A dare for Midnight - a friendfic!

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    So Midnight gave me a choice for a dare so I chose to write a friendfic.

    I hope she likes it. O:3

    KHV lay silent. A thick darkness bended itself throughout the forum, squeezing through every nook and cranny, covering everything bold enough to be out at this hour. ..Or anyone foolish enough. Midnight cautiously made her way through the forum, clinging to a wall for guidance. She was playing a game till the light had gone out, allowing the darkness to settle upon the forum. Most members knew well enough to return to their homes well before the light went out, as did Midnight, but tonight was one of the few nights she had a chance to go out and play tag with her fellow khvidians, and she found herself lost in the silliness of the game. And before she knew it, hiding in a post, she was alone and the light had gone. Now, she clung for dear life to a wall that led anywhere.

    ‘Stupid, stupid, stupid!’ she thought to herself, daring not to speak aloud and draw attention to herself. There were things in the dark that no member ever wished to encounter. There were many stories about what lurked in the dark; a noob biting more spam than he could chew, transforming into a grizzly beast that ate the spaminess from others; an ex-staff member bent on revenge for being dismissed; Amaury out killing potential rivals for staff; even a story about a lost puppy that liked to run around the feet of unsuspecting members, accidently tripping them up and licking their faces. Though many claimed the puppy had tried to maul them to death. Midnight believed none of those stories. No, she believed something more sinister roamed the forum at night.

    Her hands slid across the rough edges of the Playground. Already scrapes and blisters had formed on her palms. The continual contact stung her hands but she dared not let go in fear of never finding it again. Her feet moved slowly and quietly, the sound of her shoes touching the ground muffled by the thick layer of darkness. She could hardly see her own hands in front of her, less than a foot from her face. Midnight did all she could not to think about her predicament, from singing in her head to thinking about what was for dinner when she got home. But fear washed over her as she stumbled on something on the ground, causing her to lose balance and fall. She bit her lower lip to prevent the scream she so desperately wanted from escaping, blood filling her mouth as she hit the ground.

    ‘What the…?’ she groaned, rubbing her head as she sat on her knees. Her tongue moved to the cut in her mouth, assessing the damage before spitting the warm liquid out. Another groan seeped through the darkness and it took Midnight a moment to realise it wasn’t hers. It came again, slightly louder, and something rubbed against her leg. Her body froze; a shiver went up her spine, every hair stood up, but she couldn’t move.

    ‘Help…me…’ the voice was weak and pleading. ‘Please…’

    Her body calmed at the sound of the voice. It sounded so familiar. Gingerly she placed her hand on the thing beside her - a leg she figured – and gently followed it upwards. A burst of giggles came from the voice below her, the person’s body wiggling frantically. ‘Not there!’

    ‘S-sorry’ Midnight replied, continuing upwards till she found a hand wrap around hers. ‘My. pocket’ the voice sounded exhausted, each word followed by a gasp of air. She was unsure. Hadn’t she just… ‘Coat…pocket.’ She followed the outline of the coat till she reached the pocket, reaching inside and pulling out what she recognised as a lighter. With a flick of the flint wheel a small flame came to life, illuminating a small area around them - Makaze and herself. Her heart almost stopped at the sight of him. He looked ghastly; his skin pale and sweaty, his hair damp from sweat and his eyes glazed.

    ‘W-what happened to you?’ She asked, unsure if she really wanted to know.

    ‘It…it came for me…’ he coughed, blood spluttering over his chin. ‘It…tried to… eat me…’ weakly he gestured to his side. It hadn’t tried to eat him, it had. A large piece of his side had been torn from him, his insides hanging out, and a pool of blood spreading from his body.

    Midnight felt her stomach lurch. She was going to be sick but she fought the movement. The cold hand reached for hers. ‘Please…help me…’ There was nothing she could do. By some miracle Makaze was still alive but his time was short, the damage was extensive and she was no House.

