Zero - The Forgotten Story

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    -ZERO- The Forgotten Story

    As I walked down that empty hallway, all I could feel was incomplete. I didn't know who I was or how I had gotten to this point. I couldn't remember the slightest thing about myself, other than what I could see in the reflection of a mirror. When I walked into the bathroom, I gazed at myself in the mirror. I stared for awhile, trying to remember anything that would tell me why I was standing there now.
    The me in the mirror stared back with those questioning blue eyes. I noticed, that in certain lighting, the blue in my eyes looks purple near the pupil. My silvery-gray hair gleamed in the florescent lighting from above me. I was wearing a school uniform. It was purple and green with blue pants. I had checked all the local schools; none of them had this uniform.
    I couldn't help but wonder who I was. I knew what everything around me was, but I couldn't remember anything relating to myself. The only thing I could remember were these past three days, after I woke up in the park.
    I had woken up underneath a red tunnel slide. There was a blanket on top of me and a piece of paper clutched in my hand. The paper had a phone number written on it. Only a phone number. I had found some change in my pocket, so I walked over to the pay phone in the park. The buttons made a clicking sound as I punched in the digits. After I was done, the phone didn't ring. A machine on the other end of the line told me the number was disconnected.
    The wind started to blow. There was definitely a drop in temperature. I had gone back to the tunnel slide to take shelter from the cold. For all I knew, I might have actually lived there. I fell asleep wrapped up in the blanket.
    Damn, the sun was really bright the next morning. I pulled the blanket up over my eyes to block out the sun. Brr, my foot slipped out from underneath the blanket. I curled up into a ball, underneath the slide to keep my body in the warmth of the blanket. The birds were chirping in the background. My stomach started grumbling at that point. I knew I would have to find food soon; I spent all the money I had on the pay phone.
    I saw some of the early morning joggers look toward the playground, but for all I could tell, they didn't see me. I peeked outside my blanket to see how many people were in the park already. 1...2...3...5...7 Seven people. Foofie! I didn't want anyone to see me. I slipped out from underneath the slide when no one was looking. I felt weird walking around with a blanket in my arms, so I hid it in the bushes. Ugh! My stomach started grumbling again. I felt disgusted with myself, but I was so hungry that I walked over to the trashcan. I gagged and dug through the trash. I didn't eat out of the garbage. It was disgusting. There was nothing to eat in the garbage.
    I walked out of the park into the city. Where was I? The town was so big! There were cars zooming by everywhere. At one point, I had to jump out of the way so I didn't get hit. That's when I saw the hot dog vendor. I thought, maybe if I could sneak up behind him and grab one when he wasn't looking, I'd be okay. I had never stole anything before. At least, I hoped I had never stole. It's hard to be sure. I sighed. Standing there, while waiting for an opening, someone shook me.
    “Excuse me, but young man, aren't you supposed to be in school right now?â€
    School? This is a school uniform? I thought about what the woman said. After studying her over, I noticed she was wearing a uniform too. This can't be good, I thought as I stared at the badge on her chest.
    “Are you listening boy? You should be in school right now. What's your name young man?†The police officer stared at me.
    “I...don't know...†I responded as honestly as I could.
    “What do you mean you 'don't know?'†The police lady was starting to get agitated. I didn't know how to explain it to her. Would she have even believed me if I told her the truth? Instead of sticking around to find out, I did the worst thing I could think of at the time. I ran. I ran as fast as I possibly could make myself on an empty stomach. I could hear the police officer behind me yelling to stop. I'm not sure if she was chasing after me or not, though. I didn't stop to look. By the time I had lightened my running, I was standing in front of a peculiar crescent shaped building. As far as I could tell, there were about six floors.
    While standing there with my eyes fixated on the crescent building, I remembered something the police officer had said. My outfit is a school uniform? But to what school? Just then, my stomach grumbled again. Amidst all the running, I forgot about my hunger. I then became more hungry than before.
    I eventually found some food around lunch time. It was...disgusting... When I was done eating the food that was too gross to describe, I decided to look into the area schools. I thought I might possibly be ably to find the school that this uniform belonged too. If I could find the school, then I would know who I was. Relieved, I started walking.
    After visiting three different schools, I decided to call it quits for the night. I went back to the park to sleep for the night. My blanket was where I had left it earlier that morning. I was going to search more schools the next day. I curled up underneath the blanket. The air was getting colder.

