Zombie Apocalypse (Warning: language and violence)

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    This is a fan fiction I wrote about 2 years ago and was given complements on it. It is not perfect and there may be many errors. I apologies a head of time for this if it is the case. There is strong language, but it is censored. Violence is somewhat abundant. Crude descriptions of some events. I would also appreciate feedback...

    Rise of element 115
    Tank Dempsey’s Story​

    It has been 10 years sense the end of World War II. All of my comrades have been deployed off to Germany due to the meteorite, Tunguska, which exploded over Russia in 1908 blowing into chunks over the Pacific Ocean. Many dropped within Germany. The meteor was made out of a stable form of the element Ununpentium and a small alien creature called Derese. The US experienced this same event thirty years later and wanted to gather pieces of Tunguska to see if the two were related in any way. Several weeks passed, but none came back. Being one of the US’s best operatives after the war, I, Tank Dempsey was assigned to recover a portion of this element.

    I was shipped off. The air above this hellhole of a place had the aroma of rotting flesh. All seemed to have no life. The ground was dark, lifeless, and screamed for people to enter its domain. It was worse than the time I was in Vietnam being surrounded by malaria-infected waters. The suspense was killing me. The thought of knowing that I would get to kill whatever the @#!*% was down there was intoxicating.

    The pilot seemed to know something about this place, but he was too concentrated to do anything. His worries began to itch through my skin. He looked back and told me to grab the parachute and jump. He was too frightened to land. That meant something had to be down there. I grabbed my trusty M16, grabbed the parachute, and began my descent.

    As I journeyed down to this God forsaken s**t hole, the powerful odor grew stronger with every kilometer I descended. The smell was awful enough to make any ordinary man puke. I would not fall to that level for I was more man then any human. The ground appeared to turn redder the further I descended. There was a cloud of fog surrounding a small house. The coordinates were specific and they led to the top story of that house. Not just the top story, the bloody roof. I have to climb to obtain this s**t! Ridiculous.

    The house had two rooms at its base and two staircases. Several blockades were put up. I didn’t understand why they were boarded up. The residents even barred up the garage. The walls looked like they were about to crumble with a single punch. It had an eerie feeling to every place you looked. The couches and chairs were bundled together. There were bloodstains all over the floor. No doubt about it, there was a battle here, and somebody was the victim to a mass murder. Not a single corpse was left though. The walls had messages. One door said help in big capital letters. Another said ascend for salvation.

    Some time looking around and eating a meal that I prepared earlier, I began to have visions of my past.

    * * *​

    It was the middle of the Second Great War. My colleagues and I were in the heart of battle near the Midway Islands. All that could be heard were bullets, explosions, and us Americans and the Japanese soldiers screaming in pain from the lethal wounds. It was hard to bare the battle that was taking place. Several of my men were dying in front of me by the Japanese men shooting them while tearing them apart with their katanas. I have never seen more bloodshed in my entire life.

    “General Tank,” said my subordinate, “we’re not sure if we can stick this out sir. Our men are dying and were beginning to dwell in numbers. We need to retreat and regain our numbers to fight another day.” This was one of my longtime friends Peter. A good man but sometimes a little cowered in the face of battle.

    “Those b******s aren’t giving up, so neither are we! Get the f**k back into the battle soldier!” I yelled. He knew as well did the other men that I would not lose any battle we went into. My limbs were also itching for battle. I was getting ready to grab my shotgun and go show those yellow people whose top dog.

    I charged into battle. We were, just like John said, outnumbered but I knew no one would out match me. I blew four heads off after the first hundred steps into the field. I guess it was true that you could kill two birds with one stone; two bullets, two heads. More and more tried to shoot me out of my boots and several stood behind a large ridge. Figured a good cooked grenade might take care of them. It exploded taking out five warriors. The kamikazes were headed over our way now. The plains exploding into my men, metal shrapnel everywhere, and it amazed me that I wasn’t hit.

    Soldiers with katanas were heading over my way, each one more skilled then the last. No fear was striking me though. I felt so confident I brought out a pistol; with only six shots; shot each one if the skull. The smell of their blood filling my nose was filling. I wanted more to kill.

    As I kept going and going I failed to see my men still losing their lives. After turning around I was shocked to see only a hundred troops left on my side against over a thousand Japanese warriors. I started to dwindle and feel as if this was the end for me. My girl at home, my country, I would lose both if I failed to execute this operation.

    Some jerk decided to throw a grenade, uncooked, towards a large chunk of my men who were unaware of this. I leaped into them to throw it as far back to the f****r as I could. I was moderately successful. I killed the man who threw it but I killed two of my men. I was too late to save them. Their lives ended because of me. My speed wasn’t up enough to get there in time. I felt depressed for those two men.
    It was over. We could not continue the battle any longer. If we wanted to keep our lives, we had to surrender. The Japanese soldiers were ruthless when they got on atop of us to bring us to their ships. We were officially POWs now. They spit on us for what we did. One man though decided to not even bother with us. He sat back and watched, not intervening. I respected him, to an extent anyway. They continued to beat us. We were killed if we resisted.

    We were sent to the ships. More my men struggled and more began depleting in numbers. My worries began to strike me. I knew they were going to put me through the most difficult s**t in my life. My hopes were they wouldn’t kill me or torture me. The ships were big, though they were not as massive as our vessels. If we didn’t move fast enough they would stab us in the back cruelly.

    Once loaded onto the ship, we were ordered to state our name and how many men we killed. As they moved down the line, the ones that killed more then twenty throats were slit and they were tossed into the warm Pacific waters. They seemed to always glare at me. They must have known I was of high rank. I was separated from my men. They never asked anything of me. 3 of them came up to me including the man whom left me be. He spoke in some of their tongue. Then he spoke in English and looked at me with a demon like smile.

    “My name is Takeo Masaki, captain of the imperial fleet. We understand you are of high rank, American. Tell me your name,” he said this in the most peaceful way it shocked me. He was menacing looking and his breath smelled like cat @#!*% . Something tells me he has been eating herring. The smell was killing me. No amount of blood would faze me but this was unbearable.

    “General Dempsey. You f*****s won’t break me. I will break free of your control,” I said this with very little breath. The smell of his breath made me hesitant to breathe any air.

    “We don’t plan to break you. We know of what you’ve done. Killed over seventy of my men. We will let nature end your fate. Until then you will be tortured,” he laughed.

    “Where exactly are you taking me and my men? I demand you tell me that much.” He grabbed me and punched me to the ground. Some of his men picked me up and threw me down again spitting and kicking me.

    “You do not demand anything of me. We will kill you if you do it again.” The tone of his voice was menacing and I swear the pain made me s**t myself with me unaware of it happening. “You and your men are being sent to the bogs of Vietnam. You will be locked away in bamboo cages in a disease-ridden area. There is our destination. Enjoy your stay.” As he said that last phrase he was heading off to his quarters. He looked back and spoke in his native language to the men holding me down.

    I was dragged to a cell away from my men. It seemed they were worried I would tell them or eat them for food. H**l, they were right. I would have eaten them. The amount of food given to us was very little I was being starved to the bone. I would vomit on occasion but nothing would come out because of my empty stomach. These Japanese people acted as if they were animals, keeping the lambs in a pen waiting for them to die to harvest the corpses for food. It was a struggle that my men and I had to endure. I worried about how they were being treated. They were most likely being treated worse then I. Having to sleep and live in others waist; it was trench warfare in the Great War all over again.

    The boat continued to sail for many days, but we finally struck land. This wasn’t Vietnam though. It was a port to resupply. I heard the cell beside me get quieter. Turns out half of them were being sold into slavery. Why wasn’t I? I was stronger than any of them combined. It didn’t matter though. I was wanted dead. I being a slave would have caused me to rebel and I would have been killed allot faster than if I stayed in hear like a good boy. There were maybe twenty of us left. We must have been their biggest threats.

    Several more days went by. I was growing weaker every day. The only thing I could do for fun was torture the rats that occupied the cell with me. The poor, little b******s. I pulled their tails off and ripped their eyes out. It was entertainment. Watching the idiots run into each other made me feel superior. I understood that this was basically the same thing the Asians were doing to us, but I didn’t care. Man is a more important creature then a rodent. They probably wanted to kill me though. I at least put them out of their misery, so I killed them and ate them raw. It was better then what the Asians were feeding us.

    Time went by. Every other day we had to go through roll call. Each day there was one less of us. Our numbers were slowly being depleted. Day by day the weak were leaving and only our strong ones survived. Every now and then I heard screaming from my cell. Now they were torturing them. They really wanted us dead. They must have known we were of a special division in the military, always doing the dirtiest work for the government. They must have had agents on the inside. The torture sounded mad. All you could hear were two swords sliding across each other and then a scream of pain. It sounded as if they were slowly making gashes in the skin of my men.

    They wanted information for something. What did we know? We were never given a reason why for the things we did. We just did them without question. The government was pleased about that. We figured if they told us, the wrong information might be given to the wrong person. Even when our orders were to deliver something, we never looked at anything on the label other than which we had to address it to. We weren’t going to break our honor so we forced ourselves to know no knowledge.

    Day by day, the waters you could hear became natural. The sound was like a car driving by a New York business building. It was soothing. It made us believe that you were home, but as if the Depression started and Hoover was still in office. It was cold, you were hungry, all your hope stripped from your soul; that was basically how we felt then. It was h**l. We felt communist living this way. Only gaining enough for what we needed to live.

    The boat hit land for the second time. It was hard to believe that we were actually being sent off the ship. The ten of that were left were being paired up with the other captured units. All of them looked worse then us. If we made plans for a sneak attack it would be nearly impossible to pull off. Again we had to do roll call. Everyone knew how to do it. All you could hear for minutes was “itchi, ni, san, shi, go roku, nana, hatchi, kyu, juu” then repeated. It was how we had to do it or we would be killed. Some were too weak to speak; they were killed on the spot.

    We were off to the trails to their camps most likely. Along the way they played torturous games with the others. None of my men and I were touched though. Takeo must have told them we were a special case. My guess is that he wanted us to suffer a different way. Why was he letting us get an easy treatment? It meant we had a chance to form a rebellion. Gunmen were everywhere though. It would be difficult to pass along the message of rebellion.

    I grabbed a few guys including some Vietnamese guerilla fighters. The plan was when we got to the first town, we would grab guns from the townsman, and try to kill every last Japanese f****r there was. We spread this through the trailing POWs. They understood the plan. The guerilla fighters spread it through the village up ahead. We had the plan perfect. No Japanese soldier new. It would be one more day until we reached the town so we just had to endure for twenty-four more hours.

    It was rough. If we didn’t move fast enough, we would have swords up our backs. Sometimes they would kill others for no reason whatsoever. These men had to morals. They couldn’t have been human. They had demons within their souls. I wanted to kill them all.

    We made it to the city. We were given handguns, so we could seal them away. This was the only way would could pull off a sneak attack on them. Even though they had assault rifles, we had the element of surprise. We would wait until we were outside of the city for they’re safety. We thought they all looked the same so we had no other choice. We had to break for some time. The Japanese wanted to make love to the women of the town before departure. It was sickening to think of though. Adultery and lust didn’t cross their minds and give them guilt. These were definitely demons.

    We were off. A few miles away from the town, it was perfect to start and try to take back our honor. The first gunshot was fired. We all began to shoot. One by one the Japanese went down. I wanted to kill Takeo, but he was out of sight. Why was he gone? There is no way he knew. The last of the soldiers were almost dead. We managed few casualties.

    All we could hear was a loud blast before killing the last few. It was a grenade launcher. It killed nearly an eighth of us. This was not good. There was Takeo and reinforcements. He found out our plan. The s**t head knew it all. They had twice as many men then before, and this time with heavy firearms. The look in his eye showed anger and death. He wasn’t going to be merciful.

    “Kill them. Kill them all.” Gunshots began to go off. He was mad. All I could do was try and kill them the best I could. We were getting annihilated. We killed some of them. I tried hard. For every two kills I got, they killed three of us. The odds were getting slim for us to have victory. The blood spewed everywhere. We were not going to win. It was over.

    Only five of us remained. All of these men beside me were men from my unit. We were the toughest of them all. Kill after kill we had. They were getting lower on men. Our guns sprayed threw their flesh and tissue like they were thin sheets of paper. We even took their swords and slashed their bodies in half when they got close to one of us. We only did so when we were reloading. A grenade killed one of us. His remains spayed over our bodies. We had to ignore it the best we could and just keep shooting them. Two more went down. They were shot in the head. It was only my friend Peter and I. We had to get away as quickly as we possibly could. We couldn’t do this anymore, but we couldn’t; we were surrounded. They were going to stab our chests.

    “No! Don’t kill these two. Tie them together and through them into the infested waters with a bamboo cage around them. We want them to suffer,” Takeo ordered. They did to us as he said. The rope was tight. Our hands were going to be chaffed. The bamboo; this would be impossible to get out of. We were thrown into the bog. The waters were infested with mosquitoes. No doubt they were infested with malaria. This was bad. We only had enough space to breath. It was impossible to get my hands undone. The worst part was that Peter was unconscious. Now the mosquitoes were biting. My entire face was numb. The only way I was going to get out of this was to use my teeth.

    Gnawing through this was the most difficult thing I have done in my life. The bamboo was thick and sturdy. For picking random bamboo trees, they picked some pretty tough ones. This would take me hours to go through and that was only one bar. I figured it would take the breaking of three to escape and John being unconscious wasn’t going to help. Three hours later and I managed to get through the first bar. Now the question was how to get break its support. A few head butts should do the trick. It took some force but it broke.

    By this time my face was half eaten. Peter being unable to shake them off with a head swing made it so his face wasn’t going to be the same. This next bar was weaker. It took around two hours. I had to speed up though. Night was setting in. If we wanted to get out of this alive, I had to hurry. I expected we had maybe 4 hours left until the sun went down. I’ve heard that a night in Vietnam was a new type of h**l. only the brave and strong could handle it.

    My energy was running low. I had barely enough strength to break the last bar. It was a long three and half hours. We were finally free. Peter became somewhat aware of what was going on. He feared me though. He felt that any man who could get through solid bamboo with his teeth alone was nothing to be messed with. He was wise to think that. I wasn’t going to put up with any kind of s**t from anybody. The next man to rub me the wrong way was going to be a dead man. Fear will run through them when they hear the name Tank Dempsey.

    It was almost dark. Getting out of the bog wasn’t a difficult task. It was rather shallow. We found some sharp would to cut the rope. It was difficult though. The water absorbed by the rope made it more strong and durable. We were two freed men. I could only save him though. Everyone else was dead because of my mistakes. Our bodies were wet, our faces were destroyed, our hope was back; that was it. We had to make it back to the village that helped us in the failed rebellion. Maybe they had a way to contact the states.

    An hour later we arrived. There were no lights. Not one sound could be heard either. It was as if the village was abandoned. We knocked on the doors, but no response. We looked in the window. We saw death. The Japanese knew they helped us. They murdered them all. More humans killed because of my actions. We had to find a telegraph. After searching for a while, we came across a beat up one. It was beat up but functional. We typed in an SOS distress call. We had a response back. We didn’t know if it was the US or Japan who received it. All we knew was that we were getting a pilot to come to us.

    We waited for quite some time. The darkness was overwhelming. Peter and me could see nothing but the stars and just sat and looked. “Hey, Peter,” I said, “what should we do while we wait?”

    “I don’t know. Think about our place in this forsaken world I guess.” He was in pain while saying that. You could tell by the sound of his voice. The f*****g mosquitoes really ripped up his face. “How is my sister, Tank? You know, Andrea? How is she doing?”

    “She’s great, Peter. In fact, I proposed. We meant to be wed when we come back.” Peter was close to her. They were brother and sister. The two had a good life together.

    “I see. Well, congratulations man.”

    “I was hoping for you to be my best man; you’ve been my best friend sense we were kids,” I replied.

    “That is if we get out of this alive. I will if that is the case.” No words were spoken after that. We were silent for the rest of the time. It was hard to tell, but there was a large smile on his face. He must’ve been happy that I asked him to be my best man. We’d have to postpone it though. We both needed to recuperate first.

    The plane could be heard in the distance. We were finally out of this s**t hole. Our journey was home. The pilot landed the plain. We made it in. as we were taking off we could see the Japanese army arrive to the destination we were at. They were ready to fire their weapons. I saw Takeo standing with his hand putting a soldier’s gun down. The rest copied this. I respected him. Something told me he respected me as well. Maybe he figured the states should deal with me and not him.

