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    Need to learn how to draw something? Looking for references? Hungry for art books? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

    Here, you’ll find an extensive list of tutorials gathered and made by members, for members, over the many years that the KHV Arts and Graphics section has been open. Please, feel free to peruse our collection, and if you have something you’d like to add to the list, go ahead and make a post!

    Happy drawing!​

    Body Basics

    Human Anatomy

    Guide to Drawing The Body by Majnouna

    Guide to Drawing Body Types by Cedarseed

    General Human Anatomy by Andrew Loomis (downloadable pdfs)

    Human Bodyparts

    Semi-Realistic Eye Tutorial by Qinni

    Face Tutorial by shingworks

    Face Tutorial by Fukari

    Bishoujo-Style Anime Eye Tutorial by Illness-Illusion

    Manga Eye Tutorial by Jakuu

    Drawing Hands by Majnouna

    Drawing Feet by Majnouna


    Capturing Pose and Figure Study by fyuvix

    Pose and Character Perspective by Aquafeles


    Clothing and Fold Tutorial Pt 1 by DarlingMionette

    Clothing and Fold Tutorial Pt 2 by DarlingMionette

    Clothing Notes by shark-bomb

    How to Draw Ruffles by Samantha Lewis


    Horse Tutorial by Droemar

    Canine Leg Anatomy by Bonz847

    Techniques for Lineart, Shading, and Coloring

    Traditional Tools


    Shading with Pencil (Plus digital elements) by mythori

    Colored Pencil Tutorial by fog-mire

    Acrylic Paint

    Acrylic Painting Process by paradegritar

    Acrylic Painting Tutorial by miimork


    Roxas Painting Process by Revenant-Wings

    Watercolor Tutorial by Ze-RoFruits

    Digital Tools


    General Photoshop Pen Tool Tutorial by Photoshop Café

    Photoshop Pen Tool Lineart Tutorial by THAZumi (doesn't work with CS6, but works with previous versions)

    General Lineart Tutorial by The Ez

    Guide to Lineart by Cat-Cat (mostly Photoshop, but good general tutorial)

    Lineart in Paint Tool SAI by Lily-Fu


    Shading Basics by Nsio

    Basic CG Tutorial by iDNAR

    Quick and Easy Coloring by vashs-angel

    Realistic Coloring by minties

    Soft Coloring Tutorial by Kitanya

    Full Drawing Walkthrough by shilin

    Pepper Portrait Process by Artgerm


    Elements (Lightning, Snow, and Fire) by ShadowUmbre

    Night Sky Tutorial by Sadir89

    Morning/Evening/Stormy Sky Tutorial by Sadir89

    Word Balloon Tutorial by dynamicsketch

    Miscellaneous Tutorials

    Ploykarbon’s Tutorials for a variety of different basic subjects (also available in Spanish)

    Mark Crilley’s Youtube Tutorials

    What's Next?

    So what's next, after all that? Well, if you have a tutorial to submit, be it one you made or one you found, go ahead and post it in this thread! We'll review it, and then add it to this magnificent list!

    Remember, kids, all drawing starts with a basic foundation. We all start somewhere, so whether you've been painting landscapes for twenty years or you've been drawing anime for two months, there's always more to learn!

    Much love,

    Fearless and The KH-Vids Staff~