    The next morning when I woke up, I ditched the blanket right away, so I could immediately start my work. I had found some food late the night before; I had brought it back with me. I ate a small portion and left enough for later.
    Searching all the schools was a slow process. It was even slower when you didn't have money to ride the bus or subway. I still didn't know what town I was in either. I was on my tenth school, three towns over, when I decided it was hopeless. No one at any of those schools had a uniform that looked like this, if they even had a uniform at all.
    Class was in session, so I walked to the bathroom. As I walked down that empty hallway, all I could feel was incomplete. I didn't know who I was or how I had gotten to this point. I couldn't remember the slightest thing about myself, other than what I could see in the reflection of a mirror. When I walked into the bathroom, I gazed at myself in the mirror. I stared for awhile, trying to remember anything that would tell me why I was standing there now.

    well...thatz chapter one...i hope you liked it. chapter two should be up soon.
    and THANK YOU to all who read this.

    i am currently still working on a title 4 zero's story so yea...
    ~peace love and chocolate!!☺
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    i thot about titling it zero's story but it just seams to uncreative u no...
    but thatz just the kind of person i am.
    i like coming up w/ like totally insane titles to go w/ pieces.

    i'd love 2 help u w/ luxords story....
    he's 1 of my fav. out of the orginization.
    he's my #3 after xigbar and zexion.

    pointers-wise...i'm not sure wut i cud point at w/o having read wut u have done so far.
    u shud send me wut u've got and i'll do my best.
    okie dokie!?

    ~peace love and chocolate☺
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    at my computer! hehe! im strange...
    dats kinda de catch...i cant think of how to start it. This is the roxas story. plz read and think of how the beggining could b like dat but more suited to Luxord. Thnx!
    Roxas’ Story

    Well, here I am! I’m Roxas and I’m being punished by not being able to go to our prom. If you want to know why, then listen to my story…

    “Roxas! What do you think?” Xion asked, twirling in front of me in her Prom dress
    I blushed, “I think it looks great.”
    Xion giggled at my blushing, “So? Who are you going with to Prom?”
    “What? But I thought…” I looked at her confused.
    “You fell for it!” Said a voice from behind.
    I turned round to see my friends at the door of Xion’s room.
    “Hey guys! So? Who are you guys going to prom with?” I asked.
    They all laughed at him, “Who do you think?”
    There was an awkward silence in the room. Suddenly, Julieta piped up, “I forgot to tell you guys! We’ve been chosen by Xemnas to make an Org newspaper!”
    Everyone was shocked by this news.
    “WHAT!?” Axel exclaimed, “Come on babes, you’d better sit down for a bit. Get that idea out of your head or else we may have to give you a time out.”
    “Shut up, Axel!” Katia told him, “We know if you give her a time out, it’s time for your, how do you put it, ‘FUN TIME’”
    Everyone looked at the blushing red head.
    Demyx was giggling in the corner. “Axel,” He said, barely being able to hold in his laughter, “your cheeks are the same colour as your hair!”
    Axel turned to look in the mirror and saw what Demyx meant! His cheeks were as red as his hair!
    Everyone burst into laughter. Then we got reminded by Julieta that we had to write a newspaper.
    We set to work on the newspaper and the only interesting story we could write about was Xemnas and Larxene’s relationship. So that’s what we printed out and that’s what the Org read. There was one flaw to our story and that was the people who were involved liked to keep their relationship secret.
    “WHAT’S THIS!?” Xemnas asked loudly, once he got the chance to talk to Julieta alone, “I HAVE HALF A MIND TO KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!”
    “Now, now! Let’s be calm about this and discuss it rationally.” Julieta said.
    “She’s right!” I burst through the door while the others fell into a heap on the floor.
    Julieta and I face-palmed at the same time.
    Axel ran over to Julieta and gave her a hug as if he’d not seen her in Thirteen years. (Can you see the irony?) Demyx and Katia also hugged each other as if they were about to be killed and Xion ran over and hugged me in fright of Larxene.
    “Why did you lot print this in the paper I asked you to write?!” Xemnas boomed in Julieta’s face.
    “She didn’t! I did!” I told him, shaking as I stood closer to Larxene and her lethal kuinis.
    “Roxas, don’t!” Xion warned, but it was too late.

