Zexion's Lost Book 2 (Chapter 4)

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  1. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
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    This chapter is short,I'm sorry. The next one I'll make MUCH longer,so No Worries!!

    Zexion's Lost Book
    Chapter 4
    ~The Chase (Part 2)!!!~

    ~Sparring Room~

    Zexion opened the door to the Sparring Room,and walked through. Lexaus was sitting on the floor reading Zexion's Book. Zexion walked infront of him.

    "I thought you didn't read Books that are 100 pages or more?" Zexion said,giving him a quizzical look.

    "Shh! I'm busy now." Lexaus said,quickly flipping through the Book pages.

    "What?? What are you looking for???" Zexion asked,knowing SOMETHING must be wrong..

    "SHHH!!! I don't have much time!!" Lexaus said,almost ripping a page in the Book.

    Zexion sighed. "Will you stop for 5 SECONDS??!!!" Zexion yelled,REALLY annoyed.

    Lexaus stopped flipping the pages,and snapped his head up at Zexion. "HE'LL KILL ME!!!" He yelled.

    "Who??" Zexion asked.

    "XEMNAS!!! WHO DO YOU THINK??! PETER PAN??!!!" Lexaus yelled.

    "Why???" Zexion asked.

    "BECAUSE I BROKE HIS PS2 AND i'M NOT EDWARD ELRIC!!!!!" Lexaus yelled.

    "So,basically you need a spell to repair it,right??" Zexion asked.

    "Yeah.." Lexaus said.

    "Give me my Book!!" Zexion yelled,snagging the Book out of Lexaus's hand. He quickly flipped through the pages. He stopped on a page.

    "You'll repair it??!" Lexaus asked.

    "Uhh..duh??" Zexion said. He teleported into Xemnas's Room. He walked up to the PS2 on the table that had a tv,a stereo,a DVD player,a game cube,a cable box,and a smashed PS2 on the table.

    Zexion held up his Book. "In the madness of tonight..let this PS2 be healed right." He said.

    Blinding light encased the PS2,and when the light faded,the PS2 was back together.

    Zexion then teleported back to Lexaus's side. "Happy?" Zexion asked.

    Lexaus hugged him. "THANK YOU!!!" He yelled.

    Lexaus's grip on Zexion was too tight,and he was suffocating the poor Cloaked Schemer. Zexion tried to struggle free of Lexaus,but Lexaus was too strong.

    "Thank you!! Thank you,thankyouthankyouthankyou!!! Thank you!!!" Lexaus kept saying.

    Zexion finally got so annoyed,he kicked Lexaus's shin.

    Lexaus dropped Zexion on the floor,and backed up. "OWW!! WHY'D YOU DO THAT??!!" Lexaus asked.

    Zexion looked up at him,breathing deeply and holding his neck. "You were choking my,you dope!!!" He yelled.

    "I was..?" Lexaus stupidly asked.

    Zexion huffed angrilly. "Uhh..DUH!!" He said.

    Zexion stood up,dusted himself off,and glared at Lexaus. "What??! I'm sorry!!" Lexaus said.

    Zexion sighed and teleported back into his room. He put the Book on the side table,and sat on the bed. 'Why must everyone want my Book..?' He questioned in his mind. 'They can deal with THEIR OWN powers and weapons!!'

    He stood up,and walked over to his door,he was about to lock it-

    He suddenly got smacked aside by the door. One of the Organization members,wearing their hood,ran over to the side table,grabbed his Book,and ran out as Zexion got up. He growled and ran out the door after the theif...


    He slammed into someone,and fell backwards on the ground. He opened his eyes to see Xigbar standing there.

    "What's wrong,little dude??" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion stood up. "That guy!! Where'd he go???!" Zexion asked.

    Xigbar pointed down the hall. "That way..why?" He said.

    "Because that guy stole my Book!!!" Zexion yelled.

    "Calm down,little dude...We'll catch him." Xigbar said.

    "Alright,so com'on!!" Zexion said.

    The 2 Nobodies ran down the hall. The theif was charging faster then the 2...

    "How do we catch up to him??" Zexion asked.

    Xigbar then let an evil grin slide across his face. "Like THIS!!" He yelled.

    Xigbar grabbed Zexion by his hood. He spun in a circle,and threw the dazed Zexion straight at the theif..


    Zexion slammed right into the theif. He landed on top of the theif,their hood pulled back in the chaos. Zexion looked down,and saw it was Vexen!

    "VEXEN!!! Wha-what the hell did YOU steal my Book for??!!!" Zexion yelled.

    Vexen impatiently tapped his fingers on the ground,glaring up at Zexion. "I will...but first..HOW ABOUT YOU GET OFF ME??!!!" Vexen yelled.

    "Oh...that's a goiod idea..actually..." Zexion said,still somewhat dazed and angry. He stood up,and Vexen stood.

    Xigbar walked over to the 2. Zexion struck a thoughtful pose,and Vexen crossed his arms.

    "Alright..a machine I've made has messed up...It keeps cloning..uhhh...." Vexen started to say.

    "It cloned..?" Zexion asked slowly.

    "Bunnies..." Vexen said.

    Xigbar and Zexion stared at him. "Bunnies???" Xigbar asked.

    Vexen looked down. "Yes..." He muttered.

    Xigbar covered his mouth,laughing. "BUNNIES??!!!" Zexion asked. He started to laugh,too.

    Vexen looked up. "SHUT UP!!! BUNNIES ARE SCARY!!!!" Vexen yelled,blushing.

    Zexion and Xigbar stopped laughing,and stared at eachother. "Scary???" They said in synch. They both started to laugh even harder.

    Vexen glared. "And WHO'S Book do I still have?" He said.

    Zexion immediatly shut up. He elbowed Xigbar in the ribs,causing him to stop,too.

    "So,I presume you want my help,then?" Zexion asked.

    "Yes. Help me,and you shall get your Book back." He said.

    "Alright,lets go..." Zexion said.

    Vexen nodded and walked ahead. Zexion and Xigbar looked at eachother,and started to walk down the hall. They whispered and snickered as they walked...

    Once again,not the longest chapter in the worlds..sorry...

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    Anyways,you know the drill. I'm sick of typing it. If you have anything you want to ask or say,please post it! Thanks!!
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    The internet! Duh!

    Reminds me of "everybody Hates Chris" XD

    The dad was scared of bunnies, too. XDDDDDDDDDD

    I wonder what Vexxy does for Easter...? O.o;
  3. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    lol. Think I should do a Vexen's Easter type thing or something?
  4. Axel's#1fangirl Kingdom Keeper

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    when you said bunnies, i immediatelty thought of monty pyhon and the holy grail XD awesome! :)
  5. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
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    Yays!!! People like this chapter!! I thought it wouldn't be liked,either...Cool!!
  6. Reoy Hollow Bastion Committee

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    lmao those parts r so funny XD i loved it i wish i could snatch that ps2 from my house i jus got the kh2 game and i have no ps2 cause someone borrowed it and it s gonna take a long time until he gives it back to me I love this chapter
  7. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    Aw,I feel bad that you can't play your PS2...But,thanks. This story is...interesting to wrtie...