Zexion's Will (Chapter 24)

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    Oh Dear....let the insanity start, eh? Haha!

    BTW, Lexicon is what his book shall be called from now on, okayses? (His Book now....his old ones are the same as I have named...since I thought of them, ya know? Okay!)

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 24
    ~The Ride To The Gold Saucer~

    Zexion was sitting in his seat quietly. Surprisingly, nobody was fighting. Then again....it's only been two minutes (literally). He had Lexicon sprawled out in his lap, and he was reading about sleepy tea.

    'Yeah....I remember getting slipped this damn tea. Oh Gawd....' He thought, aggrivated even by the thought...


    Ienzo was 8 years old, and he was sitting at the dinner table with Komi. "Hey Komi? Where's dad?" He asked nervously.

    Komi sighed. "Polishing his Sakabato...what else?" He said.

    Ienzo sighed. He then stood up, and turned his back on his little brother. He crossed his arms, and stared at the floor. "Komi...what are we going to do? We can't keep running to Cid, ya know..." He said quietly.

    "I don't know, brother...Maybe...we could run?" Komi offered.

    Ienzo spun around quickly. "WHAT??!!! Are you crazy??! HE'LL KILL US!!!" He yelled.

    Komi held up his hands defensively. "I'm sorry! Just eat your dinner...I guess.." He said.

    Ienzo sighed. "Sorry.." He muttered. He then sat down.

    Ienzo picked up his glass of tea, and took a small sip. He then slowly placed it down. "Hey...Komi? I'm...kinda tired..." He said slowly.

    "Maybe you should go get some sleep." Komi said, and took a sip of his own tea.

    "Uhh...maybe I should..." Ienzo said. He stood up and walked out of the kitchen. He marched up the stairs, seeming to slow with every step he took. He reached the top, and walked into his room, closing the door behind himself. He then fell onto his bed, and fell into a strange, uneasy sleep...

    ~2 Hours Later~

    Ienzo slowly opened his eyes. He was starring at the celling, it seemed. He sat up, to see his room was COMPLETELY messed up. Everything was switched around, and he felt...tired?

    Komi walked in suddenly. "Hi Ienzo!" He said. "I swapped rooms with you!!" He said, and ran out.

    Ienzo sat up, and relized...this was Komi's room. He fisted his hand, and it shook angrilly. "That...little...brat...." He muttered slowly.

    Ienzo stared at a drawing on the wall for a minute....then burst out laughing.

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion chuckled a little. 'Komi was always trying to live up to my standards...' He thought quietly.

    "YOU WHAT??!!!" He heard Marly yell suddenly, causing him to jump. "MY POOR FLOWERS WERE BEING STOMPED ON BY YOUR FAT UGLY FEET??!!!" Marly yelled at Saiix.

    "WHAT???!! DON'T MOCK ME, GIRLY GUY!!!" He yelled back.

    "Pink is for tough guys, unlike you, you Link reject you!!!" Marly shot back.

    Saiix was sitting next to Marly, who was right next to Zexion, who was next to Xigbar (and I'm done with who's next to who...).

    Saiix growled. "Shut up! Blue is cool, and pink is girly. Hell, you should have been a girl!!" He yelled and snickered.

    Marly growled a very low, creepy growl. "I don't look like a girl...." He growled out.

    "Yeah..that's why it's pink!! You probably ARE a girl!!!" Saiix yelled.

    Everyone snapped their heads twords Marly.

    Marluxia then dropped his head, blushing. "So what if the stupid doctors couldn't figure out that I'm a boy untill I was 11....so what of it? At least I don't stare at the moon all day like some kind of zombie!!" Marluxia snapped.

    Saiix growled. "Oh, so now this is a weird thing contest? You love that damn Scythe WAY too much! You put make up on by staring at the blade!!" He yell4ed.

    "Oh My Gawd...at least I don't use perfume!!!" Marly yelled.

    Everyone snapped their heads tword Saiix.

    Saiix looked odwn, blushing. He then darted his eyes back on Marly. "Well, at least I don't pet flowers all day like they MATTER!!" He yelled.

    Larxene, Demyx, and Roxas gasped, as everyone turned their gaze on Marluxia. He slowly rose, shaking slightly with fear. On Saiix's right was Xemnas, and, he alnog with everyone else on Saiix's right moved over as much as possible. Saiix looked back with the most scared puppy eyes he EVER showed. He then looked back at the seething Marly.

    Marluxia's Scythe formed from it's flowery abyss in his right hand. He glared a REALLY freaky glare at Saiix, who scooted over sightly, away from The Graceful Assassin.

    Marly chuckled darkly. "You shall die, Luna Divine..." He said in a low, dangerous voice.

    Zexion, along with everyone on the left, had moved as far away from Marly as possible. Zexion was still close to him, though, and that really scared him.

    Marluxia held up his Scythe, and took a swing. It missed Saiix as he backed up, the blade almost touching Zexion's bangs as The Cloaked Schemer inched to the left slightly more. Marly held that position, ignoring Zexion, and smiled darkly.

    "So...would you like me to kill you with this Scythe? Or shall I use my Flower Power?" Marluxia asked, putting a sarcastic edge on the words Flower Power.

    Saiix then brought forth his Claymore from the Luna abyss. "Maybe...I should ask how YOU would like to die?" He asked.

    "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!" Came the angry voice of Xemnas as he stood. Marluxia and Saiix made their weapons dissappears as they let their gaze fall back on their Superior. "Sit." Xemnas commanded, and the two Nobodies sat back down.

