Zexion's Will (Chapter 22)

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    Okay,I'm going to try to make this one more detailed!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 22
    ~Another Chaotic Night..Oh Gawd...~

    The 13 Nobodies appeared in the Grand Entrance of The Castle That Never Was. They formed a circle.

    "So,how do we find Sephiroth?" Xaldin asked.

    "First,I suggest we sleep. We can't fight tired.." Vexen said.

    "I SO agree..." Demyx said. Marly nodded.

    "Fine,let's rest up. We leave early tommorrow." Xemnas said.

    Everyone nodded. The group broke up,each Nobody going their own way,down different halls. Zexion,Xigbar,and Vexen stood there.

    Zexion crossed his arms and looked at Vexen. "I thought you said you were tired?" He asked.

    Vexen nodded. "I am. I have a favor to ask of you,though.." Vexen said.

    Zexion sighed. "What?" He asked.

    "I need you to get a book from the Library." Vexen said.

    Zexion snickered. "To old to be walking around,eh?" He asked.

    "Respect your elders,cretin.." Vexen said,glaring at The Cloaked Schemer.

    "Hmm...I wonder what Luxord would say if he knew your age..." Zexion said. He looked into it,and after a lot of fighting and trouble,he found out Vexen's true age.

    Vexen suddenly grabbed Zexion by his arms. "DON'T TELL ANYONE!!!" He yelled,rather loudly.

    "I won't tell..if you respect me. Zexion said. Vexen nodded. "Good. You can start respecting..BY LETTING GO!!" Zexion suddenly yelled.

    Vexen let go and jumped back. "I'm sorry!!" Vexen said.

    "Whatever. Now,what book did you want...old-timer?" Zexion questioned rudely.

    Vexen glared. "It's called The Book Of Ice...emo kid." Vexen said,also rudely.

    Zexion nodded. "Yeah,I'll go get it." He said. He started tword the Library.

    Vexen walked off tword his room. And Xigbar? Xigbar had just been laughing at the two. He followed Zexion...


    Zexion opened the double doors leading into The Library. He walked through the dimly lit room,and over to the bokshelves along the back walls. He walked over to the section with magic books,stopped infront of it,and started to scan the books with his eyes. Xigbar had followed him,and stood behind him,also looking the books over.

    "Zexion? Is it there?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion suddenly grabbed a book and picked it up off the shelf. He looked at the cover. It was light blue and had the words "The book of ice" on it. "I'm guessing this is the book." Zexion said.

    He quietly walked over to one of square the wooden tables in the center of The Library. He placed the book on it,and sat down in a chair. Xigbar followed him,and sat in the chair next to his own.

    "So,is this book like yours?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion looked up at The Freeshooter and smirked. "NO Book is like mine." He said.

    Zexion opened The Book Of Ice. There were spells listed in the same way that they were in Zexion's Book. It was open to a page with three spells. The Frost Bite Spell,the Icecycle Gattal,and the Icecycle Gattal Quick Recharge spells were listed.

    "So..do you have any of these spells?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion stared at the book for a few minutes. "I have these spells." Zexion finnaly said.

    "Are there any spells you don't have?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion flipped to the front page of the Book. "Speed Read." He said. He then grabbed the pages,flipped through them quickly,and looked over at Xigbar. "No." He said.

    Xigbar pouted. "How can you read??! I..I don't like that. You can read faster then me..." Xigbar said upset.

    Zexion chuckled. "Get over it Xigbar. Go to school or something.." Zexion said.

    Xigbar dropped his head. "I can't read.." He said again.

    "Yeah..we've established this in our minds,Braig.." Zexion said,kinda annoyed. He looked over at his friend. "Look..I could ask Roxas to teach you later,okay?" Zexion offered.

    Xigbar looked up at The Clocked Schemer. "Why won't you??" He asked.

    Zexion sighed and entangled his fingeres in his hair,annoyed. REALLY annoyed. "Braig.." He growled out. "Do something yourself for once.." He said.

    Zexion was somewhat tapping into his older self. There was a time when he was a cold,Heartless jerk...like his father..


    Zexion was in the Library,in The World That Never Was. He was sitting ontop of the fattest book case,reading The Book Of Mirages. Xigbar walked into the library. He walked infront of the book case Zexion sat ontop of. (The ceiling is REALLY high.)

    "Hey!! Zex!" Xigbar called.

    Zexion stared at his Book. He heard Xigbar,but he didn't care. He only cared of one thing...Kingdom Hearts.

    "ZEXION!!" Xigbar yelled.

    Zexion flipped the page in his Book. He still ignored The Freeshooter.

    "Zexion..???" Xigbar called.

    Zexion finally looked up from his Book. Xigbar had his head down,staring at the ground. "Go away..you half witted *******..." Zexion said quietly.

    Xigbar snapped his head up,his golden eyes dim. "Zex-"

    "Shut the hell up and leave me alone,*****" Zexion said louder,glarring.

    Xigbar glared back. "Why are yo-" Cut off again.

