Birth by Sleep End credits *possible spoilers :o*

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    Well you know during the credits,and its showing all the clips of what happened next(in a way).
    Well a couple of questions and theroys:
    What did Lea and Isa do next after eating the sea salt ice creams?
    When it goes to Zack,theres a black feather drifting down. Could that be Sephiroth?
    Why do they bother showing the 3 ducks having a race?(I really dont like them xD)
    What do you think Maleficent was off to do when she turns away?

    Ok thats about it....opinions? :p
  2. Saxima [screams geometrically]

    Jan 1, 2010
    I'm pretty sure that Lea and Isa carried our their plan, whatever that maybe and lost their hearts and became Heartless, thus creating Axel and Saix.

    I'm pretty sure the black feather was Sephiroth and he came to defeat Zack with success.

    I'm pretty sure they showed that part just to show it.

    Begin her diabolical ten-year plan to take over the worlds?/shrug
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    For the Zack talk:
    KH1 Sephiroth does have a black angel wing since KH1 Cloud had a black bat wing, Sephiroth's black feathers usually represent he was around during the time and Zack in Olypmus was younger than his CC counterpart so he could of been interested where it came from.

    Crisis Core Wings:
    Zack did state he wanted some wings before his death because it represents freedom and that he was tied down by Shinra's hunt for him and Clud, that and the wings remainded him of Angeal, his mentor, he never does get any wings as proven in AC when he and Aerith appear briefly in the church as Zack's represented by a wolf in AC or the wolf is Cloud's loneliness or grief.

    Lea and Isa:
    I suspect they had their sea-salt ice cream long before the experiment so I'd imagien they done what ever kid wants to do, imaginary fights or have fun, Lea and Isa weren't chosen until after Terranort has become Ansem's student so it was perhaps a few months or years, time in worlds may be large gaps.

    Disney Town race:
    Well it's a Disney game as well so they want their characters to be shown and plus, Disney Town and the race represents innocence and stubborness still within the universe even though the worlds would be plunged into darkness before long so that's probably why.


    No doubt she plans more evil schemes and discovers Pete eventually and may plunge other worlds into darkness off-screen, in BBS Volume 2 trailer from BBS Final Mix, Aurora's castle is somehow within the world of Darkness as Aqua saw, this could mean Maleficent discovers how to travel across the worlds in this realm or sent it there, of course this is just theories on a game that hasn't started production yet as Nomura is focusing on Dream Drop Distance and then perhaps KH III or Vol 2 but what Nomura says is that KH III will put an end to the Xehanort Saga, this means Kingdom Hearts has plans to expand beyond Xehanort's certain defeat.
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    My thoughts are:

    With Isa and Lea I presume they go on living happy lives as best friends, chilling and eating ice cream until at some point something bad happens (I want to think that Lea is somehow responsible for Saïx's scar) giving Isa a scar and them both falling into darkenss and probably falling out. They then joined Organisation XIII just after the first 6 who all worked for Ansem the Wise. After that they strive to get their hearts back.

    With the Zack thing, I don't know much about FF but I presume so since that makes most sense, unless feathers have some other significance in FFVII

    With the race, some people do like them, plus they had to show something from that place as if to round off it's story and show us what it's like after BBS.

    Regarding Meleficent, she probably is planning evil stuff, what else would she be doing? xD
  5. Rhiscx Banned

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    I agree with the above statements. For the Zack thing, my thought is the feather was Sephiroth's, and that was Zack's call to join Soldier (Crisis Core) which is why we don't see him in any of the other games.
  6. Llave Not All Who Wander Are Lost

    Jun 23, 2010
    For the Feather- I had originally thought of Genesis, however, there's no real reason why he would want to see Zack, since nothing like that happened in CC. if it was white, it would obviously would've been Angeal. would've worked out better i suppose, but it was black and that would only logically conclude Sephiroth.

    Zack viewed Sephiroth as a hero as Sephiroth really was until he had his epiphany. So could've been a good or a bad reason, i'm leaning toward more to fight to death, since Sephiroth sprouts the wing after he decides to rule the planet with his "mother", plus we never see Zack again, so i assume he died, kinda like in CC.

    Lea and Isa- like the others said, showing their last days as innocent children. Plus, technically this would be the first time you ever are introduced to Sea-salt Ice cream chronologically. I'm sure the scene was more than likely just to show how Axel got "hooked" on Sea-Salt Ice cream:) (wish i had some...)

    Hewey, Dewey, and Luwie- (think that's how they're spelled) I got nothing, other than they like to compete with each other, henceforth, why in KHII, they each have their own shop. (i think)

    Maleficent- Crazy evil woman= probably (and this is a wild guess) gonna do something evil. Aurora (i think thats how thats spelt too...) was one of the hearts of pure so i think when she gazes at the tower then turns and leaves, it marks her decade quest to obtain each of the princesses of heart.
  7. 61 No. B

    Jul 23, 2011
    I'd rather think that Sephiroth killed Zack for whatever reason.
    Though Genesis would be nice to fight as a optional boss like Sephiroth, or for him just to even be in the game would be awesome.