Zexion's Lost Book 2 (Final Chapter!!!)

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  1. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
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    The Final Chapter is up!! I REALLY hope this one's good, anyways...

    Zexion's Lost Book 2
    Chapter 6
    ~The Cloaked Schemer V.S. The Melodius Nocturne~

    Zexion barreled down the hall after the theif. He was RIGHT behind him. The theif then stopped, causing Zexion to ram right into him. They both fell on the ground, Zexion ontop of him. Zexion groaned as he looked doan. The theif's hood was pulled back to reveal Demyx.

    "AHA!! YOU TOOK IT!!!" Zexion yelled, just waiting for it to happen once more.

    Demyx glared up at The Cloaked Schemer. "I just want to learn Teleport!!" He yelled.

    "Shut up and give it! You stole it from me..TWICE!!!" Zexion yelled.

    Demyx chuckeled. "Lighten up.." He said.

    Zexion punched Demyx in the face, receiving an ow and a glare from him. Zexion's glare matched perfectly. "Why won't you bloody GIVE UP?!!" Zexion yelled.

    Demyx sighed. "We don't have this kind of power....how can we NOT want it..?" Demyx muttered.

    "One thing you should learn..I CAN'T use all of the spells in this thing. There are spells that would drain me so fast, I'd IMMEDIATLY fade. Got it? If you don't know what the hell your doing, you'll die!!!" Zexion yelled.

    Demyx sighed. "Get off and I'll give you your stupid Book.." He said.

    Zexion stood and helped The Melodius Nocturne stand. Demyx handed Zexion his Book back. "Thank you." Zexion said. He turned around and started to walk away from Demyx.

    "Yeah right.." Zexion heard Demyx mutter.

    Suddenly, Zexion was hit HARD in the back by something, causing him to fall foward on the ground. He rolled over to see Demyx looming over him, Sitar in hand.

    "I WILL have that Book!!" Demyx said sternly.

    Zexion chuckeled. "Yeah, we'll see about that.." He said. He stood up and held out his hand. "Hell's abyss, give me what I ask. Something that will save me from Death, and yet bares the Death sign. Hell's Sythe!!" He said.

    Darkness formed the shape of a Sythe in his hand. The darkness slowly slipped away, revealing a brilliant wooden handle attached to a REALLY long gleaming silver blade of Darkness. Zexion made his Book dissappear into the Darkness, and held his Sythe with his right hand. He propped the Sythe on his right shoulder. "Bring it on, Water Boy..." Zexion said.

    Demyx charged foward, Zexion charged as well. Demyx swiped the Sitar at Zexion's side. Zexion teleported behind Demyx and kicked him in the back. Demyx fell foward, then suddenly spun around and kicked Zexion in the face. Zexion swiped his blade at Demyx, and Demyx JUST evaded it by jumping back.

    "Heh. What's the matter Cloaked Stupid??" Demyx taunted.

    Zexion wipped off his cheek. He then charged foward and clashed Sythe to Sitar in a diagonal slash. Zexion then spun, the Sitar connected with his left shoulder,but his Sythe connected with Demyx's left side.

    "Give up NOW, Nocturne?" Zexion asked.

    Demyx gritted his teeth in pain, then smacked his Sitar into Zexion's neck. Zexion yelled out in pain and lowered his Sythe to his side. Demyx walked up to Zexion, made his Sitar dissappear, and grabbed his cloak's collar. He hoisted The Cloaked Schemer up above the ground. Zexion grabbed Demyx's hand and tried to pry his fingers off his collar.

    "Heh..who's going to get the Book now?" Demyx asked rottenly.

    Zexion growled. He dropped his Sythe on the ground, and it disintagrated. He then quickly took the glove off his right hand, and dug his nails into Demyx's wrist. Demyx grwled in pain,then suddenly grabbed Zexion's neck with one hand, then doing the same with his other. He gripped tightly, not enough to suffocate, just enough to hold on.

    Zexion growled. He then took his other glove off and dug both of his hands' nails into Demyx's wrists. Demyx growled in pain louder.

    "I won't let you have my Book!!" Zexion yelled.

    "Give it up, emo kid!!" Demyx yelled back.

    "NEVER!!!" Zexion yelled.

    Demyx then gripped Zexion's neck MUCH tighter, suffocating him. Zexion grabbed Demyx's hands and pulled. He was slightly lightening the grip, but not by much.

    "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT HERE??!!!" Came the yell of The Superior.

    Demyx immediatly dropped Zexion on the floor. Zexion then leg sweeped Demyx, causing him to fall on the floor next to him. They both stared up at The Superior, who stood infront of them, arms crossed and glaring.

    "What the hell is your PROBLEM??!!!" The Superior yelled, REALLY annoyed...

    Zexion and Demyx looked at eachother quietly. Zexion rubbed the back of his neck nervously, then turned his head twords Xemnas. "Demyx took my Book..." He said quietly.

    Xemnas's glare sharpened. "FIRST you two unleash a swarm of Mouse Heartless, infected with lice, around the castle. Then you two Destroy 3 floors of Castle Oblivion in a Dance Off. NOW you two diturb me, and try to kill eachother!!! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU TWO??!!!" Xemnas yelled.

    Saiix then walked into the hall from around the corner. "Xemnas? Are you comming back to bed or-" He cut himself off as he saw Zexion and Demyx sitting there.

    Zexion and Demyx's jaws dropped. "What the??!!!" They yelled in synch.'

    Demyx stood up quickly. "Marly HAS to hear THIS one!!!" He yelled. He then ran down the hall, laughing like a lunatic.

    Zexion was too grossed out and stunned to get up. He just sat there, staring blankly. Xemnas then grabbed Saiix's hand, and the two bolted. Xemnas yelled back. "IF YOU TELL ANYONE, I'LL CUT OFF YO-" Then there was a slam of a door.

    Zexion sat there...totally stunned. He then curled up into a ball, and slowly rocked back and forth.

    "...Little Dude..?" Came the voice of Xigbar next to him.

    Zexion slowly looked up and stopped rocking. "Xigbar..?" He asked.

    Xigbar grabbed Zexion's arm, and lifted him off the ground. "Are you okay?" He asked, worried.

    Zexion was still dazed. "Uhh...no. I'm going to go..have therepy from Xaldin now..." He said and staggered off down the halls. Zexion may have had his Book, but he wasn't okay in the head from this day....

    Yeah..the story sucked. The End.

    So, if you guys have anything you'd like to say, ask, or comment on, feel free!! Thank you!!!

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  2. Near Gummi Ship Junkie

    Jan 8, 2007
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    The story did NOT suck! XD that last part was insanely funny! Nice job!
  3. ThunderOfLarxene Gummi Ship Junkie

    Apr 2, 2007
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    haha omg loved it, no way did it suck, loved the xemnas and saix bit, hilarious :D
  4. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    YAYS!!! This chapter DEFINATLY trashed the others!!
  5. zexionXienzo6 Traverse Town Homebody

    Apr 20, 2007
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    HAH! I found it funny when Saix and Xemnas were sleeping together and Zexion was rolling back and forth!
  6. Axel's#1fangirl Kingdom Keeper

    Feb 14, 2007
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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! That was awesome!!!


    Great story! :D

    The last ch was HYSTERICAL! XD
  7. Nanaki Broken in six places

    Dec 18, 2006
    At a computer desk.
    DANG!! I'm glad you guys liked it!! Hmm...I'm trying to think of my next story to start soon....
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