    Zexion pointed to the door. "GET OUT!!!" Zexion roared.

    Xigbar jumped back in surprise. He then dropped his head,and slowly shook it. "What the hell happened to my friend?" Xigbar asked. He turned and start twords the door,but stopped. He glanced back,then walked through...

    ~Switch FlashBack~

    Zexion was on a balcony on a higher floor,in The Castle That Never Was. He stared out at Kingdom Hearts in the starry sky. He heard the door behind him slid open,then closed.

    Suddenly,a gun was pressing lightly on the side of his neck. "Zexion...you will die...." Came harsh words from behind him.

    Zexion closed his eyes and sighed. "I won't die to your sniper,Freeshooter..." Zexion whispered.

    "As If!! You deserve this. After what you did to my mother!!!" Xigbar said angrilly.

    Zexion chuckled. "Stop acting as though you care..." He said evily.

    The gun pressed a little harder against his neck. "You don't deserve Kingdom Hearts...You deserve to PERISH!!!" Xigbar yelled.

    "Xigbar..." Zexion said.

    "I'm not finished. You take lives now like they don't matter. YOU AREN'T MY FRIEND ANYMORE!!!!" Xigbar yelled.

    Zexion's mind was a mess at this point. He couldn't fully understand what Xigbar said. "Xig-"

    "SHUT UP!!!" Xigbar yelled. Zexion heard a click,meaning Xigbar was slightly pulling on the trigger. "You've changed!! You could care less about me!! Did you even care??! No...YOU NEVER CARED!!!!!" Xigbar yelled.

    Zexion didn't know what to do...

    "Why...why do you want me to hurt?!!! I don't get it!! WHAT THE HELL DID I EVER DO TO YOU??!!!" Xigbar yelled.

    Zexion dropped his head,relizing what Xigbar said. Relizing he was probly going to fade. "Do it..." He whispered.

    Xigbar and Zexion stood like that...

    ~Switch FlashBack~

    Zexion and Xigbar were in Traverse Town. EVERYTHING was whiped out,the 4th and 5th Districts were worse then the rest of the town. The two Nobodies were standing in The 4th District,staring eachother down.

    Zexion and Xigbar had a lot of cuts and bruises. They had just had a HUGE fight. Xigbar had his HUGE scar on his left cheeck. Zexion had a large scar on his back. They both glared at eachother.

    Suddenly,Xigbar dropped to his knees. Zexion loomed over The Freeshooter. He grabbed Xigbar's arm,and helped him stand. They then stood there,staring at eachother's eyes...

    They both then started to laugh. Xigbar put his arm around Zexion's neck. "Com'on. Let's go home..little dude." Xigbar said.

    Zexion nodded. "Alright Xiggy.." He replied.

    They both walked off...as friend..after a long time of hate and betrayal..they finally stopped it....

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion shook his head. The flashbacks drove him insane sometimes. He looked up at Xigbar. "Look..I'll teach you when we AREN'T on a mission." Zexion said sternly.

    Xigbar looked up at Zexion. "Thanks." He said.

    Zexion shrugged. He then stood up,and walked out of the Library. He walked down to Vexen's Room,and dropped off the Book. He then went tword the Sleeping Chambers...

    ~Sleeping Chambers/Zexion's Room~

    Zexion opened his door,walked in,and closed it. He then took care of the usual (brushing teeth,changing,ect.) and laid down on his bed.

    Zexion stared up at the celling,hands behind his head. 'So..will we get The Black Materia? Can we use it to reach Kingdom Hearts?? Well,if we can wipe out worlds faster with it..then it should be able to help us reach our hearts...I hope so..' Zexion thought. He then rolled over on his left side (facing away from the door),and closed his eyes. 'Why do I get the feeling I'll be tourchured at this new world..?? Oh..whatever...' He thought. He then slipped into sleep...

    So,what do you guys think of the story? Meh..I'm going to have LOADS of fun with the upcomming chapters. Two words...Gold Saucer!!!

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    Yay! This chapter really made my night! :D awesome!

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    Thanks!! I'm trying REALLY hard on this story!! Sorry that the chapters are taking forever,though....
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    i really love this story, your so good at explaining whats going on that i can imagine it :D
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    Thank you! I wasn't sure if I was,actually. I'm glad it's not confusing. I should have...I hope..a few more chapters up this weekend. I just have to break out of my lazy mode I've been trapped in lately. Ehehe...sorries about the slow rate the chapters come out at....*Get's mauled by Cerberus*
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    oh no, take ur time!

    I write stories too, and i know what its like to deel like you have to speed up the rate that you type.

    Just take ur time :) If the readers of your story REALLY like ur story, they'll wait :D

    Like me! :D
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    Thank you very much! Yeah,I'm trying. I DID get a little lazy,though. So,I'm trying.
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    0.0 zexion killed xiggy mother?!TT_TT i feel bad for him wow i rlly like this chapter especially the flash back parts
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    YAYS!!! Thank you!!