Your favorite character got added to Super Smash Bros! What's their moveset like?

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    It's always fun to hear what characters people want in Super Smash Bros., but why not take that conversation a step further? How do you think your favorite character would actually play in the game?


    Home series: Etrian Odyssey
    Debut: Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl (2013) (3DS)

    The Highlander's bread and butter in his home series is depleting his own health to power his spear attacks. His Bloody Offense skill would translate over to Super Smash Bros. as a passive ability, boosting his strength as he accumulates damage.

    Neutral special: Long Thrust - A simple spear strike. It can be charged for a power boost, but after a while, he'll start taking recoil damage as he holds it.
    Up special: Spear Assist - The Highlander strikes upward with his spear. The attack cycles through dealing fire, ice, and volt damage with each use, with the chance of inflicting burn, freeze, or stun respectively.
    Side special: Delayed Charge - The initial use stores a powerful attack, inflicting some recoil damage. On the next use, the Highlander unleashes a powerful horizontal strike.
    Down special: Head Pierce - The Highlander arcs his spear down at his foe. The strike has a chance of stunning the target, and an even smaller chance of OHKO-ing them.
    Final Smash: Gae Bolg - Kupala of the Forest Folk briefly appears, lending her power to the Highlander; emanating a green glow, he flies to the side of the stage and unleashes a flurry of massive spear attacks, healing some of his damage as well. Combines a climactic moment of Etrian Odyssey Untold with the Highlander class's Force Break ability from Etrian Odyssey Untold 2 and Etrian Odyssey Nexus.
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    (The fighter intro is a neat idea, imma continue.)


    Home Series: Spyro the Dragon
    Debut: Spyro the Dragon (1998) (PS1)

    Much like how he functions in the titular series, Spyro's strengths are in his recovery and his specials.


    Jab: Single-hit, lightly jabs forward with his horns
    Forward-smash: Hits forward (with more build-up) with his horns
    Down-smash: Radius attack, spins around and hits with his tail
    Up-smash: Gets on the skateboard from Spyro 2 and 3 and performs a back-flip, hitting with the board

    Forward-tilt: Hits forward with his claws
    Down-tilt: Performs a low sweep with his tail
    Up-tilt: Gets on his hind legs and hits with his horns

    Neutral-aerial: Gets on the skateboard from Spyro 2 and 3 and performs a corkscrew
    Forward-aerial: Hits forward with his calws
    Down-aerial: Performs a front-flip and attacks with his tail (spike hitbox at the sweetspot)
    Up-aerial: Hits upwards with the tip of his tail
    Backward-aerial: Hits backward with his tail

    Neutral-special: Standard flame attack from the Spyro series
    Forward-special: Charges forward and attacks with his horns; direction is changeable, and jump is usable without interrupting the attack, but like in the games, he has a lag period after hitting his target (also usable as a recovery option, working similarly to how airborne charging works in the games)
    Down-special: Head smash (shield-breaking option)
    Up-special: A superfly portal appears where he is standing and grants him flight for two seconds (no hitbox, cancel-able with aerials and specials)

    Pummel: With the opponent wrapped in his tail, he jabs them with his horns
    Forward-throw: Releases the opponent and charges at them
    Down-throw: Spits fire at the opponent
    Up-throw: Throws the opponent upward, then spits a rock at them
    Back-throw: Releases the opponent, then hits them with his hind legs

    Final Smash

    Flies over the battlefield and shoots superflame shots at the opponent (aim-able, like Snake's in Brawl)

    Taunts (I'm lame, I know)

    Side-taunt: Spyro points and laughs at the opponent
    Down-taunt: Spyro lays back in a beach chair, à la Spyro 2 after beating Gulp
    Up-taunt: Sparks flies in circles directly above Spyro


    Jump: You can hold the jump button to perform a glide (direction changeable, uses second jump)

    These are always fun. Hope more people throw theirs in.