    ‘I’m sorry…’ tears welled in her eyes. Truly she wanted to help but she couldn’t even help herself. She was lost and vulnerable in the darkness, and there was nothing she could do about it.

    A loud screeching wail caused Midnight to turn. She tried to locate where it came from but the terrifying sound surrounded her. It came again, closer. The sound tore at her ears, forcing her hands to cover them. Midnight yelped in pain as the lighter singed her ear, dropping it to the ground with a clang.

    ‘No. PLEASE NO!’ Makaze begged. ‘HELP ME!’ Midnight fumbled for the lighter on the ground. Her hands shook violently as she felt for the small object, her body trembling as the creature moved closer. Her fingers wrapped around the small lighter and she pushed herself off the ground and into a run through the pitch black.

    ‘PLEASE! HELP ME-‘ Makaze’s voice broke into an agonising scream. Midnight could make out the sound of flesh tearing underneath Makaze’s screams till there was nothing left but the sound of flesh ripping from flesh. Midnight ran and ran, unaware of where she was heading till she crashed into something hard, sending her to the ground. Her head cracked from the impact and a hot trial ran down her face. That monstrous wail echoed around her, causing the panic to reach bursting point. Her heart pounded so hard she thought it would pop from the terror.

    Then something near her shifted. She stared wide-eyed into the darkness, almost willing it to lift. Something was there, just feet from her. ‘Hello? Are you alright?’ Midnight recognised the heavy Irish accent.

    ‘Daxa?!’ she cried.
    ‘Midnight, are you ok?’
    ‘Yes yes! Oh Daxa, it was horrible! Makaze…that, THAT THING! IT ATE HIM!’
    ‘Midnight, calm down, calm down.’ Daxa moved closer to the other girl bring her into a hug. ‘It’s ok, it’s ok now.’ The Irish lassie assured.

    ‘B-but, it’s coming! Daxa, we gotta get out of her, we need to find somewhere safe!’

    ‘We’ll be safer if we stay here. Back-up’s on the way.’

    ‘Back-up?! We need-‘Midnight cringed as her head throbbed in pain. Her hand gently touched the injured area, recoiling as another wave of pain seethed through her head at the touch. She flicked the lighter into life and for a brief moment its warmth gave comfort to her.

    ‘Midnight your head!’ Daxa tore off her long sleeve and wrapped it around Midnight’s head causing the other girl to grunt in pain. ‘It’ll stop the bleeding till help arrives. Don’t worry, everything will be ok.’

    ‘Get rid of the light ye eejits!’

    The two girls turned to look behind them. A figure came rushing out of the darkness and into the light.

    ‘Kitty!’ they yelled.
    ‘Haud yer wheest! Ye trying to get yerselves killed?’ The older girl stopped and crouch in front of them. ‘Ye awright Midnight?’

    The sound of heavy breathing stopped Midnight from replying. The three girls looked up. A shadow stood at the edge of the darkness from where Kitty had come. Its body heaving heavily as it breathed. It took a step into the light, then another. Slowly until the thing came into full view. Midnight gasped. ‘Kelly!’
    Kelly slowly swayed forward giggling manically. Her face looked possessive as her eyes darted wildly between the three, drool drizzling down her chin in anticipation, like a wild desperate beast.

    ‘Kelly killed makaze? KELLY ATE MAKAZE?!’ Midnight went limp. A friend had just died. A friend she was unable to save. A friend who suffered a grizzly death at the teeth of another friend she held dear. It was all too much for her. Her body would have crumpled to the ground if Daxa hadn’t been there to hold her up.
    Kelly inched closer to the group. She snarled as Kitty stood up and confronted her.

    ‘Ye’ve been a very naughty lass, Kelly! Very naughty!’ Kitty scolded, waving her finger menacingly at the younger woman. Kelly snarled in reply, rage twisted on her face but Kitty held her ground. She reached into her pocket and produced a bar of chocolate, tossing it at Kelly. Kelly’s face transformed. Her eyes gleamed with joy and she wore a smile that told the world that today was the happiest day of her life. The other girls could practically hear her purr.

