Zexion's Will (Chapter 23)

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    Yes...it took forever..but here's the next chapter!!!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 23
    ~Poison Of The Past~


    Zexion was sitting on the roof of a building in The Town That Never Was. He was eatting Sea Salt Icecream, looking out over the town. "Zexion?" Came a whisper from behind him.

    Zexion sniffed. "Hi Xigbar." He said.

    Xigbar sat down next to him. "So...are you still..?" Xigbar whispered, trailing off.

    "Yeah..I'm still not allowed back in the castle...." He said, kinda angrilly.

    Xigbar put his arm around Zexion's shoulders. "Little dude!! Don't be upset! You have what..?" Xigbar trailed off again.

    "A week.." Zexion said, dropping his head.

    Xigbar sighed and rubbed his temple. "Dude..do you want me to bring you a blanket or something..??" He asked.

    Zexion glared at him. "Hey! I'm not 5 years old!!" He said,shoving Xigbar's arm off himself.

    Xigbar sighed again. "I'm only trying to help, little dude.." He said, fiddling with the strings on his cloak.

    Zexion looked down. "Look, I can take care of myself, alright?" He said.

    Xigbar then stood up suddenly. "As If!!!" He yelled. Xigbar then shoved Zexion off the building.

    Zexion cried out as he went rocketing towrds the ground...

    ~End Dream~

    Zexion snapped his eyes open as a light filled the room, blinding him. His eyes adjusted to the lit up room, and he saw Demyx standing there. He sat up and yawned. "What is it Demyx?" He asked.

    "Xemnas told me to wake you up." Demyx replied.

    Zexion rubbed his right eye. "Why?" He asked, annoyed at the rude awakening.

    "We have to go to the new planet. Com'on lazy!!" Demyx yelled hyperly and ran out, shutting the door behind himself.

    Zexion sighed and stood up. He did all the usual then walked out. He was in the hall, and saw Demyx and Marluxia talking. He walked over to the two.

    "You think there will be...pretty flowers??" Marly asked.

    "Yeah!! Ofcourse!!" Demyx said encouragingly.

    "I LOVE YOU!!!" Marly yelled and hugged Demyx.

    Zexion gave the two a weird look and walked around them. He then continued tword the entrance of the castle...


    Zexion was walking down a random hall, heading twords the entrance. He then stopped as he suddenly felt REALLY intense pain in his head. He grabbed his head with his left hand, and placed his right hand on the wall for support. His vision immediatly blurred and he fell to his knees. Everything went black...

    ~******* ****~

    Zexion slowly opened his eyes and rose. He looked around to see eternal darkness. He looked down to see the dimly glowing platform below himself.

    "Zexion....you know..." Said the 1st voice from before.

    Zexion struck a thoughtful pose. "I know..?" He asked.

    "You could always..." Snickered the second voice.

    Zexion rose an eyebrow in confusion. "What..??" He asked.

    "Do you remember...what you've said..??" Question the 3ed voice.

    "What? What did I say??" Zexion asked.

    The second voice chuckled. "What? Don't remember..??" It taunted.

    Zexion pouted a little. "Com'on!! Tell me!" He yelled.

    The three voices laughed. "Well...how about you find out for yourself??" The first voice said.

    "Wha?" Zexion asked, confused.


    Zexion slowly opened his eyes, and found that he was knelling on the ground. He felt someone standing there, and he snapped is head up to see an Organization member standing there, hood on. The cloaked one suddenly grabbed Zexion by the collar, and held him up off the ground a couple feet.

    Zexion sniffed quickly, and relised the scent..was Xigbar's. "Xig..bar??" He asked, dazed.

    The cloaked one pulled back their hood with their free hand, to reveal Xigbar's face. "Yeah Little Dude...do you remember..?" Xigbar trailled off.

    "What?" Zexion asked, starting to become nervous.

    Xigbar brought his face closer to Zexion's. "Remember...what you said?" He asked.

    Zexion thought for a moment, but had no idea what Xigbar was talking about. "..Wha??" He asked.

