follow orders, but who said he had to? Why not just leave the Organization?

    Sora was, in my eyes, completely justified. Maybe not entirely on what he knew, but he was justified in the big picture.
  14. anotheraxelfangirl Destiny Islands Resident

    Jan 14, 2009
    The Castle That Never Was

    Who was good? All right, let's pull up my list:

    Xigbar: Killed off a crapload of Heartless that were attacking Sora right before Sora jumps out and attacks him. Yeah, he was kind of confusing Sora with his words, but I don't see any real harm in that, and it's definitely not worth killing him over.

    Saix: Warned Sora about Axel trying to turn him into a Heartless. Yes, he was close to Xemnas, but the plan to use Sora wasn't his fault. He's one of my biggest ones, because of that "Where is my heart?" line- all he wanted was to become whole again.

    Demyx: Everything I already said. I see Demyx as the one who just fell into a bad crowd, and does what they ask of him because he really doesn't have a choice. That "silence, traitor," thing was him trying to be what he was expected to be and to get some courage to follow his orders even though he had none. He had no desire whatsoever to hurt Sora, and Sora's treatment of him was absolutely uncalled for (even the "Silence, traitor," thing came after Sora and Donald started ganging up on him for basically nothing more than saying hi)

    Even the ones who weren't model citizens didn't deserve to be slaughtered like that. All they wanted was their hearts back, plain and simple. They don't release Heartless into the worlds (or, at least, we never get any real proof that they do besides Sora explaining things he doesn't really get). There are plenty already there in Days, right? So who's to say that the Organization doesn't just use what's already there to build up Kingdom Hearts? Granted, Xaldin's plot with the Beast or Luxord's with the medallions were a bit extreme, but think of who they're following here.
  15. The Fuk? Dead

    Jul 2, 2008
    Well their motifs were good, but they still did evil things for it, so I think he was.
  16. teamnotrello Merlin's Housekeeper

    Feb 3, 2008
    Manchester, England
    "Whether someone can emphasize with the Nobodies "

    Let me stop you right there. Do you mean empathise? (Or empathize depending on whether you are British or American)

    Other than that, I agree with your points and don't have anything to add to it. The Organization were definitely a threat to the worlds and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Sora was fully justified in his actions.
  17. JustRob Traverse Town Homebody

    Nov 2, 2008
    Sora probably is doing the right thing, it's just that he has such a dumb way of going about it. Instead of confronting the Organization with their evils, he says dumb stuff like "You're a nobody, you have no right to be" and "I bet you can't even fight". Sure the Organization is doing bad stuff, but Sora is not much better. Going out to kill them off without trying to compromise is not all that great either.

    Also, basically all that was explained to Sora about the Organization was "There's this group of people, the Organization XIII. They're bad. Go kill them.", and he didn't question it further, he just went with it, thinking "what the hell they tell me they're the bad guys so I guess I'll kill em".
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