    The journey was long. We could see the ocean sparkle with the moonlight. It was impressive. We landed on a battleship. We were given medical treatment right off the bat. Our sorrows and pain would no longer have to be dealt with. Peter was more beat then I was though, and he needed medical attention more than I. the guy would need full face reconstruction. I needed teeth removed and then some fake teeth to replace them. The bamboo really did a number on them. We would be here for another month.

    The medical treatments were successful and we were to stay on the ship until we made port back in San Francisco. The men here were kind; too kind. If there was a Japanese attack they’d probably chicken out. They did not appear to be the fighting type. They were scrawny. There wasn’t any meat on their bones. Made me wonder why the military would let babies like these in. I just had to accept it. It appeared that they were the backup for us on Midway. They came and regained the land, but were told to leave.

    Once fully healed, when Peter and I could finally speak, all we would do was answering the thousands of questions on how we survived, what the Japanese did to us, and what were our hardships. Neither of us felt to the task of answering these questions, especially Peter. He was so traumatized that he wouldn’t speak to anybody but the ship’s captain and me. Who could blame him though? They did to him three times what they did to me.

    We arrived at San Francisco Bay. Many of our fellow Americans were cheering for the return. Children, women, and parents all alike glad to see their loved ones returned. I was just glad to be back in the sane hemisphere. All my thoughts troubles were finally relieved. When I returned to DC I was welcomed with honor. Guess they considered me a war hero. I was told I would be given a Medal of Honor for my actions.

    Shortly after, something called the Manhattan Project was in development. We decided to drop them on Germany to stop the Nazis. It would have been better to drop it on Japan though. We loosed millions of men on the ground assault. The Japanese had quite an oath of honor. Nothing would break them until we killed half of the people on their four islands. The victory went to us still.

    * * *​

    Those were the days. The times of h**l. The only thing us Americans had to worry about now was the communism threat of the new Soviet Union. I hated communists. I told the army I would join any time if they needed a man to kill some Soviets. I swore if I had to work with one I would ignore him and blame everything on him. Thank God that was never going to happen.

    Working my way through the first floor of this house, it came to my notice that a Nazi uniform was on some of the dead bodies. This place must have been a battleground. I didn’t know the Allies fought here. This body was torn limb from limb. No legs of arms were on it. This poor guy must have been good if they had to shoot every limb off.

    I looked into the distance from one of the blockades. There were two people walking slowly over to this place. I yelled, “Hey! You two shouldn’t be here. This place isn’t meant for normal humans.” I got absolutely no response from them. They just continued to slowly work their way over here. Something was definitely out of place.

    The closer they got, the more I could see of who or what they were. Both were wearing Nazi uniforms. I knew this was Germany but the war was over for a few years now. We nuked them all. Shouldn’t they be gone or hidden? Being here in the open isn’t smart. They had their mouths open with drool coming down continuously. Were they ******ed? Looking even closer, they had blood all over their body. It was eerie. The creepiest thing about them was that they had glowing yellow eyes. They were more alien then human. Oddly enough they looked the exact same a loud moan also came from these beings once they were close enough to hear. These things weren’t natural, but they could be friendly.

    They got close enough to shake hands with. I put it out and tried to talk with them. They gave me a blank look. They were definitely brain dead. They looked at me closely. The one behind it had an evil look in its luminous eyes. It yelled then hit me with great force. “What the f**k was that for!” I yelled. No response from these guys other than other than moans and grunts.

    I backed away quickly. These things continued to get closer with their arms up trying to hit me. They meant business. It was a good thing I brought a gun. I shot the first one’s head off. Then I should the other one in the torso a few times killing it as well. It was the weirdest piece of s**t I have seen in my life. Even though I shot it, it didn’t flinch. It just kept going. They felt nothing.

    I looked to see if there were any more. It happened to be that allot more were coming to me. This was worrisome. I couldn’t open the door to the next room and the stairs had a couch on top, which made it nearly impossible to jump. I figured I would just stand and fight.

    They came closer. I shot them killing each easily. But the more I progressed, the more they came and the stronger they became. A whole group was coming. I chucked a grenade to them. Several died but some needed a few more burst of bullets. These things were now becoming strong enough to handle a grenade into the face. My worries heightened. It became clear to me why the people here boarded everything they could. I did the same for the times when they were not coming so rapidly.