    And that’s why I’m being punished but I’m not the only one! Xion said she helped so we’re both not allowed at Prom but still we have a pretty good time by ourselves anyway!

    Tell me the truth of wat u fink bout dis story n if i should change it! thnx again!
    N Yes! Xion n Roxas r kinda goin out in dis story! n dere r a few ofer relationships on dere but dere easy 2 c!
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    One was fine.

    Two was time to read the rules.

    Three must be told.

    Keep your chapters in one thread. I suggest you make a definitive thread and make it all neat, but, please. Keep your chapters in one place.
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    i was yelled at so i'm moving all of the chapters here
    this is chapter 2

    My head filled with questions; I splashed some water on my face to clear my mind. It helped. Some random lid walked into the bathroom. He looked like a freshman. I'm not sure how old I am, but if I had to guess...I'd say 16. Sixteen seemed decently appropriate. He looked at me, then ran into the stall. I figured it was time to leave, so I walked out of the bathroom. Ding-Dong-Ding The bell chimed. Must be time for class to let out. I hurried through the hallway before there would be a large crowd. The last thing I wanted was a scene...or was it?
    Before I made it completely out of the school, however, my eyes connected with the blue of someone else's. Frozen there, next to the exit door, we stared at each other. I don't know what it was that kept us there, but before I could say anything, one of her friends took her away. I watched the girl leave, then ran out the door.
    With nowhere to go in particular, since I knew I wasn't going to make it back to that park before nightfall. I wandered around this town aimlessly. I saw a “Welcome to Sharington” sign. I guess I'm in Sharington. I sat down on the grass, in front of the sign.
    Who was that girl? I don't know why, but I feel like I should know who she is. Where is Sharington? Why can't I remember anything? WHO AM I?! WHERE DID I COME FROM?!?!
    “Um...excuse me...”
    Startled by the sudden voice, I turned. It was the girl! She's standing right in front of me! Up close, I could make out distinctions about her now. The girl's face was covered in freckles. She short black hair with lavender highlights. Her hair was parted to the side making it flippy. She had on a t-shirt and a pair of holey jeans, with a unique looking belt.
    “You are the boy from school right?” She stood there staring at me. I nodded yes. “What? Are you mute? Cat got your tongue? Alright, whatever, I'll just go then.” She turned to walk away.
    “WAIT!” She stopped and turned back to face me.
    “So you can talk.” She grinned.
    “Uh, yea I can. I just...haven't spoken with anyone in awhile and you caught me off guard.”
    “You aren't from around here are you? I know everyone and I don't know you.” she just kept grinning as she stood there. I grimaced.
    “I guess not. I mean...I really wouldn't know...”
    Lifting an eyebrow she asked, “What do you mean you don't know, exactly?”
    “'s really complicated and kind of a long story.”
    She really smiled at that. “ got time. Oh! By the way, I'm Olivia. And you are?”
    “I...don't...know. Before you ask if I'm joking, let me say it's true. It's all a part of the long and complicated story.”
    “Oh, okay then. Well, get started!” Olivia waved her hands at me, signaling to start.
    I told her everything. From when I first woke up, to our first encounter at her school. She listened intently, nodding her head and chiming in responses every once-in-awhile. Her eyes widened. “Wow...that's...intense. So, you've really been living in a park, huh? That's just not acceptable! Come with me!” Olivia grabbed my hand, pulling me up off the grass and started running.
    “Where are we going?”
    “You'll see as soon as we get there!”
    Olivia seemed rather perky now as she led me by the hand running. I had no idea where we were going. I didn't remember seeing the street we were traveling on. It must have been one I didn't take earlier.
