Your Favorite "Classics"

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    I'm using classics in the broadest sense possible here—With all the music in the world there's no way everybody's heard every track, so any song you've heard all over the place, anything that's been on a top 100 of all time... Any type, any genre, any instruments... It's all fair game. As usual with my threads, it's appreciated if your youtube embeds are in spoilers for the sake of people's load times.

    I started with a couple rock/metal tracks because they're what inspired the idea, but I'll probably add other genres at some point.

    It's weird to think this isn't the original version of this song. Whenever I so much as hear the word "watchtower," I think of Hendrix. That melody is one-of-a-kind and absolutely infectious, and the lyrics are a little adventure of their own. Dylan really wrapped that mystery up tight, credit where credit is due; but in the end it's Hendrix who made me want to unwrap it, so his cover ends up being my favorite.

    I always loved this song, but then I found out the history behind it, which you can read about here; that the Alice in Chains guitarist, Jerry Cantrell, wrote it for his father who'd served in the Vietnam war, attempting to describe his experiences. About the song he says "It was the start of the healing process between my Dad and I from all that damage that Vietnam caused;" and that when his father came to see him play and heard the song, "at the end, he took his hat off and just held it in the air. And he was crying the whole time." Details like that are what push good into great and great into amazing.

    I'm sorry, I can't help it. I love Queens and I'll never ever stop loving them. Those riffs. My god, those riffs. The singing is unlike anything else I can imagine. The breakdown about three minutes in hits you like a hurricane. And just look at Grohl hammerin' away on the drums back there! He always looks so giddy and hyped-up at a drumset... The lyrics aren't trying to be complicated, they flow well and there is a bit of a persistent message throughout. Now, when you add the video... well, it gets confusing. What the f██k is going on there? I dunno, but it makes me laugh, and it tells me they never took themselves too seriously. They're just here to rock. And rock they do. Rock they do indeed.
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    Where a "Classical Music" sound is concerned, nothing gets to me as much as this:

    But most of my fellow younger contemporaries are more familiar with this actually incredibly will-performed version from the film "Step Brothers":

    Classic rock has got to be "Black Magic Woman" and "Paint it black, both available in the below link.

    Overall, this has got to be my favorite of the type of music that's coming of the age it is becoming "Classical" in it's own right, but it doesn't really fit into any one genre of music. It's Billy Joel's summary of most of the 20th Century, "We Didn't Start the Fire".

    I have an old taste in music. Give me a little swing. Rat Pack. Nat King Cole. Bing Crosby. Here is a sample in the way of "That's Amore" in the style of Dean Martin, my favorite artist of all time: