Wonderful World of Disney

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    Wonderful World of Disney
    Welcome, to the
    Wonderful World of Disney

    WWD is a concept I'm currently offering to KH-vids. For now, it's still in its infancy, and I can only offer readers a taste of what could happen, but I need you to help that happen. It's going to take time and effort on my part, but I am willing to make it happen!

    What's different about WWD?

    This RP is going to be statistic-run. While that's nothing new for the Arena, it's still a fairly unused practice, so it will still stand out. What's even further than that is the fact that WWD will utilize specialized, but simplified, systems of control so that the player really feels like they're making actual progress as they go around completing tasks; either by themselves or in groups.
    Systems include:
    Ranks and levels
    Battle stats for Boss battles
    Trophy and Special Item Collection
    Unlockable locations and precise, given spots for maps.

    Will it have a story?
    Of course! While I can't give it all away, right away, you are Keybladers who are visiting a fantasy-version of the Disney Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida.

    But I've never been to Disney in Orlando, Fl-!
    When was the last time you took a walk through Traverse Town? A leisurely stroll through Kanto? A hike through the hills of Hyrule? Maybe the last time you played a video game, but when did you physically walk through such areas? Exactly! You'll be given detailed maps as we progress. You'll know where you can find everything and what everything looks like, and we flesh the maps out via scripting what we get out of them.

    This is already a lot to wrap my head around. Why all the trouble?
    It's no trouble at all. I keep track of every skill you build, every stat increase you make, and everything that is related to progress for both individual characters and the cast as a whole.

    Where would we start?
    Well, the plan is to start either on Main Street USA, which will be the only unlocked area of the Magic Kingdom park where everyone begins, or a hotel where everyone will have a room they can personalize. The more you play, the more themes you unlock for your room. Does it really amount to anything? Well, that's up to your imagination, but I feel it's you getting to show off your own creativity and personality.

    How would we unlock Keyblades?
    There'll be a few shops. Some for pins, which will be collectibles, some for Keychains which you can unlock by talking to certain characters are the park and completing certain tasks.

    Question from @Shu : How long do you expect this RP to take to finish?
    Here's how it works: You unlock each area of each park by yourself or with others by defeating bosses that guard those sections. In order to build up your strength to face these foes, you'll probably have to complete some of the lesser tasks in each section first as you progress. Once you defeat or help defeat a boss, you alone unlock access to the sections yielded, but help out future players by giving them the OPTION to face a boss with half their given health after they've been defeated by anyone once. (For you thrill seekers, you can still fight your foes at their full power) Given that there's a lot to do, and you can only do so much in a day, this RP runs at your pace. It could take you a year to get through, or it could take you a few months if you REALLY work at it. Keep in mind, you work through each of four Disney parks. But there's so many little things to do, you'll wind up wandering around to finish everything like you would a real game; in your free time and at your leisure.

    Question from @Hexin : Can these pins we collect have some sort of perk?

    They already do. Each pin gains you a .2 increase in either your Strength, Defense, Magic, or Resistance stat, depending on what category the pin falls into. Since there are 200 pins just at the start to collect, with more possibly on the way, this means you get a 10+ in all four stats if you collect all 200. The categories for pins are: Characters 50, Attractions 50, Movies 50, and pins based off of Items 50.

    Have a question? Ask away, and it may be added to the list above.
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