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    This is a story I have thought of, but it doesnt have anything to do with Kingdom Hearts. It's a game idea.

    You play as Zero, an unknown warrior who has found his way into the derelict city of Renax. A city in the grip of the evil warlock/warrior Tyrax. Who has cast darkness over the world and filled it with these creatures called Omeins. As Zero you must fight your way through the streets and underground of Renax and reach the Tower of Torment, where Tyrax and his elite warriors reside.

    The game works alot like Kingdom Hearts, but there is no command menu. You gain experience points with every enemy you kill. When you gain a new level you receive a mechanism, special abilities which you can equip to your current weapon to help in the battlefield. Zero can also gain 'Gigas' attacks, which cause tremendous amounts of damage to the enemy. However insetad of pressing one button and watching a cutscene you must quickly enter in button sequences in order to make the moves more powerful.

    I'm very passionate when it comes to boss battles in games. I always ned a good boss. So heres my list of the bosses in the game in the order you fight them.

    1. Ground Stalker - A giant Omein, he can create shockwaves just by walking and can jump into the air to create a earthquake when he lands. Jump on his back and attack his weak point.

    2. Seln - One of Tyrax's warriors. She controls these two scythes and can make them fly anywhere and attack anyone using just her will. Knock down both the scythes and she will become vulnerable to your attacks.

    3. Lost Warrior - An undead warrior who sold his soul to Deadheart in order to become more powerful. He weilds a huge mace that can deal alot of damage. Destroy the mace. Then destroy his armour.

    4. Zack - One of Tyrax's warriors. He uses only his fists in battle, however this doesn't put him at a disadvantage. The very speed of his attacks and his incredible agility make him a dangerous opponent. Find a way too slow him down in order to damage him.

    5. Relik - Guardian of the underground part of Renax. He uses a greande/multi mechanism gun combination in order to fight off unwanted visitors. Disable his gun in order to get close enough to damage him.

    6. Unknown - An unknown enemy who is covered completely in a dark mist so his identity isn't revealed. He attacks with twin swords and is very fast. It is impossible to defeat him, so it doesn't matter if you die in this battle.

    7. Grim - A ghost weilding a strange, double sided axe. He is invulnerable to your attacks so you must find another way to harm him.

    8. Seln (part 2) - This time round Seln also attacks herself whilst her scythes are flying around the room. She has some powerful melee and magic attacks and moves very fast. This time round she won't have a shield so you won't need to knock down the scythes in order to hurt her.

    9. Fein - Another one of Tyrax's warriors. Fein is a powerful warlock and never attacks up close, instead uses his magic from a platform suspended away from the main arena. In order to damage him you will ned to destroy the support chains holding up his platform then attack when he gets on to the main arena.

    10. Necrophiar - A huge demon capable of extremely powerful attacks. However he is very slow, inabling you to run around to his back and attack his tail, causing him to become stunned and fall to the ground. At that time you should run up on to his back and attack the spike, his only weak point.

    11. Alixia - One of Tyraxs' warriors. She is a master of illusions, and can create a dream world that allows her to confuse and attack Zero, In order to get out of the dream world you must attack the many orbs that appaear in random places, though be aware that whilst in the dream world you will be taking constant damage. Once out of it Alixia will be open for attack. Outside of the dream world she has a number of attacks, such as creating mid air explosions and fire pillars.

    12. Fein (part 2) - This time round Fein is alot stronger in close combat, seeing as there is no platform for him to hide on. He controls a number of huge chains that are scattered around the room, and will command these to either crush or wrap themselves around Zero. He also has a number of new melee and magic attacks.

    13. Deadheart - An undead servant to Tyrax, he can create a number of horendous creatures in order to aid him in the battle. He is slow but can teleport around the room. Allowing him to launch sneak attacks against Zero. He uses mainly darkness attacks and is a very powerful opponent.

    14. Tyrax
    15. Tyrax (part 2)
    16. Gigas