Zexion's Memories Chapter 2

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    In darkness, with Riku
    Chapter 2

    “Zexion? Can you hear me?†he heard Axel say…
    “Please talk to us…†he heard Roxas beg…

    “Zexion…I’m here to protect you…†he heard a voice say. Zexion immediately opened his eyes and yelled.


    “Whoa dude…she isn’t here…†Axel said quickly as Zexion started breathing heavily.
    Zexion looked around and saw his self in his room…Axel and Roxas were both sitting down beside his bed, where he was lying.
    “I heard her. Wha….Where is my book at?†he asked quickly as he looked around.

    “What do you need it for?†Roxas asked. Zexion looked at Roxas

    “It may tell me what’s going on…â€

    “It’s in the library, I’ll go get it,†Roxas said. HE got up from his seat and out of the room… Once he got it…he walked on his way back…but instead…did something else.

    A few more stair cases away from Zexion’s room, he saw Trixie.

    She was standing, facing him from the hallway.

    “Roxas, are you my friend?†she asked in a sweet eerie voice. Her voice echoed.

    Roxas’s eyes went from aqua blue, to pale blue. He dropped the book, stood straight up and

    “I’ll be your friend…†Roxas said in a monotone voice.

    Trixie smiled. She walked over and whispered something in Roxas’s ear…then disappeared into a WHITE corridor.

    Roxas’s eyes went back to normal…HE felt, different…not the same…like someone had taken over his body…forcing him…

    Roxas grabbed the book that he dropped, then headed on back to Zexion’s room…

    “What took ya so long?†Axel asked,

    “I…don’t know…†Roxas said. He looked at Zexion and handed him back his book…

    “Thanks Roxas…†Zexion said.
    Roxas got a glimpse of Zexion, then remembered what Trixie said.

    *Flash back*

    Trixie walked over and whispered in Roxas’s ear…

    “Kill Zexion…â€

    *End Flashback*

    Roxas’s eye’s went back to pale blue…Axel was the first to notice.

    “Roxas...what’s wrong with your eyes?†Axel asked pointing at them.

    Roxas looked at Axel.

    “Kill Zexion…†he repeated.

    “What?†Axel questioned.

    Roxas pushed Axel down on the ground and turned around to run on top of Zexion. Roxas started strangling him…
    “Roxas get off!†Zexion yelled. Zexion tried and tried to push Roxas off him… Zexion looked into his eyes…They were pale blue… Axel got up and pulled Roxas off Zexion…
    “WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU?†Axel screamed. Roxas shut his eyes, and started to calm down…

    “Trixie has him under the siren!†Zexion yelled.
    Roxas opened his eyes and felt completely weak…He lied in Axel’s arms, halfway standing up, drowsy. Roxas had one hand on his forehead and the other down by his side.

    “Trixie…won’t leave me alone!†Roxas yelled. Zexion got out his book and flipped through a few pages…he stopped at read aloud…

    “Siren spell was cast for you…now look back and begin anew…search for the stars, search the light…bring Roxas, back to us tonight…â€

    Roxas got a quick and sharp pain in his chest…
    “AHH!†he yelled pulling his hand to his chest. Axel was still supporting him… Another white Corridor popped up…

    “That’s the free will corridor!†Zexion yelled.
    Trixie was thrown out of it. She hit the ground.

    “Roxas...aren’t you my friend?†she asked reaching her hand through… Zexion grabbed her arm and pulled her up…

    “You triekill me!â€

    “JUST SO YO CAN BE WITH ME AGAIN!†she yelled. She created another corridor, only this time, it was red…DARK red…

    “Come with me…†she said pulling Zexion…
    “NO! LET GO!†Zexion yelled. Axel and Roxas tried pulling Zexion back with them, but Trixie forced Zexion in…leaving the others behind.

    “ZEXION!†Axel yelled while extending his arm where the corridor entrance was…
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    ooo nooo i want to find out what happened to zexion, i was getting so into it i didnt even realised it finished haha

    great chapter :D

    OOh!! Very fantastical! Keep Going!