Z warriors And a Hedgehog team up

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    Goku was inside the hyperbolic time chamber with gohan training to defeat Cell,when mr.popo came in and interrupted their training.

    Popo:Goku,it's terrible a creature is loose in the city,it's demolishing everything.
    Goku:what?!I'm on it.
    Gohan:dad,can i come?
    Goku:Yea,ur not a mystic loser yet.
    Meanwhile in the city...
    ???:This planet should be destroyed now,but the chaos emeralds have fallen here...i need them in order to destroy that blue hedgehog.He gave me so much trouble since Space Colony ARK...he has good speed but i found a new way to match it,hell even beat it.
    pedestrian:please leave us alone u freak!!Stop it,please!
    ???:Shut up!You little insect...Chaos shine!
    the mysterious hedgehog destroys the pedestrian using chaos powers...who is he?
    Goku:Alrite,we gotta find a way to stop the creature,but we dont know his power so Gohan,u have to distract him.
    Gohan:Right...but i thought u wanted me to test those hidden powers?
    Goku:well,i dont want u to have all the fun,plus it'as very effective to distract somebody.I do it all the time,u get girls,that kind of stuff.
    Gohan:oooooooooooooooooookkkk...that was gay.
    Goku:look alive son,there he is.
    Gohan:What The...?
    Goku:dude,WTF?A hedgehog?
    ???:so,u guys made it,what's with ur faces,dont u like this power and this new city.Mwahahahahahaha!!!
    Goku:Son of a...!
    ???:Sora-Sora-Sora!!!(Punches Goku in the Stomach)
    Goku:What the hell...he's fast!
    ???:Nice...Chaos Deflection!
    Goku:Watch ur f****** language son!
    Gohan:u swore too!
    Goku:It's called cursing.But,Atari doesn't want us to curse!
    Goku:Because They're gay.
    Gohan:No they aren't!!!Tenkaichi 3 was the best DBZ Game!
    Goku:Yea,just like they said the game Sonic 06' was gonna be awesome...but some nut hacked the demo and stole everything!
    ???:Well,sue Sonic Team,if yuji naka was still there,they probably could've made that game even better,but the man left,he left us with Sonic Adventure 2 which was the best Sonic Game,so now,people are worshiping a guy with a mustache and a red cap that reads M what the hell!
    Gohan:his name's Mario.
    Goku:I hate that blasted song!
    ???:Now back the fight!
    Goku:Yea,watch this,Kaioken Times 50!
    Gohan:What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That's impossible,that's not in the series.Not even in burst limit!
    Goku:Just get the Drama Piece Kaioken Times 20,keep repeating it and just say kaioken times whatever.
    Now try this!
    ???:Darn it...that's it goku,u die now!Thank u shadow for teaching me this,all of this power goes to the black hedgehog...CHAOS BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ???:Remember this........my name is............................


    To Be Continued.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!