    Midnight stared in disbelief. ‘I don’t understand…’

    Kitty chuckled. ‘Kelly was only hungry.’


    ‘Nae butts! Let’s get ye cleaned up.’ Kitty reached down to Midnight and lifted her into her arms. Midnight was taken aback by the sudden contact but she couldn’t complain. She was exhausted and being held in someone’s arms was comforting. ‘Daxa, make sure ye get Kelly something else to eat. We don’t want a repeat of this evening. Oh, Midnight, could you give them yer lighter?’ Without a word Midnight handed Daxa her lighter. She was slightly reluctant to part with the object of her friend but she lacked any strength to argue.

    ‘Aye aye!’ Daxa fished a bar of chocolate out of her pocket and gave it Kelly who had already devoured the first. Midnight and Kitty watched as the pair wandered into the darkness, their light gradually fading into the dark.
    ‘Shall we?’ They walked for a few minutes, Midnight unsure of where they were going. She still couldn’t see anything – the dark still thick around them.

    ‘Ummm, Kitty? Do you know where you’re going?’

    ‘Of course! I have excellent eye sight so this darkness is nothing. I’m gonna take ye back to me place so I can fix ye up. It’s just around the corner.’

    Midnight relaxed against the strong arms of Kitty. ‘I guess this is why they call her the Manliest Man…’ they walked for a few minutes more before stopping. It looked like everything else in this deep, labyrinth of darkness, but Kitty saw past it. She used her leg to open a hidden door and light spilled out from it. Midnight had to cover her eyes with hands to stop the light from burning them. They moved inside. The room was simple; a bed on the far side, a single chair and table to the side with a small kitchen area on the other. Kitty walked towards the bed and placed Midnight on it before returning to the door and sliding the snip into place.

    Midnight felt herself drift as she laid on the bed. So much had happened and it left her both physically and mentally drained. She didn’t have the strength to think about it and so resigned herself to sleep. Midnight closed her eyes and for a brief moment she thought she would sleep. But the image of Kelly bent over Makaze’s body plagued her mind. She opened her eyes and looked to Kitty. She still stood by the front door, her face unreadable.

    ‘I…I can’t believe Kelly was that monster.’ Midnight reached up and tossed her hands into her hair. ‘Was it really safe to leave Daxa with her?’

    Kitty laughed. ‘Daxa will be fine. She’s a tough lass.’

    ‘But what about the monster? Kelly-‘

    ‘Kelly was only hungry. She was looking for a Fish and Chips shop till she got lost. There are no monsters out there.’

    ‘But Kelly attacked and killed Makaze! How can you say-‘

    ‘Ye think Kelly would attack and eat a man cause she was a wee bit peckish?’

    ‘Well…yes. Kelly’s anger and violence is well known throughout the forum. But, if it wasn’t her then-‘

    Midnight watched in horror as Kitty stalked towards her. Her eyes becoming cat like as she watched the girl in her bed, her fingers forming into claws…with a single movement Kitty leapt to the bed and pinned Midnight down. Her claws wrapped over Midnight’s mouth, tearing at the skin and drawing blood. Midnight tried to fight back but her arms were pinned and she lacked any strength to free herself.

    ‘There are a few perks to eating members…well, certain parts of them.’ Kitty whispered into Midnight’s ear. ‘The heart for one.’ She dug her claws deep into Midnight’s chest, her other hand muffling the girls screams and she tore into her chest. ‘I’m looking forward to this. Makaze’s heart and soul were lacking but ye look to be a feast!’ She looked down at the blood running onto the sheets. ‘…if a wee bit messy. ‘She continued to tear at the young woman, feasting upon her flesh and life. The rest of the forum slept soundly that night unaware of the brutal act that had occurred and of the beast that walked among them.

    The next day!

    ‘Kitty Kitty!’ Daxa yelled, running up to the Scottish lass. ‘How’s Midnight? Is she ok?’