    After crossing three different streets and riding the bus for ten minutes, we were finally standing in front of a house on a dark street. We stood outside for a moment, and then Olivia jerked my hand as she started walking towards the house. There was an ominous feel towards this house with the full moon behind it. “Come on!” Olivia yelled back behind herself towards me, as she pulled me to the eerie house.
    “Where are we?” I asked, walking hand-in-hand with her toward the door.
    “Home! We have a meeting today, so I'm sure everyone is wondering where I am.” She grinned.
    “Home? We? Everyone? Huh...?” I was so confused.
    “You'll see.” She opened the door and called out, “hey everyone, sorry I'm late.” There was some grumbling in the background, but I didn't hear what was said.
    “Now, now. I'm sure Olivia has a logical explanation as to why she is late for the meeting, especially when it's at her own house this time.” The voice belonged to a girl from what I could tell.
    “Sorry Tia! To be honest, I just...lost track of time.” So my speculation about the voice belonging to a girl was correct.
    “It's all right. WE forgive you.”
    “That's so kind, of ALL of you.” Olivia chuckled at that. I wasn't quite sure what was so funny, but I heard Tia laugh too.
    “Are you bringing any snacks in here with you?” When she asked that, I remembered that I hadn't eaten all day, and my stomach made my thoughts loud and clear. The sound made Olivia giggle.
    “Are you hungry? When was the last time you ate today?” She looked at me wonderingly. The last time I ate today? That would have been right before I left this morning.
    “Early this morning,” I choked out. The lack of food was starting to kick in, and I was feeling weak. Olivia chuckled. Then she handed me what looked like......I had know clue what it was as I stared at the triangle shape. “What is it?” I asked.
    “It's pizza! You don't remember pizza? Take a bite!” She was smiling uncontrollably. I took a bite so she wouldn't stop smiling. I felt pleased seeing her smile.
    The “pizza” was amazing. I ate the slice faster and faster. I literally couldn't remember the last time I ate hot food, let alone food this good. Olivia was still smiling when she handed me something to drink. Am I really that amusing? “Here have a coke.” I took the coke quickly and drank it as fast as I could.
    “Let's go introduce you to everyone.”
    I gulped. “All-all right.”
    “It'll be fine. Don't worry.”
    She grabbed my hand again and pulled me around the corner. We went down a small hallway. There were pictures on the walls everywhere. I noticed that in one of the picture frames, there was a photograph of Olivia with the girl I saw earlier today. They were smiling widely and had their arms wrapped around each others waists. I was jerked out of my thoughts when Olivia stopped us at a door.
    “In here,” she pointed to a room around the corner. I looked at her awkwardly and she just smiled back at me. We walked around a corner into an open room. The walls were beige and two tans sofas were seated on opposite sides of the room. There was a fireplace in the corner of the room and a TV by the doorway.
    As we walked into the room, I saw five people sitting in there. There was a blond girl with long curly hair sitting on a cushion in front of the fireplace. She sighed as she watched the fire flames flicker. There were three boys, and two of them were sitting on opposite sides of one of the couches. The second girl, whom I had already seen once already today, was on the floor in front of the couch where one of the guys was sitting. He did not look like someone I would want to go up against in an arm wrestling contest. The other guy sitting on the couch looked like he should be in a skate park right now. He was wearing baggy jeans, a black t-shirt, and an over sized hat that covered his eyes. I don't think I would ever where something like that. The last guy was sitting on the other couch by himself. He was wearing a purple button-up shirt and a pair of jeans. I guess we have something in common. Not that I necessarily chose to wear a purple jacket.

    i am sooo sorry this took so long 2 be posted.
    i wuz just being very very lazy.
    i promise i wont do it again

    but as stated in the title i have a title for the story now.
    so from now on it will be going by that title not: untitled work in's wutever.
    the new title is: ZERO The Forgotten Story and i will still continue posting it as the consecutive chapter.

