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    Hey guys! As you can see, the Writer’s Nook has been given a makeover! We’ve worked hard to try and create an awesome new place for everyone to post their stories, make new friends, hire out help, and get writing advice for when you face the dreaded block. But there’s a lot of new stuff, so let’s take a quick peek at two of the new sections, hmm?


    Here, you’ll be able to officially hire Betas, Editors, and Critiquing Partners to help you in the various stages of story writing! Authors looking for Betas will be able to post advertisements, so that Betas can (hopefully) apply for the chance to review earlier drafts of your book, while Editors and Critiquing Partners will be able to create a page all for themselves, so that authors looking for a little extra help can come find you!

    Tips and Tricks

    In the Tips and Tricks section, you’ll be able to find or post threads containing advice about anything writing related! How to write a plot twist, tips on overcoming writer’s block, the best methods for outlining stories… If you have some know-how, go ahead and share! And if you’re looking for help and can’t find a thread already, we even have a Q&A board for you to ask your questions and get answers directly!

    In addition to these two new sections, we’ve reorganized the Writer’s Nook, so let’s look at what’s changed:
    • Original Works and Fanfiction have been merged into one Written Works subsection, with new Prefixes added to accommodate
    • Archives have been moved into the Written Works subsection
    • The main ‘Writer’s Nook’ page is now free to contain all news and updates about the WN, without being lost among the fanfics
    • The Workshops and Recreation subsection and the Poetry and Lyrics subsection are still here for your enjoyment, though be sure to check out the new rules in the Workshops area to understand what belongs there and what belongs in the new Networking section.
    I know the place is gonna look a little bare in there for awhile, but with all these new changes, I hope we’ll be able to get it up and running in a little while, so that we all have a place to share our creativity and grow together as a real writing community!

    Happy New Year!
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Discussion in 'Writers' Nook' started by Lauriam, Jan 1, 2018.

    1. Calxiyn
      I love the logo! Did you do that Marushi?
    2. Lauriam
      lol yeah XD I'm trying to practice at making logos so I've been making some for everything. XD
    3. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      So how do we go about submitting stories? I've got a few one-shots I wouldn't mind sharing.
    4. Lauriam
      So all you gotta do is go to the Written Works subsection in the Writer's Nook, click the "New Thread" button, and go from there! We have some prefixes for you to label your work, and then voila! You've got a story posted :)
    5. Ability King KK
      Ability King KK
      Done and done. Already got some posted!