    ‘About that…’ she looked down, her face drained of any happiness. ‘We were ambushed last night and Midnight…’ she couldn’t bring herself to finish the sentence.

    ‘What? What happened?’

    ‘The puppy… THERE WAS NOTHING I COULD DO!’ Kitty cried collapsing onto Daxa. It was such an odd thing to see Kitty breakdown like this but Daxa, being the saint that she is, did her best to comfort the woman.

    ‘It’s ok, it’s ok. Shhhhh… You did your best’ she said smoothly. ‘Kitty sobbed as she hung over Daxa, her head leaning into Daxa’s neck as she smelled her next victim.

  2. Peyton Goddess Of Love ♥

    Feb 12, 2007
    Oh I wish this was in the spamzone so I wouldn't be forced to give you a somewhat proper comment, again. x)

    *spoilerrrrrz ahead*

    Either way, love the plot twist and nice way to incorporate accent into the story. Though I feel bad for the victims, bad kitty!

    Now don't eat me as well :C
  3. Lauriam I hope I didn't keep you waiting...

    Jun 4, 2009
    Nonbinary she/he/it?
    Wow, this was somewhat disturbing and yet, oddly compelling. I liked it. Nice work, I think the plot-twist was fun, although I saw it coming (Partly because I read the previous comment about a plot-twist and so I expected something like that XD), and you did a nice job portraying the fear Midnight felt throughout the story.

    Honestly, I wouldn't mind if you continued, turned it into a sort of hunt for this monster, have other members figure out what's going on and try to stop it. I think you could have quite an epic tale on your hands.
  4. Pinekaboo Chaser

    Feb 18, 2011
    I read it, expecting something that was just going to be fun. I laughed when Kelly was on the ceiling.
    But when you
    killed Midnight... I had actual tears in my eyes.
    Why would you do that?!
    Other than the fact that you
    murdered her ;_;
    it was really great. It was pretty easy to read, and a compelling dramatic plot, even if just a single chapter.
    Oh the irony that Kitty would blame a puppy.
  5. Korosu Kingdom Keeper

    Dec 27, 2009
    United Kingdom
    Oh god. I can't stop laughing! What a plot twist at the end though, very well done Kitty.
    I hope you didn't end up devouring me. ;_;
  6. Feenie Finny, Fin of the Feenie Fish

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    Aberdeen, Scotland
    "She was looking for a Fish and Chips shop till she got lost."

    Are you insinuating anything in particular?

    But regardless, it was a very good story. Very gripping and suspenseful. Great job!
  7. kitty_mckechnie I want to hug you like big fuzzy Siberian bear!

    Feb 6, 2007
    wrong type of spoiler tag! >|

    Cheers! I would consider continuing it if folk were interested. I have a few ideas on how I could continue it but I'd need to finish What's story first. xD

    lol! I'm sorry!


    Who knows Kelly, who knows...

    lol, no. XD Kelly said Fish and chips were her favourite.

    Cheers for the comments guys. If anyone would be interested in a continuation I'd consider doing so.
  8. Daxa~ #stalker

    Feb 20, 2011
    Near, far, Jafar.
    Oh my goodness Kitty ðear.
    This was just amazing.
    I laughed very much when Kelly turned up looking for a chip shop.
    And was about to cry when you killed darling Midny ;_;
    I am also honoured to be featured in your beautiful story.
    don't eat me
  9. Midnight Star Master of Physics

    Jun 7, 2009
    Ooh nice one, I like it...well I'm not sure how I feel about the end (for obvious reasons xD).

    But no, it was interesting and definatly a different take on things. Did you enjoy writing that? You're able to express emotion like fear really well and you kept the tension up right the way through. Good job.
  10. Rhiscx Banned

    Mar 8, 2009
    Far far away
    OMG, you killed Makaze.......That was too much.

    Aside from the death, this was pretty good, and rich in detail. Good job, even if it was a dare.