Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: The Signer Knights

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    This is my solo 5Ds' story, so I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge. Anyway, the cast is set in a medieval setting, and several (minor) OCs will appear in the story, but the two major ones will Angela and Hikari. The main cast will still have their decks and signs, but in a different way. Most reference will be of the Dark Signers arc of the anime series.

    Story Summary: During a dueling tournament held by King Rex Goodwin, the lives of young farm girls, Akiza Izinski and Hikari Ayamani, change forever when they meet Sir Yusei Fudo, Sir Jack Atlas, nobles Luna and Leo, and Sir Crow Hogan as they become part of the Knights of the Stars. Their homeland becomes threatened as a evil group of knight, known as the Knights of the Earthbound Immoral, gains power to bring forth the King of the Netherworld. Could a poor farm girl fall for a knight who holds a deeper secret than they know?


    The brightness of the stars above twinkled, as a cloaked figure walked through the forest that surrounded the village of the Satellite in the old Domino Kingdom. The figure reached a small orphanage in the village, lowering the hood, the figure was revealed to be a beautiful young woman with long silvery hair and deep sea blue eyes. Walking up to the door of the orphanage, the woman knocked on the door gently and it opened to reveal the orphanage caretaker, an older woman.

    “Yes, may I help you?†she asked, the woman asked, “Is your name Martha, the caretaker of this orphanage?â€

    “Yes, it is. What can do I for you?†She asked.

    The woman gave her a bundle of white clothes, “Please take care of this child. His family was killed and he has no other relatives. His name is Yusei Fudo. Please take care of him.†Without another word, she left with Maria in confusion. After a few minutes, Martha looked inside the bundle and gasped, within the bundle was a baby boy.

    With a smile, Martha took him inside the orphanage and called him by the name woman gave, Yusei. Meanwhile, the young woman walked to a crumbling castle farther within the old Domino Kingdom. Pushing some stones and rocks aside, the woman found what she was looking for. Standing in front of her was a stone statue of a man with spiky hair; he had a look of solemn sadness and was reaching into the distance. With a sad look, the woman walked up to the statue and placed her hand on the outstretched hand of the statue. She looked toward the face of the statue and sighed.

    “This price is what you had to pay for the life of your own child…… Toya……..â€

    “Either way, New Domino Kingdom is without a king, and we can’t have that,†a man’s voice said, the woman looked behind her and found a young man standing there. He smiled, walking up and picking up a jeweled crown that near the statue’s feet. The woman gasped and shouted, “You are going to rule New Domino Kingdom in King Toya Fudo’s place, Sir Rex Goodwin?â€

    “Yes, Toya would have wanted me to rule in his place if anything happened to him, Lady Angela.†Rex said, looking at the woman named Angela. However, Angela could see past the smile Rex was giving her, as if he was hiding a dark secret within it. However, she simply accepted him as the new king and continued her duties as the high priestess of the kingdom.

    Over the next seventeen years, New Domino Kingdom was divided by its people, Angela sadly watched as the nobles disrespected the commoners, but there was nothing she could do expect look for the remaining carriers of the marks that Rex and his adopted son, Prince Jack Atlas, has carried on their right arms. Within one of the many villages of New Domino Kingdom, there lived two girls who were considered sisters since early childhood.

    Both daughters of local farmers, the two girls weren’t exactly stunning beautiful, but they had a sense of inner beauty radiated within. One had chin length burgundy hair with bangs framed her face while her front bangs were held up on her head and bright brown eyes. The other had straight light blue hair and deep emerald green eyes. Their names were Akiza Izinski and Hikari Ayamani.

    Hikari was the studious one while Akiza preferred gardening, especially roses. Having born as commoners, Hikari and Akiza were often looked down upon, but the two retained their friendship and sisterly relationship, both having hope that the dictator-like rule would be lifted. Often Akiza and Hikari would be in their village’s central fountain, Hikari would tell stories to the little children while Akiza would try to sell her roses to the villagers.

