Zexion's Will (Chapter 5)

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Should The Mysterious Nobody Remain In This Story?

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  1. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    Okay,so this one WILL explain how Xigbar got the scar and lost his eye,BUT I kept it clean,so no worries! Now,on with the story!!

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 5
    `Night At Hallow Bastion~

    ~Sleeping Chamber's/Hall~

    All 7 of the Nobodies were standing in the hall. There were 4 rooms open. Origianally,there were 13 rooms,but most of the rooms have been boarded up. (Let's just say,one of Vexen's experiments went horribly wrong.)

    "So,who gets what room?" Demyx asked.

    "Well,I get a room to myself,now we just need to sort you guys out..." Xemnas said.

    "Why do YOU get a room to yourself?" Roxas asked.

    "Because,I am your Superior,and you are the lowest member. Get used to it." Xemnas said,bluntly.

    Roxas sighed. "Fine." He said,pouting.

    "Com'on,lets get on with this so we can get som sleep. I really don't care who's room I end up in..Except Demyx's." Zexion said,crossing his arms.

    Axel,Roxas,and Xigbar nodded. "He snores too loud!" Roxas complained.

    "He drools too!" Axel said.

    "I'm kept up even in a room down the hall!" Xigbar said.

    Axel turned to Xigbar now. "You snore loud too!" He said.

    "And you talk in your sleep!!" Roxas added.

    "Roxas,you wake up screaming half the time." Zexion said. "And Axel? Your dangerous! You BURN stuff in your sleep!"

    "Zexion! You sleep talk!! And you wake up screaming sometimes,too!!" Axel complained.

    Zexion sighed. "Look,this is stupid. Let's just pick a room,get some sleep,and get out of here." He said,aggrivated.

    "Alright. Marly! You and me are bunking." Demyx said. He glared at Roxas and Axel. "SOME people are rude,and you don't consist of them..." He said.

    Marly nodded silently and walked into the room next to The Superior's. Demyx fallowed.

    "Axel,I don't want to bunk with the buzz saw." Roxas said (refuring to Xiggy). He chuckled.

    "Fine,we'll bunk." Axel said. They both walked into the room across from The Superior.

    Xigbar and Zexion looked at eachother,and shrugged. They walked into the room across from Demyx and Marly's (next to Axel and Roxas's).

    The 2 walked in,and Xigbar walked over to a closet. "Are the Matts still in here?" He said aloud. They stored matts away just incase they needed them,because the beds were gone. (Vexen's experiments again...).

    Zexion stepped aside as Xigbar walked over with a matt in each arm. He laid them out,one at a time,side by side. He walked back over to the closet,and grabbed 2 blankets,and came back. He placed them on the matts.

    He then walked over to Zexion. "So,are you tired,or should we do something for a while?" Xigbar asked,yawning.

    Zexion shrugged. "If you want to sleep,I won't stop you. But I'm going for a walk." He said.

    "I think I'll go with you. I don't think I'll be able to sleep much to night anyways." Xigbar said.

    Zexion shrugged. He walked out of the room,Xigbar trailing behind him. He walked down the halls for a while...

    ~Halls Of Confusion~

    They were walking through the Halls Of Confusion. This set of halls was named by Ansem,because he got so lost for the LONGEST time in these halls. Zexion knew his way around them though.

    "Zexion? Where do you think the Materia is,anyways?" Xigbar asked,after being silent for sometime.

    "No clue. For all I know,it could be in Marly's pocket,and he could be hiding it from us." Zexion said. He was growing kinda tired,and he got very annoyed and sarcastic when he was tired..

    "Why is he hiding it from us,Spock?" Xigbar joked.

    "That is insufficient data,Captain Kirk." Zexion joked back.

    The 2 stopped and looked at eachother. They laughed. Xigbar put his arm around Zexion's neck as they continued walking.

    "We should get back before we do something bad..like blowing up Hollow Bastion." Xigbar said.

    Zexion nodded. "Yeah.." Zexion yawned. "I'm exahsted." He said.

    The 2 walked for some time. They were in the halls buy the sleeping chambers...

    "..Xigbar? Why won't you tell me what it was that I wanted a while back??" Zexion asked slowly.

    Xigbar had hurt flicker in his eyes for a split second. "Because..your..better then you were back then...I..uh...nevermind..." Xigbar said quietly.

    "Xigbar..com'on. I HAVE to know. That memory is..incomplete. I NEED the answer..please?" Zexion asked.

    Xigbar stopped,their room was just around the next corner. He grabbed Zexion by the shoulders,and stared him down. "Stop. Asking. Me." He said.

    Zexion tried to struggle out of his grasp,saying. "I. Want To Know."

    Xigbar tightened his grip. "Youy won't EVER know from me..." He said. He pushed Zexion away,and started to walk back to the room.

    "Xigbar!" Zexion called,but Xigbar ignored him.

    Zexion shook his head. 'He get's mad easier then I do...' He thought. He shrugged and walked off to his room...

    ~Zex + Xig's Room~

    Zexion opened the door,and walked in. The light was off,and Xigbar was lying on the bed oppisite of the door,back facing it.

    Zexion quietly walked in,and closed the door behind himself. He walked over to the wall on his left,and quietly kicked off his boots. He then walked over to the closet,grabbed some black clothes,and walked into a bathroom (there's one attached to all 4 of ther rooms). He got changed and walked back in. He tossed his clothes into a basket that Xigbar had obviously set up a tiny bit ago (for their laundry).

    Zexion quietly snuck over to his own bed,and laid down. He looked over at Xigbar,who was now on his back. He saw the eyepatch. 'I remember how he got it..because it was MY fault...' He thought sadly.


    Zexion and Xigbar were in The World That Never Was,in town. They were sitting on the flat roof of a black building. The wind was howling,the stars and full moon mornfully bright as ever.

    Zexion looked over at Xigbar. He had 2 golden eyes,and no scar. "Xiggy..what do you think of the new member..Axel? Think he'll help us?" Zexion asked loudly over the roar of the wind.

    "Yeah,he weilds fire,so I think he'll be strong." Xigbar said back,just as loud.

    There was suddenly a laugh that was faintly heard by both of them,from behind. They immediatly stood and turned. They saw another Nobody standing there.

    He was Xigbar's size,had LARGE claws (almost dragon-like),he had an Organization cloak on,dark dark midnight blue hair,and dark sea blue eyes to match. He stopped laughing and glared.

    "Xigbar..Zexion...You will die..." He said simply.

    Zexion called forth his Book. Xigbar called forth his Laser Guns.

    The Nobody swiftly ran up to Zexion,and snagged his Book. Zexion couldn't even SEE him do it. He growled. "HEY!! Hand off the book,creep!" He yelled.

    The Nobody opened the Book. He flipped through a couple of pages. "Wow..tough spells...ancient. It's too bad you lost the last..." He said.

    "WHAT??! HOW THE HELL DID YOU KNOW THAT??!!!!" Zexion yelled.

    "Your book contains your memories..and they are clear as day to me..." The Nobody said. He held up the Book. "Catch." He said.

    He tossed the book to Zexion,who caught it in one hand. He gripped it tightly. "What do you want freak?" He said,glaring.

    "Heh..just to see what I'll be up against..later." He said simply chuckling.

    "Are you threatening The Organization?" Zexion asked defensively.

    "Not now. Anyways,let's see your guns now,Xiggy?" He said,laughing at his nickname.

    "AS IF!!! And the names XIGBAR!!" He yelled,really mad and embarressed.

    "Are you sure you don't want to just kindly hand it over?" The Nobody asked.

    "Again,AS IF!!!" Xigbar said.

    "Xigbar,get that creep!!" Zexion yelled. He opened his book. "Vortex Of Destruction!!" He yelled.

    A swirling Vortex formed,and the Nobody backflipped in midair.

    "Dissmiss." Zexion called. The Vortex faded. He usually used it as a surprise attack...

    Xigbar held up his guns. "Your going down!! TAKE THIS!!!" He yelled. He shot 10 shots at the Nobody in one round.

    The Nobody teleported behind Xigbar,evading them all. He rammed Xigbar,knocking him down.

    Zexion closed his book,and charged at the Nobody. The Nobody held up his hand. "Back Off." He said,and Zexion was blown back by SOMETHING. He rolled backwards,and ended up lying across the ground.

    "So..you lost your eye in your prievious life,huh? Well...why not once more?" The Nobody said. "I'll add in a GIFT,too..."

    Xigbar screamed. Then there was a flop on the ground.

    Zexion looked up,to behold his friend,sitting on the ground,covering his right eye,a stream of blood sliding down his hand,and a HUGE scar crawling up his left cheek...

    Zexion glared at the Nobody. "Hehe...I'll enjoy fighting you someday..." He said,and dissappeared.

    Zexion continued to glare at the spot he had stood...

    ~End FlashBack~

    Zexion rolled over,his back facing Xigbar. "I'm sorry...Xigbar.." Zexion said quietly,and fell into the world of dreams...

    Now,the Nobody will either be featured more in this story,or be in a seprate story. Which would you guys like? Please tell me!!

    FireNanaki's Stories + Vids:

    Anyways,if you have any ideas/questions/or comments,please post it!! Thanks!!!
  2. 2Foxxie4U ~The Forgotten Crusader...~

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    "Marly nodded silently and walked into the room next to The Superior's. Demyx fallowed."

    F-O-L-L-O-W-E-D. Got it memorized? >3


    Xigbar tightened his grip. "Youy won't EVER know from me..."
    Zexion shook his head. 'He get's mad easier then I do...'

    Random typos, I know. XD


    That's the only thing I saw wrong with it. XD;

    I love the cool way Xiggy lost his eye... I only know the goofy version. XD;
    Along with his scar...s. >.>;

    I also like the way they were picking out who was bunking with who. XDDD Sounds like somethin' me and mah cousins would do. XDDDD

    Like I said...

    UP!!!! :D
  3. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    Thanks a lot!!! Sorry about the typos,if I get my own computer,it won't be a problem. This keyboard is a piece of trash. Anyways,thanks!! BTW,I'm using polls from now on if I am unsure of what to do in a story,like with the Mysterious Nobody (which I have yet to name...). Anyways,thanks!
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    Cool! I like this story! Where can i read the rest?
  5. Nanaki Broken in six places

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  6. Reoy Hollow Bastion Committee

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    Knott's berry farm lol i wish
    wow that was kinda sad the story was really good i love them you did a good job :D
  7. Nanaki Broken in six places

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    Thanks! Like I said,Zexion didn't have a good past...But,it got better when he became a Nobody!