    "That night...You almost died from poison...." Xigbar said.

    Zexion's eyes widened as he remembered...


    Zexion was lying on a bed. He shivered and pulled the blankets closer to his neck. He was in his room, in The World That Never Was, and it was really dark. He could bearly move from the pain...he was poisoned.

    The door opened, and Xigbar walked in. He walked to Zexion's bedside, and sat down on it, beside The Cloaked Schemer. Xigbar stared down at him. "Are you okay?" He asked.

    Zexion looked at him. "Not really...." He said.

    "Just let the medicine heal you..." He said.

    Zexion nodded. They sat there for a bit, in silence. "Hey...are you still mad?" Zexion asked.

    Xigbar was silent. Zexion rolled over slowly, and faced away from his commrade. He stared at the dark floor.

    "I'm..sorry....Xigbar..." He whispered.

    "I'm not mad...I was just...scared. I didn't..mean to hit you. I just...when you betrayed me...it hurt. It all hurt..so bad....I'm sorry, Zexion..." Xigbar said sadly.

    Zexion rolled on his back, and put his hands behind his head. "...I promise you...when..one day..we become much better friends...I will....give you a chance...okay?" He said, totally delusional from the poison still within.

    Xigbar stared at him. "Thank you..." He said.

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion's jaw dropped. "Xi-Xigbar!!! I was delusional!!!!" He yelled nervously.

    Xigbar glared. He suddenly threw Zexion backwards on the ground. "WHY??!" He yelled, staring him down.

    Zexion stared back. "....Xigbar...I didn't know what was what...we're..still friends, though...right?" He asked.

    Xigbar stared sadly. "...Can't we be more?" He asked softly.

    Zexion dropped his head with a sigh. "Well...." He couldn't say yes or no.

    Xigbar sighed. "Just..forget it..." He said quietly and walked past The Cloaked Schemer. He continued down the hall...

    Zexion got up and dusted himself off. He sighed. He was so confused at this point, he couldn't care less if anything attacked him right there. "What's next? My sister trying to join Organization XIII in place of Roxas?" Zexion asked. He then walked down the halls...


    Zexion saw the group standing there. Hewalked up to them. "So...where are we going?" He asked.

    "Some planet Vexen knows about. He thinks Sephiroth is there..." Xemnas said.

    Vexen nodded. He then threw open a portal. "I found this world some years ago. Let's go." He said.

    Everyone walked through, one at a time...

    ~North Coral~

    Zexion was the last one through. He looked around to see a really beat up town. A black tall guy walked up to him. "You guys better not be here to cause trouble. Some really weird stuff is happening lately...and if you try, I'll kill you..." He said sternly.

    Zexion looked at him weirdly. "I didn't do anything...so don't get on my-"

    He suddenly felt a hand grip his shoulder. "Little Dude, cool it." He heard Xigbar say.

    Zexion nodded. The black guy growled and walked off, muttering really bad curses under his breath.

    The two Nobodies walked over to the group, and saw their Superior turn twords them. "It seems Sephiroth is in..a place called The Gold Saucer. And...it is some kind of an amusement place..thing." He said, annoyed.

    Demyx, Axel, and Roxas cheered. "Let's go!!!" They yelled in synch, and barreled off up the stairs to the left. Everyone fallowed them.

    Zexion walked up the steps next to Xigbar. They all stood infront of a blue transportation cart, which was attached to a black wire. Each one of them walked on, one by one, and sat in the seats lining the sides. Zexion sat between Xigbar and Marluxia.

    'Oh boy...this is going to be a LONG ride...' He thought as the cart started to move...

    So, what do you guys think? I REALLY want some suggestions about The Gold Saucer! Also, anything else you guys would like to say, please do so! Thanks you guys!!!

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    You're new chapter just made my Friday-day! :D

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    Thanks!!! I wasn't sure if the Zexy/Xiggy moment would get anyone annoyed....did it?

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    Actually...it's a HUGE amusment park!!