Zexion's Lost Book 2 (Chapter 1)

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  1. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
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    Oh Gawd...Here we go again!!! This time..it shall be longer! Anyways,let's just get started,shall we?

    Zexion's Lost Book 2
    Chapter 1
    ~Zexion's Hunt For His Book~

    ~2 Weeks After His Book Was Stolen By Demyx~

    Zexion was sleeping on his bed. He had a LONG day yesterday. Let's just say...NO world is ready for Zexion hyper with a chainsaw...

    The morning sunshine caressed Zexion's face. He slowly opened his eyes. 'Ugh...must I wake up..?' He questioned in his mind.

    He slowly sat up,and yawned. He looked to his left,at the side table,and saw nothing on it. That was where his book always was...

    He sat there staring at the spot with dull eyes for a few minutes. He then growled. 'Demyx took it again,didn't he??!!!' He thought,seething with anger.

    He quickly stood up,got changed,and stormed out of his room,and down the hall...

    ~Music Room~

    He aproched the door,hearing the radio playing Enter Sandman. 'Yeah,I'M his nightmare...' Zexion thought.

    He opened the door,and saw Demyx sitting in a chair next to the radio,singing along with the song. He hadn't noticed Zexion standing in the doorway. Zexion slowly and soundlessly snuck up to The Melodius Nocturne..

    Demyx was singing. "Take my hand,we're off to Never Never La-"


    Zexion puched Demyx off the top of his head. Demyx jumped up out of his seat,and spun around to face Zexion.

    "What did you do THA-" Demyx was cut off by Zexion grabbing him by the throat.

    "HAND. OVER. MY. BOOK." He said,with each word,his grip tightened.

    "I..don't...know!!" Demyx choked out.

    "Oh,right. And Hallow Bastion is a flowery pink paridise! I don't think so." Zexion said,his voice growing low and dangerous.

    "I'm..not cra..zy..enough..to mess with..your Book..anymore!!" Demyx choked out.

    Zexion examined his eyes,seeing that they were true. He released his hand,and Demyx panted violently,holding his neck.

    "So,if you didn't take it,who did?" Zexion asked,crossing his arms.

    "How should I know? I can only keep track of my Sitar." Demyx said,straightening the collar of his cloak.

    Zexion stormed out of the room,without another word as Demyx resumed singing. He walked down the hall. 'So,who do I question next?' He wondered,walking down the hall.

    ~Living Room~

    He walked into the living room,to see Roxas and Axel watching Death Note. Zexion walked over to the t.v.,and pulled the plug.

    "HEY!!! I wanted to see who was going to die!!" Roxas yelled.

    "THAT was a kind thing of you to say. So,what? Did you take my Book to kill people? Your Superiors?" Zexion asked,walking up to the 2. "You know what I think? I think you better hand over the Book RIGHT NOW,or else..." Zexion said,in a low voice.

    "What? I didn't touch your Book..." Roxas said.

    "Right. And that's why I don't have it in my hand. Sorry,I didn't know it cloaked itself.." Zexion said sarcastically.

    "Look,neither of us have your Book. Got It Memorized?" Axel said.

    Zexion stood there a moment. 'Vexen??' He thought.

    He walked back down the hall,in search of the lab...


    Zexion snagged his wallet,and took his KeyCard out. Zexion,Vexen,Saiix,and Xemnas are the only ones to have KeyCards that lead into the lab. Why? Because EVERY other member has destroyed SOMETHING in there,otherwise...

    Zexion slipped the KeyCard through the slot on the wall. It caused the door to automatically slide open. He stepped through.

    The room had bookcases lining the walls,there were a few random tables with weird equipment resting on them,and random machines lining the walls,in this dimly lit room.

    Zexion walked in,and walked down to the back of the lab. Vexen was sitting at a table,fiddling with a busted machine. Zexion walked up behind him.

    "So,you took my Book?" Zexion asked,kinda surprised by it. Vexen avoided conflict as much as possible...

    Vexen looked up at Zexion. "No. I haven't touched it,am not touching it,and never will touch your Book,okay?" He asked. "And I don't know where it could be,either..." He added.

    Zexion sighed,and slowly walked out. "So,WHO THE HELL TOOK MY BOOK??!!!" He yelled. He thought Demyx would have,he was sure. But he knows true eyes when he sees them..

    Zexion started to walk down the hall,when he tripped. He landed face-first on the ground. He slowly got on his knees,and looked at his foot,to see a root. That root,was sticking out of a crack in Marly's door.

    Zexion stood up,and opened Marly's door,to see something INSANE...

    Marly's room was COVERED in roots. The roots were attached to a LARGE Nobody Rose...sitting on his bed. Zexion's jaw dropped. "MY BOOK HAS THIS SUMMON!!! MARLY STOLE MY BOOK!!!!" He yelled,grabbing his head.

    Zexion backed up,considering that Nobody Roses release a poisonous pollen,that can kill an untreated Nobody in 5 hours. He then ran down the hall.