    I could hear one of the windows breaking, but every time I looked back there was no one there. I stared and to my astonishment it was just degrading piece by piece. I looked over the barricade. One of the things I blew up with the grenade had no legs. It was still trying to kill me. The thing was for sure not alive. It wasn’t bleeding. You could see a trail of blood behind it then it just stopped. These things weren’t dead; they were zombified. I had no choice but to shoot it.

    I was getting low on ammo. The door became looser then the last time I tried to open it. I figured one more good shoulder hit to the door should do it. I budged through and the room was empty. These walls looked worse than the ones in the room before. It was dark and this box with question marks was in a corner. I wasn’t going to take the chance and grab it. The zombies started to comes in large amounts. There was no end to them. My gun wasn’t going to hold much longer. The waves were getting harder and harder.

    I had no choice left. I jumped to the box when the wave was over. It opened and it contained a Flamethrower and a BAR. These guns will do in the fight. The flames were quite powerful against these things. It burned them to a crisp in. it was losing its power the more they came. It was a good weapon but it didn’t have much power.

    This room was harder to defend. The windows were less durable and the wall behind me crumbled with zombies coming through an underground cave. My only option was to try and jump the couch on the stairs. I would have to wait though. This wave was the largest by far I have faced. It was getting harder to see from all the blood that splattered into my eyes from the zombies. My grenade were depleting too. All the extras I found on the ground were nearly gone.

    The wave was over. I got across the couches with ease. Right when I got to the other side, they were literally zapped out of thin air. My mind was blown away with shock. All that I had left was to find a good place to camp and kill these things. I saw a Trench Gun on the floor. The flamethrower was low on fuel so it would make for a good close range gun. I figured if I could camp in the room with the other staircase I would be fine. The couches weren’t gone, so the zombies wouldn’t be able to get over since it was too high.

    The moans started again. They were breaking through the windows. My BAR should do well enough against these guys for a while. It was trusty. It mowed through the zombies with great force. These things didn’t stand a chance. It was good that there was ammo for the gun everywhere too. It made this a little easier.

    I loosed track of which wave I was on. I think this was the twenty-first wave. Not sure if my BAR could handle this. The fire rate was becoming slow. It had to be a gun jam. I had no time to figure this out. I had to run fast, throwing grenades behind me while I ran. My trench gun was capable of blowing them away time to time. I got it fixed. It was in the nick of time. Needed to reload and my grenades were scarce.

    The waves were coming harder and harder. This was the twenty-fifth to my best knowledge. It took all of my firepower and then some. The wave was over. I waited. Some time went by. Nothing was happening or coming. It must have finally ended. That was a relief. Although I had the biggest thrill killing them.

    I made my way to the roof of the house. I double-checked if there were more. The land was bare. Not a sign of life left. I saw the meteorite, and it looked a little radioactive. The fire surrounding it was ominous but the flames were not hot whatsoever. I grabbed it and I felt enriched with life. The feeling sickened me. The sooner I got rid of this the better.

    A loud roar went off. A giant silverback gorilla was in the distance. It was faded and hard to detail other than its silver color. It had a demon-like glow to its eyes though. It ran at me and jumped up to the top of the building. It grabbed the meteor from me after tackling me down. It decided to run off and not harm me. I shot after the thing with what rounds I had left. The thing was unfazed. The thing seemed indestructible.

    While it was closer to me I had a slight chance to see what it looked like. It had a large silver space jacked. Its skin was rotting off its body. Blood gushed from its eyes. The smell of its breath was terrifying. He seemed angry. That was a monkey you didn’t want to mess with. Its eyes weren’t just blood red, they hard dark black pupils.

    It was strange that a giant ape would decide to live in Germany. It wasn’t the norm of the area. He headed into the south. It was communist territory. The one place I couldn’t stand. The world was out to get me. Telling the army was going to be tough. “Agent Tanks reporting.”

    “We hear you loud and clear. Go ahead Tank.”

    “I managed to obtain the rock you requested after being thrashed around by f*****g zombies that no one cared to warn me about. After obtaining, though, a silverback ape took the meteor and headed south.”

    “Well, General, get you’re a** over there and get you imaginary zombie monkey. We don’t give a d**n about your fairy tale encounter just get the f*****g rock!” I was given the coordinates of the rocks destination. My next stop was a few miles away. I was going to have to walk on foot to a place called Verruct.