    for all those ppl that actually waited 4 the next chapter i thank you and u r givin a GIANT gluten-free chocolate chip cookie!
    ~now onto the story~


    “Ah-hem,” Olivia cleared her throat as we stepped farther into the room.
    “Well look who decided to finally show up.” The arm wrestling guy on the couch was the one who spoke.
    “Now Jay, leave her alone. As you can plainly see, there is an obvious reason as to why she is late.” The girl, whom I recognized, laughed and hit the guy behind her on the shin. Apparently, his name was Jay.
    Olivia chuckled too, “thanks Tia. You're so helpful.” So, Tia is the one I kept seeing. “All this is everyone. The one by the fire is Kaila. The person in front of the couch is Tia as you could have already guessed. The lug behind her is her boyfriend Jay. The lazy bum in the hat is Tripp--”
    “Hey, I take that offensively, dude!”
    “I am so sorry Tripp. Will you ever forgive me?”
    “Hmm...maybe...if you kiss me!”
    “Really? Kiss you?”
    “Just kidding! That's gross, dude! No offense.”
    “None taken. Now, the guy in purple sitting on the couch over there by himself, is Joshua. Well...that' everyone. Um...oh! Everyone, this”
    “He's the guy you were staring at, at school isn't he?” Tia winked at me after she said that. So...she noticed, eh? “So...what's you name?”
    My name? What was my name? Better yet, what is my name? Who am I and why was I in the park that night when I awoke?
    “Hello? Cat got you tongue?”
    I didn't realize until Tia spoke again, that I had started spacing out. “My name...right, my name...about that...”
    “Well, that's enough interrogation for one night! Let's move on.”
    Olivia let go of my hand as she said that. I had completely forgotten that we were holding hands until she had done that. I hate to say it, but I started blushing.
    “Oh-ho! Look who's turning redder than a tomato.” I had to make myself look away after Jay's comment.
    “Jay shut up!”
    “What?! Olivia, you two won't tell us his name, so why can't I make jokes about him?”
    “It's not that we don't wanna tell you his name, it's just that...” Olivia seemed as if she wasn't sure what to say next. Without having any other choice, I finally spoke.
    “Olivia and I haven't said my name, because I don't know it.”
    “Dude! He speaks! Wait...what? You don't know...your name? Dude, are you...all right...up here?” Tripp made a pointing gesture towards his head.
    “To be honest...I'm not sure...”
    Tia, Jay, and Tripp all said, “huh” after that.
    After waiting a moment, I ended up telling them the same things I told Olivia earlier.