    Since the two were so close, Hikari knew two of Akiza’s deepest secrets, she had a special power that could sometimes get out of control and a unique birthmark on her right arm. One day while walking through the village, the two saw a notice that King Rex Goodwin had announced a dueling tournament.

    “We should enter, Aki. Anyone who can duel is allowed to enter the tournament, and since we can both duel……..†Hikari smiled as Akiza sighed, “Alright, Kari. Who know what will happen?†As they left, Akiza felt they were being watched and turned to see who was behind them, but saw nothing more than a single rose petal. Akiza was scared and wondered who that was when Hikari called out her name. She ran and joined her friend.

    Angela appeared after the two vanished the area, somehow she was still retaining her young youthful appearance. She tore the notice down without even looking at it, she said, “A tournament that will be changing point in your life, Akiza, Hikari. I hope you two will be well prepaed.†She disappeared with the softest gust of wind.


    Give me your honest opinion.
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    As the Jack Atlas of this forum's Dueling Arena, I approve.

    I really like the medieval theme for 5D's because there's so many ways to make it work with the characters and their back-stories from the original anime. Good job.

    Lookin' forward to seeing more of your work ;)

    *subscribes to thread*
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    Oh my gosh, it is a update! :bounce::=D: Leo is a crossdresser in this chapter, only because I wanted to stay true as I'm doing the Fortune Cup arc and the Dark Signer Arc. Hikari and Angela belong to me, but the rest of the cast belongs to Tokyo TV.

    Chapter 1 Opening Day

    It was the day of the tournament, and to say Prince Jack Atlas was ready would have been an understatement. Prince Jack Atlas was a tall, muscular, and handsome young man, he had short blond hair and striking purple eyes. He was more determined to win than ready, after running away from the Satellite village in the old Domino Kingdom due to the advice of Prime Minister Lazar; Jack became prince of New Domino Kingdom with the story that King Rex adopted him to be his heir to the throne.

    Standing on the balcony of his room as the morning sun crept over the horizon, Jack took a look at his right arm. A red mark that looked like a set of wings was on his arm, it had been there for as long as he could remember. As memories of his past life as a simple unworthy commoner filled his mind, Jack shook his head, trying to leave the past in the past. As far as he was concerned, he was no longer a pauper who dreamed of being in New Domino Kingdom, he now was the heir of the throne of New Domino Kingdom.

    His personal servant, Mina, entered his room, she said, "The king requests your presence, Jack." Mina was once a farm girl who worked for the palace's gardener, but when Jack appeared two years ago, she was immediately made into his servant, with her only duties being to serve him, make him happy, and tell him when the king wanted to see him. Mina had short dark blue hair and bright amber brown eyes.

    "With all due respect to King Rex, I'd like to visit the docks first." Jack said, putting on his royal white robes over the silver armor on his body. He left the room, passing her and heading for the stables. Calmly he led out a white mustang and got on it, gently grabbing the reins and riding to the docks. He wasn't surprised to see another man waiting at the docks.

    Sitting upon a red stallion, this man had spiky black hair with yellow highlights and bright blue eyes. Under his left eye was a yellow jagged mark, he wore silver armor like Jack's, and however his armor had amber stones at the joints. At his hip was a sword with the handle encrusted with sapphires, Jack's sword handle was encrusted with rubies.

    Placing his horse beside the man's, Jack simply stared at the vast ocean as the man was doing. "May I ask what you are doing here, Sir Yusei Fudo?" Jack asked suddenly. "Checking the docks," he said simply, before turning to Jack. "What are you doing here, your royal highness?" "I've come to meet an old friend of ours, that's all." Jack said with a smile, Yusei looked away and pulled his horse to the side, going somewhere else and leaving Jack alone.

    The wind softly blew as Jack seemed to wait for a certain ship. He smiled as he saw the silhouette of a ship sailing to the docks, trying to find a familiar figure on the deck of the ship. After awhile, the ship docked and a new figure appeared, shouting at Jack, "Hey there!"