    "Marluxia!! Where are you??! YOUR DEAD MEAT WHEN I FIND YOU!!!" He yelled,charging through the halls...


    Zexion opened the doors into the library,to see Xigbar sitting at a table,TRYING to teach himself how to read...

    Zexion walked up to him. "Braig! Where's Marluxia?" He asked.

    Xigbar looked up at Zexion. "I don't know. Why? What's the matter,little dude?" He asked,leaning back in his chair.

    "Xigbar,Marly has my-" Zexion cut himself off as flowerpetals suddenly fell from the ceiling. They drifted down,and covered EVERYTHING. "Book..." Zexion finished.

    "Uhh..what's the point of that spell..??" Xigbar asked.

    "I..don't know.." Zexion said,just as clueless as Xiggy.

    "Umm..Zexion? This word here is good..right?" Xigbar asked,pointing to a word in the book he was TRYING to read.

    Zexion looked at it. "No..that word is Fail,Xigbar..." He said,kinda feeling bad for the clueless Nobody he had know for years...

    Xigbar shoved the book off the table,and put his head down on it. "I give up.." He said,sighing.

    Zexion sighed and shook his head. He then walked out of the library,and down the hall. 'I'll chack on him later,not now though...I have to find Marly,now...' He thought. He started to run down the hall..


    Zexion slammed into someone,and landed on the floor. He looked up to see Saiix.

    "What's your problem..?" Saiix asked,giving Zexion a quizzical look.

    Zexion stood up. "Where's Marly??!!!" He asked.

    "He said something about going into town..why?" Saiix asked slowly.

    "Nevermind!" Zexion said. He ran past Saiix,headed for the front doors....

    ~The World That Never Was/Town~

    Zexion ran through the town,in search of The Graceful Assasin. The wind was lightly flowing as the dim light covered the sky..

    "Hi,Zexy!! How are you??" Came Marly's voice from above.

    Zexion stopped,and looked up. Marly was sitting onto of a roof,Sythe slung over his shoulder,and Zexion's Book in his left hand.

    "YOU took it!!" Zexion yelled.

    "Yeah? So what?? I don't care! I can't STAND the Flower Power jokes anymore. This way,I won't be pushed around anymore!!" Marly yelled.

    "Yeah,so what about me?? What does that make me??!!!" Zexion yelled.

    "That makes YOU Flower Power!!!" Marly yelled,tossing his Sythe down to Zexion.

    Zexion caught it in one hand. "NO WAY!!! That Book is MINE!!!" He yelled.

    "Oh yeah? So,come and take it." Marly said,crossing his arms. "Now I'M the Graceful Schemer. And YOUR the Cloaked Assasin." He said.

    Zexion stared at him for a couple of minutes. "Are you drunk???" He asked.

    "No,I'm not putting up with annoyances is all. Now,will you deal with this,or will you fight me?" Marly asked.

    "Well..what do YOU think,FLOWER POWER FOR LIFE!!!" Zexion yelled.

    "Oh,your going DOWN!!!" Marly yelled. He then jumped down,and stood infront of Zexion. "You ready to fry?" Marly asked.

    "No,I think your ready to feel..uhh..um..." Zexion said,trying to come up with SOME kind of cool line...

    "See? You can't even come up with a cool line!!!" Marly said.

    "Oh here's one! Taste the rath of FLOWER POWER!!! Or how abou-" Zexion was cut off.

    "SHUT UP!!!" Marly yelled. "Let's just fight already!!" He yelled.

    "Please." Zexion asked.

    They stared eachother down,ready to fight...

    HA!! The next chapter will have the fight. It shall be interesting,no?

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    Anyways,what do you think of the story so far? If you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it!! Got It Memorized? Thanks!!!
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    Why do you always say Xigbar can't read? XD;

    Much nicer, by the way... =3

    *flashes you a thumbs up*

    *is le-tired* -_- Nyeghhhh.... *goes to bed*
  3. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    YAYS! Thanks!! And in one of my stories,I'll probly have Vexen teach him or something,lol.
  4. Axel's#1fangirl Kingdom Keeper

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    Coolio :) Can't wait for the fight! :D
  5. Zexion of the Twilight The conflicts within my priorities....

    Mr. Flower-power has gone insane!
  6. Reoy Hollow Bastion Committee

    Mar 31, 2007
    Knott's berry farm lol i wish
    o gawd zexion seems to really care about books -_- god marly is a jerk i feel sorry for xiggy maybe he should start off a kids book to learn to read marly is definatly drunk actually hes the graceful dumb@$$

    go kick his flower @$$ zexion

    by the way i think this one is better than zex's lost book 1
  7. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
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    lol. Thanks guys. I have an idea for the end of the next chapter. Hehehe...
  8. Sce13 Banned

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    AHHHHHHHH! another story that I have come to know and love! lol
  9. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    Hehe..thanks! I'll get then next chapter up in a small while,so no worries!! Thanks again you guys!!