    “...Wow...” that was the first time I heard Kaila speak. “That's quite the story you got there.”
    “It's true, I swear!”
    “Whatever...if Olivia seems to believe you, then I will too.”
    “Well dude, that's definitely different, you.”
    It would seem as if Tripp had a language all of his own. That language mainly consisted of the words “dude,” and apparently “yo.”
    “What do you want us to do with him, Olly?” Jay apparently had a nickname for Olivia. Olly? What a weird nickname? What does he mean by, “do with him?” He makes it sound like I'm a dog or something.
    “I was wondering if he could stay with you, Jay.”
    There was a sigh from the corner of the room. I turned and saw Joshua getting off of the couch.
    “Olivia, can I talk to you for a second?”
    “Yeah, Joshy what's up?”
    “In private?” He pointed to the door.
    “Oh! Sure.” Joshua and Olivia stepped out of the room.
    “Now you've done it.” I turned and saw Jay smirking at me.
    “Wh-what did I do?” Jay's statement left me confused.
    “Joshua barely ever talks and now he's having a conversation with Olivia, probably about you.”
    “And that's a bad thing?”
    “Let me explain,” it was Kaila this time, “Joshua has like Olivia for three years now and you two just meet and are already holding hands. How do you think that makes him feel? Plus she's doing all this work for you, even though you just met.”
    “It's not like I asked her to. She just started doing it. If it makes everyone feel better, I'll just leave. I've got a blanket waiting in a bush for me anyways.”
    They all just sat there and stared at me. Staring tends to make people feel uncomfortable, and I definitely felt it.
    I suppose now would probably be the best time to leave. I don't want to burden anyone any further, especially Olivia.
    I turned around to head towards the door. I didn't want to deal with this any longer.
    “Don't Go.” I turned back around and saw Tia getting up off of the ground.
    “Why shouldn't I go? A second ago you all wanted me to leave.”
    “That's not true. It's just...” I stood there waiting for her to respond. When she didn't, I walked out. I didn't stop until I had gotten to the front door.
    Why did I come here with her? It's clear her friends don't want me. What am I going to do now? It's too dark to try and find my way back to the town I started at. Ugh! WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER ANYTHING?!
    I opened the door to step outside. Brr, I was surprised by how chilly it was. I didn't know where to go, so I just sat huddled up on the steps for a little while.
    Where am I going to go? I don't want to go, but I don't really have a choice now. I guess I'm all alone again. You would think I would be used to it by now. Brr, my whole body started shaking from the cold. I don't know what to do anymore. I think I'm about ready to give up for good.
    I heard the clicking of the door opening and I hurried off the steps into a shrub. I didn't want anyone to find out that I was still hopelessly sitting there. From the bushes, I could hear someone walking around on the steps. Whoever that is, isn't very light on their feet.
    “Um...hey...dude,” dude, well that narrows it down, “hey if you're still here, please listen. If not, well then dude I guess I'm talking to air. Um...we don't hate you man. It's just...we're really close dude, and we don't want any of the six of us getting hurt.” Now he says something. He couldn't have said anything earlier and spared me my last shred of dignity?
    “Dude, this would be so much easier if I could see you. Please come out, man.” No chance in Hell!
    There was a pause for a moment before Tripp spoke again. “That's what I figured would happen. Suit yourself. I just want you to know, Olivia is really worried about you. Disappearing like that scared her. She won't show it though. She's way to strong to show that kind of emotion dude. But we all know her too well. She may think she's hiding the fear for you well from us, but she isn't, yo.”
    Olivia...the only person that had been truly nice to me, that I could remember. I didn't want to hurt her when she so easily accepted me. That's when I decided to finally come from behind the bushes. Tripp mad a big grin in my direction, as I walked towards the steps.
    “'Bout time you. Dude, I was starting to think I really was talking to air.”
    “ what now? It's not like I can go back in there, when everyone hates me. I didn't ask Olivia to bring me here. She did it on her own. I wasn't planning on causing issues with our little 'club.' I don't even know why I'm here. Well I know why I'm 'here' but not why I'm 'here, here.' I just want to know what I forgot. Who I am and where I'm really supposed to be right now. Why can't I remember any of it?”
    “Whoa dude, slow down and breathe.”
    I didn't realize how rile up I had gotten. I started panting as I caught my breath. The night didn't even feel cold anymore, I was that riled up. I chuckled.
    “Sorry about that.”
    “Yo dude, it's okay, you just need to relax now.”
    “Thanks, Tripp. Your actually a pretty good friend. Minus the fact that you can't speak without saying 'yo' or 'dude.'”
    “Yeah dude no problem...hey...wait a minute!”
    I started laughing. I was laughing so hard I had to hold my stomach, because I felt like it would explode. Tripp had started laughing as well.
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    i'm sorry i guess i didn't fully understand the rules but i do now.
    i've moved my chapters all to the original thread but it wont let me delete these threads so idk wut else i can do.
    for the chapter two i gave it a different topic and so it's something different but the thread title is the same...[can't change the thread title].
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    dont u love rima...even though u havent really met her though...

    i'm sorry there isn't a new chapter up yet.
    i'm hoping to have ch. 4 soon.
    i've been really buisy with a research paper and such that i havent had time to right more.
    please forgive me all my readers.

    i promise to add more as soon as possible!