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May 15, 2007
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South Park.
Collecting my money, now pay up!


NO WONT LET YOU, from South Park.

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Feb 25, 2013
    1. Garxena
      I wish I could. I put a protective thingy on my computer and it doesn't allow any instant messaging. In fact, yahoo was one on the main offenders for crashing my computer, that's why I switched to gmail.
    2. Garxena
      I'm sorry to hear that. This site has a lot of people on it that care about you. Well, if you don't stick around, I'll miss you.
    3. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Oh, I agree with you completely. It was a lot more fun a year or two ago.
    4. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      I understand, lol. I rarely get on anymore.
    5. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      How you doin'?
    6. Deathsight44
      Come to new york and I can? xD
    7. Deathsight44
      how am i lurking?
    8. Deathsight44
    9. Nami the pirate queen
      Nami the pirate queen
      nothing just bored
    10. Nami the pirate queen
      Nami the pirate queen
      thanx so what are you up to
    11. Nami the pirate queen
      Nami the pirate queen
      thanx hi i'm naomi nice to meet ya
    12. Dexnail
      alrighty will do :)
    13. Fayt-Harkwind
    14. Fayt-Harkwind
    15. Fayt-Harkwind
    16. Fayt-Harkwind
      Sure. I dunno who would be the manager, but whoever it is will be an character anyone can use I guess. It could be Bit or Leena, Bit could of gone off with Liger Zero and Leena could of inherited the hover ship and all the stuff. I'll think of something when it starts I guess XD
    17. Fayt-Harkwind

      I think it was like 20 years.
    18. Fayt-Harkwind
      Ok, got it

      Username: Asterisk
      Name: Issac Monroe
      Age: 19
      History/Bio: Born to a female Zoid arms trader and a male Zoid pilot with a knack for getting out of tough situations, the two were able to produce a fine man by the name of Issac Monroe.Growing up, Issac was always fascinated by Zoid battles but was too nervous to attempt to do it.But one day, when he was only seventeen, he went to see a match with his father and another player in the Zoid circuit ..only this member was a part of the backdraft group.

      He won, not to Issac's surprise seeing as his father was very good with the Blade Liger of his.

      But, after the match, the man climbed out of his ruined Zoid and pulled out a hand gun, shooting his father in the chest to pay for his embarrassing loss.His father was dead ..but the man was caught and the group responsible was now wanted by the law.It was then that hatred and rage built inside Issac, and he wanted to unleash it in a Zoid battle.His father taught him many of his maneuvers and Zoid abilities ..and in his will, the Black Impact Blade Liger was now his.

      Two years later, Issac was an accomplished Zoid combatant and had joined up with the Blitz Team to increase his skills, as well as come across the group responsible for killing his father.
      Personality: Despite the pain and rage he still feels when thinking of the gunshot he heard, Issac is a generally friendly guy, but has a competitive attitude that tells you to watch yourself.He's not the ladies man type, though he may come off that way. His only interests so far include Zoid battling and acquiring new parts, little else.
      Zoid: Black Impact Blade Liger
      Zoid Image: impact blade liger.jpg
      Zoid other: Equipped with projection shield, standard thrusters, and two small laser cannons on the bottom.
      Team: Blitz Team
      Other: Van's stomach shirt
    19. Fayt-Harkwind
      I can go get your old bio if you want.

      3 to start with, I think. I'm gonna have to be a few more characters probably.
    20. Fayt-Harkwind
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    South Park.
    Collecting my money, now pay up!
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