    The voice belonged to a young man who had wild dark orange hair and light gray eyes. He wore a plain white dress shirt with a brown sleeveless vest over it; on his hands were light gray gloves, light green trousers and brown boots. Like Yusei, he had yellow marks on his face. Two jagged lines were under his eyes while on his forehead was an m with a dot next to it. Wrapped around his forehead, just above the m, was a dark green headband. On his shoulders, elbows and knees were silver pieces of armor.

    "Crow, it's been too long." Jack said, smiling. Crow smiled back and said, "That should be Sir Captain Crow Hogan to you, your royal highness." Jack shook his head, Crow, who once lived in the Satellite village with Jack and Yusei, left after becoming a knight to help those in need over the water. He obtained a ship, became captain with the crew he hired and became the first knight from Satellite to sail the seas while having two criminal marks on his face.

    He grabbed the reins of his black mustang and walked down the ramp. Once he was on the dock, he mounted his horse and looked at Jack, "See you at the arena, huh?" Jack simply nodded as he watched Crow ride to the arena and followed.

    Meanwhile back at the castle, in the king's room, King Rex Goodwin stared at a portrait of the past king. Over the past seventeen years, his hair had become light gray while his eyes remained a light blue eye, the jeweled crown rested promptly on his head while he wore light blue robes with a dark gray cape that had the image of a bird on it, but the cape hid the left side of his body.

    His prime minister, Lazar, stepped into the room; Lazar had light pink hair with light violet eyes. Lazar wore a dark red coat over a white shirt, light gray pants and black boots. He looked at Rex and bowed, "Your majesty, Sir Yusei has arrived at the arena. But before we head there, may I ask why you are holding a tournament now?"

    "The high priestess, Angela, would have a difficult time trying to find the rest of the Signers on her own by simply using visions and wandering the villages. So I decided to make it easier for her was to create a tournament which the remaining Signers would enter and we would find them. When their marks start to glow, I will use the power of the 5th Sign to call forth the Crimson Dragon to give the Signers the powers of the knights who once controlled their Dragons." Rex explained to Lazar, touching his left side.

    "Come, we mustn't be late for the opening of the tournament." They left, before Rex left the room, he turned back to the portrait then left the room.

    The arena that built for the dueling tournament was parked with the commoners and nobles who chose not to sign up, normally the two classes were often at each others' throats for taxes and harvest, but today they chose to mingle as the competitors who signed up came from both classes. Hikari tried to not show she was shaking nervously, but Aki smiled and calmed her down by grabbing her hand.

    Looking around, the two friends rather stuck out from the rest. Akiza wore a plain white sleeveless dress underneath a red traveling cloak, holding the cloak and the dress together was a dark red sash with yellow lining, on her wrists were black gauntlets from an old suit of armor she found, around her right arm was a bandage to hide her mark, and wore red boots on her feet.

    Hikari also wore a white sleeveless dress with a light brown cloak, holding hers in place was a light blue sash with black lining; her gauntlets were a light violet color with a dark red lining, around her neck was a necklace with a sapphire pendant; her boots were white with a dark gray lining. Her hair was up in a braid, and though Akiza didn't understand why, at Hikari's left hip was an empty black sword sheath.

    But neither of them knew how to wield or fight with a sword, but both of them had a holder on their sashes for their decks. Akiza sighed and looked at Hikari, whispering, 'It is okay, I'm here with you.'

    With a smile, the two friends scooped out the competition. There was an investigator who wore the disguise of a farmer; a professor dressed in his finest clothes, a young girl who dressed in the clothes of a noble, the prince himself dressed in silver armor, a knight with a criminal mark as well as a ship captain with criminal marks, a muscular man with a dark tan, a man in a dark cloak, a cocky man who was dressed as a hunter, and another knight in gold armor.

    While Hikari was eyeing the knight and the captain, Akiza kept her eyes on the young girl and the knight. The two friends thought that the knight and the captain seemed different from what they appeared, though they had criminal marks on their faces. Akiza wondered why such a young girl was taking part of the tournament and sighed when there was silence in the arena.