    Xemnas sat, everyone scooted back to their spots, and the cart grew loud with the chatter of The Nobodies. Somehow, Zexion had been able to keep his Book open on his lap, so he looked back down at it. He rapidly flipped through the pages, and stopped on a page twords the back. He saw the title "How To Burn Flowers With Flint", and started skimming the article.

    "You really fear Marluxia's Flower Power Deals, huh Little Dude?" Came Xigbar's voice from Zexion's left.

    Zexion sighed and closed his book, holding it shut with his hands. "Xigbar? You wouldn't by chance happen to have a blow tourch and a dimond sheild, have you?" He asked.

    "Nope! Sorry Little Dude, it's all gone since the last incident of Petal Power..." Xigbar said back.

    The two Nobodies stared at eachother for a few minutes, then burst out laughing. Zexion made his Book dissappear into the Illusional abyss.

    Xigbar looked out the window. "Hey Zexion...it looks like it's going to be a small while untill we reach The Gold Saucer..." He said quietly.

    Zexion shifted in his seat, trying to get comfortable. "Looks like. I guess I'll take a short rest before we arrive.." He said quietly.

    "Go ahead, Little Dude. I'll wake you up when we're almost there..." Xigbar said.

    "Sure..." Zexion said. He shifted more, untill he was in a semi-comfy position on the old, back stabbing (literally) seat. He closed his eyes, and slipped away into dream...


    Zexion was standing on a roof top in The World That Never Was. He had a black blindfold on, and Saiix's Claymore resting in his hand, which held it's hilt tightly.

    He suddenly spun arond, blocking what felt to him, a blade. He trust it off The Claymore in his hand, and slashed foward, hearing an annoyed ow. Zexion took the blindfold off, to see Saiix standing there, cursing a litle under his breath as he stroked his throbbing, and slightly bleeding, hand. Saiix looked up at Zexion. "Heh, your not too bad, kid. I GUESS your worthy to-"

    ~End Dream~

    "Zexion....Zexion..." Zexion heard his name being called. He slowly opened his eyes, to find that his head was leaning against someone's shoulder. He slowly lifted his head, and looked to his left to see Xigbar, smailing at him.

    "...Are we there?" Zexion asked sleepily.

    "Zexy, look out the window..." Xigbar said quietly.

    Zexion turned around in his seat. He looked out the window, and saw an AMAZING sight...

    This place was HUGE. There were rides and games, and it was amazing..and kinda undescribable, really. It was huge, and...owned by The Shinra....

    Zexion turned back to Xigbar. "Hey, what's Shinra?" Zexion asked.

    "Not sure....eh, who cares? It's not a problem..." Xigbar said.

    "I guess so..." Zexion said quietly. 'Something...something's here....' He thought.

    The cart pulled into the entrance gate, and stopped. Xemnas stood, walked over to the door, and opened it. He then turned back to his Organization. "Com'on. Let's get this over with..." He said with a sigh.

    Everyone quickly got off the cart. Zexion was the last, and he simply walked off, as a few ran and jumped off. He walked over to the group of his comrades, and waited for Xemnas to speak up.

    "Okay, here's how we'll do this. Everyone get's a partner, and they stick together as we search for Sephiroth...Go." Xemnas said.

    Everyone frantically searched for a partner. Xigbar immediatly walked up to Zexion. "Com'on Little Dude." He said simply.

    Zexion shrugged. "Lead the way, Freeshooter..." He said.

    Xigbar and Zexion started to head inside. Zexion saw the person who was supposed to see if they had tickets cowering in the corner, and he laughed. They walked inside...

    Okayses! What do you guys think? I'll take any ideas! Thank You!!!

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    Nice chapter! And Marluxia is SO a dude XD

    I don't care who finds him (it'll probably be XIgbar and Zexy), but I think Sephiroth needs to be doing something extremely feminine...like riding the merry-go-round and enjoying it. *shudders*
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    lol. I shall think of something....yeah, somebody spiked his drink! O.o;
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    I forgot where I last left off on the series... TT^TT

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    ....Yeah...it's been a while....No worries, though! The link is above, my friend...
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    if that happened... i would be on the floor dead from laughter XD

    anyway good chapter fire :D can't wait till the next one
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    Hehe...thank you!! I'll try to update more, but don't worry....when school ends, I'll be posting A LOT of chapters + stories....
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    The internet! Duh!

    Somewhere around the place where they were all,

    it clicked.

    And then I was all, "OOOOOOOOOH!!! NOW I remember the Gold Saucer! XDDDDDD"

    I should play FF7 sometime soon again....

    Anyways, great story, mah friend! =D
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    YAYS!!! Thank you!!! I'm going to finish thois when I'm FINALLY out of school....which will actually be the 15th, as I found out...sorry....*Fixes typo*
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    Yikes... I'd hate to be in your shoes... >.<;

    P.S., Saix and Marly's fight = PURE HILARIOUSNEZZ!!! XDDDDDD

    Marluxia: YEAH?! Well, how would you like it if someone called YOU a girl?! >\
    Me: Uh... Marly, I AM a girl... XD;
    Marluxia: Psh - coulda fooled me.
    Xigbar: Oh, I know you did NOT just go there! XD
    Marluxia: Oh, I rather think I did! >D
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    lol! No Worries!! I'll probably have a chapter up the day I come home! I tend to do the STRANGEST things over summer...