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Mar 19, 1991 (Age: 33)
On the internet obviously


Gummi Ship Junkie, 33, from On the internet obviously

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Mar 22, 2014
    1. Jaxed
      'Ello, you. I'm back.
    2. hidden_light
      Lol either way, I still get to call you DK lol...
    3. hidden_light
      And he finally realizes ninjas don't wear bright orange jumpsuits... I say you should. Really, I don't see anything wrong with it. I mean, there is partial nakedness but its only at the beginning and its for a certain reason. Its one of the cutest stories I've read and I think you would like it lol.

      I am not sure... Oh it snowed today during school~! It was right before we began our winter concert too for the little fourth and fifth graders! My fourth period teacher even let us out to play in it! It was AWESOME!
    4. hidden_light
      The only part I like about Naruto are the battles, Gaara, and sasuke. Naruto gets on my nerves, I hate sakura, and everything else is okay I guess. Takes forever to get anywhere in the anime.... Bleach is cute sometimes, especially in the movie Memories of a Nobody. I loved the movie ^^ I've actually seen most of Card Captor and Shugo Chara, but I'll need to see AAA. Oh, I love Absolute Boyfriend! The manga's simply adorable and I can kind of relate to it lol.

      Oh yeah I forgot about that XD Some of my friends are actually scared to come to my house because of that lol.
    5. hidden_light
      Lol I love mangas that have the cutest love scenes like Tsubasa: Those With Wings. I can't help squealing as I read them. Ooh, but I have to agree. I've never read School Rumble though... Have you ever seen the one called School Days? I kind of like it because its pretty funny but the story makes absolute no sense... O.O

      Because you were born there and you kind of have to? Lol...
      Ugh, I wish it was like that in Texas. Seriously, I love it when it gets cold because the rest of the year its boiling!! Its a nice change of pace and it gets cloudy and rainy which is absolutely awesome! ^^
    6. hidden_light
      Everyone claims they're bisexual these days. Geez half the people i know say they are... And most guys don't realize yuri is just two girls. I had to explain it to my best friend and he's like, "well isn't that just being lesbian in anime?" O.O Although I don't think most guys would like it anyway. Maybe a little less than half...

      Nothing... >.> <.<
      Except it has snow XD
    7. hidden_light
      Well I suppose we are just as bad, or maybe even worse. Lol, have you ever met a yaoi fangirl? Full time perverts lol. I should know, I have like two friends that are yaoi fangirls and they are more perverted than some of my guy friends. XD

      I would destroy everything, starting with Canada... And special effects can make some of the worst movies average. I can't wait to go to college so I can start learning every single effect known so far! ^o^

      Ah, eyebrows are always hard... >:D
    8. hidden_light
      Tch, guys are such perverts. Lol jk jk...

      Eh, sounds more dramatic. At least the earth wasn't destroyed in The Day After Tomorrow. And why only Africa? Would Antarctica- oh wait, global warming probably took care of that. If it exists...
    9. hidden_light
      Lol well the point is you had fun and hey, you probably learned more about the girl too.^^

      Was it like The Day After Tomorrow? Or like more cataclysmic?
    10. hidden_light
      Probably. But then again teenagers have been deluding themselves with the idea of love since the beginning of time...
    11. hidden_light
      Ah, sorry to hear that. Luckily my sister hates Twilight as well so I don't have to worry about that...
      Well, as she has just corrected me a few moments ago, she doesn't hate it she just "dislikes it strongly" apparently.. XD
    12. hidden_light
      Wait... how did you know? O.o
    13. hidden_light
      Oh not all teen books these days have unplanned teen pregnancy... Like.. um...
      So what do you think of mythology? XD
    14. hidden_light
      Jacob is not a stalker, he's simply obsessed with Bella and her eventual kid... Oh spoiler, my bad...
      And I wouldn't have a problem with Edward except he sparkles... Vampires do not sparkle! That just ruined it...

      True, true... Sad, really..
    15. hidden_light
      I know, even my English teacher is obsessed with it. Frankly, I don't see why its so great. The book is only good for a one time read, in my opinion, and the movies kinda suck...

      They put too much make up on Robert Patterson :p
    16. hidden_light
      Oh that's great! That seems interesting... ^^
      Oh I wanted to see that one but my friends want to see Twilight instead. Ugh, I hate Twilight.. Only good thing about it was Jacob... :p
    17. hidden_light
      Uh, well.... No not really. The only thing I can think of is my tryouts coming up for band... Which will probably put me in last chair...

      How about you?
    18. hidden_light
      Really? Hm, I've never played a final fantasy game but my friends keep telling me its one of the best, so I've been wanting to try one out...

      I see you finally decided lol
    19. hidden_light

      You could wash it... or put a mint on it...

      Lol, try not to spend it all. You should out some away in the bank so you have some saved up for big stuff.
    20. hidden_light
      Whenever you go to reply, click on the Go Advanced button. Up by the font color button, there should be a smiley next to it. Click on the down arrow next to it and scroll down to the bottom. There it should say Show All Smileys. Another window pops up and just click on the smiley you like! :cheers:

      You could offer them money... Or a pillow XD

      Really? That's awesome! You excited!? :=D:
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    On the internet obviously
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