    In the royal box seat, King Rex stood up and said, "Welcome, everyone, to the first dueling tournament in memory of the previous king, Toya. I will like to thank all the people who chose to partake in this tournament. Let me take the moment to remind the competitors that everyone is equal here. Also, the rewards will be picked based on who will win the tournament. If the winner is a young woman, she will have the honor of being the prince's bride, however if the winner is a young man, he and the prince will begin the dance of the grand ball tomorrow. Now our loyal and faithful high priestess, Angela, will choose the duels of the first round. Lady Angela….."

    He turned behind him to reveal Angela sitting calmly in her seat with her eyes closed. Silence hung in the air as everyone waited for her to announce the first rounds duel.

    "The first round duels are: Lady Luna against the mine digger Greiger, Sir Yusei Fudo against the hunter Pace, farm girl Akiza Izinski against Sir Gill Randsborg, farm girl Hikari Ayamani against Sir Captain Crow Hogan, and the professor Frank against the investigator Koda. May each duel go well." The crowd cheered as the competitors headed for the rooms picked for them to prepare for their duel. In the room picked for Lady Luna, she sighed and spoke in a boy's voice, "Man, how does Luna breathe in this thing?"

    "Well, excuse me, Leo!" A young girl's voice shouted, Leo turned and jumped at the sight of a girl who looked like him, wearing a brown cloak over her body. She shouted again, "You better make sure you act like me out there, Leo." Scared, Leo nodded, though Luna was the one who was invited to duel, for some reason, she didn't want to and Leo took her place. "Not to worry, sis. Everything's going to be alright. Trust me." Luna didn't look so sure, and left. Leo sighed and got ready for his duel.

    Meanwhile in the room picked out for the commoners, Akiza and Hikari were discussing what cards Hikari would use in her duel against Sir Captain Crow Hogan. "What am I going to do? I don't even know what kind of deck he has, Aki." Hikari said. Aki sighed and said, "It's okay. I know you will do fine, but there's something about that Sir Yusei. I don't know what."

    "Oh, fallen for a knight, have we?" Hikari said, a sly grin on her face, Akiza blushed and shouted at her, "No, of course not. Besides, the fact he is a knight means that he's a noble. There's no way he would fall for a poor farm girl like me. He would go for a noblewoman. And on top of that, I'm just a avenge girl."

    "So what? Aki, I can tell you now that will be a connection deeper than you know between you and him, like there's a connection between you and me. But this connection will be much different." Hikari had taken her hands into her own as she said this and smiled, Akiza smiled and nodded.

    The time came for the first duel, and the two duelists came into the arena. Luna was the right side of the field, while her opponent, who everyone figured to be Greiger, was on the left side. "It is a honor to duel you, my lady," Greiger said with a bow, Luna smiled and gave a curtsy, "Likewise, may the best duelist win."

    Suddenly, the duelists held out their arms as the gauntlets on theirs wrists glowed, showing the number on them, and their hands were filled with the cards they had drawn as the duel started. Greiger shouted, "First, I play the magic card, Star Blast. I pay 500 of my DP to reduce the level of one of my monsters and summon this monster, Summon Knight SK. I set a card facedown and end my turn" A knight in brown armor appeared on Greiger's side of the field, and the number on Greiger's gauntlet changed from 8000 to 3500.

    Luna looked at his field and looked at her hand before shouting, "I play this monster, Morphtronic Warrior." A warrior appeared on her side of the field, just then the number on her gauntlet changed as well, changing from 8000 to 3200, Luna simply ignored this and shouted, "I activate my monster's effect, and summon Morphtronic Box Warrior in a defense position." A new warrior appeared and knelt down on a knee with its arms across its face. "I also set a card facedown and end my turn." The crowd was silent while Greiger studied his opponent.

    After a moment of silence, Greiger shouted, "I play Trap Reactor Y FI in attack position and have him attack your Morptronic Warrior." A new knight appeared on Greiger's side of the field, but he didn't see Luna smirk, she shouted, "I activate the trap card, Morphtransition. This negates your attack and switches my Warrior into defense position." As the warrior knelt down, the number on her gauntlet changed again, lowering to 2400. Greiger spoke again, "I have Summon Knight SK attack your Morphtronic Box Warrior." As the other knight was about to attack, Luna shouted, "I use Morphtronic Box Warrior's effect to negate your attack."

