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    Welcome to the Arts and Graphics Section! Here, you can find all manner of visually creative projects, from signature graphics to traditionally painted masterpieces. Please remember that the general site rules still apply here, in addition to the specialty rules for the section.

    Happy posting!

    General Rules

    1. Please keep all your work in one thread.

    Unless you have a big project that you feel warrants its own thread, please keep one thread for all your general work. This will allow people to look at all of your work in one place, instead of having to jump around to look for all of it.

    Note that this rule is not set in stone, and has exceptions, but as a general rule, just keep all your things in one place. If you’re not sure, just ask a mod!

    2. You are allowed to double post in your own work thread.

    If you wish to update your art thread with something new, and you were the last person to post, you are allowed to double post. Note that most posts will auto-merge if posted less than a week apart.

    3. No plagiarism!

    Please do not rip others design work or art work and claim it as your own. We will find out, and anyone caught trying to pull this will be punished.

    4. No Spam.

    In accordance with site rules, spam goes in the Spam Zone. All spam will be deleted, and repeat offenders will receive a warning.

    In this section, a post is considered spam if;
    • The post does not have anything to do with the original thread. Discussion is encouraged, but please stay on topic.
    • The post is antagonistic or rude.
    • The post contains less than six words.

    5. Please learn to leave constructive criticism.

    This section is very much a place for artists to receive feedback on their work in a safe, friendly environment. Please remember that learning to give and take constructive criticism is an important part of being an artist, but we’re all friends here, so a few nice words in your post is always appreciated. Bashing of other artists is not tolerated.

    If you don’t know how to write constructive criticism, then please check out this thread. We’re not expecting a perfect critique, or an essay of a post, but leaving too little in your post is just as bad as spamming. Remember; No one can hate you for trying!

    6. Ask before using someone else’s work.

    In the same vein as plagiarism, please do not use another member’s work in your own projects without asking.

    7. Do not ask for tutorials.

    There are several Lists of Tutorials stickied to the top of the forums should you find yourself in need of some assistance in your art. However, if you’ve still got a question after reading through the tutorials, you’re welcome to make a post in our Help Subforum.

    What do I post here?

    In this section, you’re more than welcome to post any art you personally have made or helped to make! This includes, but is not limited to, graphically edited signatures, avatars, wallpapers, digitally and traditionally done paintings and illustrations, and pieces that blend multiple mediums.

    In the past, we’ve had separate sections for each type of medium, but with the introduction of prefixes, that’s no longer necessary. Now, all types of art may be placed in the main section for all to see! Just remember to place the appropriate prefix before your thread title, or ask a staff member to do it for you.

    The prefixes available in this section are:
    • Digital Art; Used for graphically edited art pieces, such as signatures, wallpapers, and so on.
    • Traditional Art; Used for traditional pieces, such as paintings and illustrations.
    • Photography; Used for photography pieces.

    What do I NOT post here?

    If you would like to request something from an artist, or would like to post your own shop, please refer to the Art Shop Subsection.

    Please note that the Arts and Graphics section is for visual medium work only. Videos, sound clips, and such, should be posted in the Production Studio.

    Any threads posted in the wrong section will be moved to the proper section by a staff member.

    Censorship and Content

    As KH-Vids is a website dedicated to a game series targeted mainly at children, we would prefer if the content of this forum be kept as close to PG-13 as possible. A small amount of leeway may be made if the content is artistic and tasteful, however any such content must be kept under a spoiler tag and well labeled with a disclaimer tag. This is to prevent those who’d rather not see such content from seeing it.

    Sexual content of any nature is not allowed, and we as staff reserve the right to final judgement on whether something is or is not allowed. Use some common sense and judgement to prevent posting anything that may get you in trouble.

    If you every have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact a mod. Remember, we’re here to help you!


    The KH-Vids Staff~
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