What RPs are you currently developing?

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  1. Mysty Unknown

    Dec 7, 2011
    Currently working on a Fairy Tail turn base RP with a system much like that of Kingdom Hearts SOS. There won't be classes but there will be stats that a player must sacrifice and give up before joining to determine growth. Basic stats will be used such as Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, and Strength and as would be obvious, HP and MP.

    Some issues come to mind with this that I am working out. The major issue is the selection of magic. I want there to be free reign on magic which means more freedom of course, but with that kind of freedom comes the ability to god mod with OP spells for bosses. I am either going to let the player tell me the magic and what they remotely want and then I can try to balance it out, but this method may prove taxing. Another method is to abandon some freedom by choosing classes that I still need to develop.

    The RP will take place in the future, far enough to where characters from the manga/ anime are dead now. There will be missions on the commission board that players can make teams and go to with important plot devices working their ways into them as well as in between phases.

    RP is going to be called Fairy Tail: War on Nirvana
  2. Sebax Avatar by Xerona

    Mar 4, 2013
    Wonderful World of Disney

    This is an RP I'm currently developing. I hoping to attract serious and casual video game players as well as writers in any range of ability. It is geared to be easy for the player to understand what they're doing, and there's an actual sense of reward if you apply yourself to working towards a real end goal.

    Plus, it takes place at Disney World!
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  3. Boy Wonder Dark Phoenix in Training

    Aug 31, 2008
    So how about a two year bump?

    As I get back into RPing, I've had several ideas. I'm not sure which ones I'll end up finishing and posting, but I'm fleshing them all out at least some.

    • A fantasy story influenced by old jrpgs like Breath of Fire, Lufia, Secret of Mana, with a system like the l'Cie from Final Fantasy XIII. The gods of the world choose certain people to be their chosen warriors, called Ascended. The Ascended get access to magic and a unique ability. The Ascended have to fulfill specific missions by these gods or they become "Kyrsed" (cursed). A country ignites a war with its own Ascended searching for a way to revive an ancient power and the gods make a new group of Ascended to track down the sacred item the other country is after. The RP will take place in segments where the objective changes dramatically each time one is completed. First part is to find the item, second part is to find a group of items, third part to kill a series of beings, fourth part to track someone down, etc.
    • A superhero crossover similar to my last one where different heroes from different forms of media co-exist and become a new team. My last one used the second Avengers movie for the initial story, but for this one I'd use a different, possibly more original story. Maybe I'd use the Arrow, Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow universe as the jumping off point?
    • A completely open crossover where the main setting is an original world called "Hub World." Hub World has access to every universe and characters from any universe can go to Hub World, but no character can go to any world that they're not a native to. However, there will be something that causes the barriers between worlds to weaken and characters are able to travel between worlds in Gummi Ships. The idea is that there will be OCs as well as existing characters. OCs will be from Hub World and can change "jobs" to different worlds like changing to a Dragon Ball Z job and getting Saiyan powers or a Harry Potter job and becoming a wizard. Existing characters would be assigned a Class depending on where they're from (Book, Movie, Anime, Comic, TV Series, etc.) and each Class will have different benefits that I haven't figured out yet; OCs will be able to use these benefits depending on their job. There would be some sort of Guild system with each Guild led by a different OC (think KH Unchained and the Unions). Characters could be anyone from anywhere, but only 2 OCs (3 if one is a Guild Leader) per person and only 5 characters can be used per post.
    • Something stat-based. I Haven't figured out what exactly, but I have a few different stat systems I want to flesh out and see if I can make them work. Either a Final Fantasy-like class system where new abilities are unlocked using points, something that involves an actual map like a tabletop thing, or a tower-defense thing.
    • Some kind of monster hunting RP. Originally, I was thinking of a medieval version of Supernatural without the grand end-of-the-world plots. Might combine this with the above system.
    • A Final Fantasy RP taking place in one of the worlds from one of the games (current draft is FF7, but the last one was FF6, and the original one FF13). Haven't decided on a story yet, but trying to pinpoint a setting and time. My FF7 version has to do with a new version of SOLDIER years after the game. I've put more thought into this one, but I've had another version that uses the Ivalice world and one with the world from one of the FF MMOs. In other words, the setting of one of the games, but all OCs.

    I'll be working on these for a bit, but if anyone wants to help with any of these, feel free to contact me!