    "That allows me to play the trap card, Damage Summon. I pay 800 Duel Points to Special Summon Spell Knight・RE" from my hand. Now, attack, Spell Knight and destroyed Morphtronic Box Warrior!" The newly appeared knight obeyed the order and slashed at Luna's warrior, the warrior destroyed in a instant. "I set one card facedown and end my turn," Greiger said as the number on his gauntlet changed to 2,700.

    Luna looked at her hand, there was a Morphtronic Soldier, a Armored Fighter, a Twister and a Magical Mallet. Closing her eyes, Luna drew a card, then spoke "I use the Defense Position effect of Morphtronic Warrior to check the top cards of my Deck. Next, I switch it to Attack Position and use its other effect to Special Summon Morphtronic Gladiator". As a new armored warrior appeared on her field, the number on her gauntlet changed to 1,600, Luna said, "I now tribute Morphtronic Warrior to inflict 600 damage to you, Greiger." The number on Greiger's gauntlet to 2,100 as Luna said, "Now I tribute Morphtronic Gladiator to bring Armored Fighter. I now use its effect, by discarding Morphtronic Soldier to increase its ATK by 800. Now I play Factory of 100 Warriors, which allows me to remove from play all the Morphtronics in my Graveyard to increase its power by 200 for each."

    Once again, the number on her gauntlet changed to 800, the total power of Armored Fighter became 2,900. "Now, Armored Fighter, attack Trap Reactor・Y FI." Luna said with confidence because she knew the difference between the two monsters' scores is exactly equal to Greiger's current Duel Points. But Greiger shouted, "I activate Delta Trap, and send my monsters to the Graveyard to Special Summon Flying Fortress SKY FIRE." "I end my turn." Luna said.

    As she spoke, Greiger discarded the card in his hand to activate Flying Fortress SKY FIRE's effect, and the remaining monster on Luna's field, Armored Fighter was destroyed. With no other obstacles in the way, he attacked her directly and the number on her gauntlet went to zero. It was apparent that Greiger had won, but the crowd cheered at the two. Turning on his heel, Greiger left the arena and headed for the room he had been in earlier, but he met with Angela, he was surprised to see her, but told her something that was on his mind during the duel, "It seemed that I was dueling against a boy instead."

    "Indeed." Angela said, placing her hand on both sides of his head, giving him an image of Luna and a boy who looked like her. "The noble lady Luna has a twin brother, the noble lord Leo."

    Meanwhile in the royal box seat, Goodwin sat on his throne with a small smirk, quite impressed. During the duel, Angela mentioned she had felt something in the audience. He whispered, 'Now to find the other three…..'

    :/8D: What is Rex Goodwin thinking about?! JK, before I forget, Hikari and Angela's profiles. anyway, please R&R.

    Name: Hikari Ayamani
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Bio: Hikari has basically been Akiza's one and only friend in her life as the two grew together. Despite her studious nature, Hikari is very lovable, kind, adventurous, and brave. When Akiza's strange powers appeared, Hikari stayed by her side, finding her gift to be excitingly different in their boring lives. Having been the one to suggest they enter the tournament, Hikari is about to enter into something larger and unexpected.
    Deck: Water and light
    Spirit Monster: Twilight Rose Knight (will be explained later)

    Name: Angela
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Female
    Bio: The appointed high priestess of New Domino Kingdom, Angela delivered the sole survivor of the royal family, Yusei Fudo, to Martha in the Satellite village in the old Domino Kingdom. Over the next seventeen years, she continued to serve as the high priestess to the new king, Rex Goodwin, then his adopted son, Jack Atlas. Her job had been to find the other Signers like Jack, who would be gathered at the dueling tournament arranged by Rex.
    Deck: Psychic
    Spirit Monster: N/A