"Initiating The New Kid"

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    The internet! Duh!
    Insanity and A.D.D. led to me making yet NOTHER story in the middle of me trying to complete 4 others... XD;

    Thankfully, it's pretty short and didn't take as much time as I thought it would.

    Anyways... Ever wonder why in my fanfics, Saix is always pretty irritable, but Xigbar seems to be his favorite chew-toy? =3 Well, here's the answer.

    2Foxxie4U's Irrelevant \ Sleep Deprived Productions~


    "Initiating the New Kid"

    “…Ah, but the heart is mysterious thing. Unlocking its secrets is the reason we, as an Organization, exist. Kingdom Hearts – the center of all hearts in all worlds – is…”

    The deep voice of Xemnas echoed through the plain, white room. Everyone was in their separate thrones. The newcomer was paying attention great attention to his words for fear that the Superior might give him a pop-quiz or something in the middle of his ramblings.

    He glanced around a little. Am I the only one listening to this…? he wondered.


    All of the senior members seemed to be doing their own things – one was aiming at an imaginary Heartless with a purple gun, making little gun-shot sound effects, and another was picking his teeth with a very sharp looking lance. Besides those two, everyone else was dead asleep. Someone in the room was snoring.

    But Xemnas plowed on, completely ignoring his rude subordinates. The new comer shook his head, and turned his attention back to Xemnas. Everyone in the room had on their hoods, beside the Superior, of course.

    Finally, after about an hour of non-stop talking, the Superior paused. “And so you see, you understand why we must find Kingdom Hearts, yes?” he asked.
    The new-comer nodded. “Y-Yes…” he stammered. Well… Sorta… he added in his mind.
    “Good.” Xemnas smiled. “Now, I suppose it is time that I introduce you to your superiors. I am Xemnas, as you already know.” He nodded to the Nobody with the gun. “You next.”

    The man snapped to attention. “Oh… Right…” He pulled down his hood, revealing two bright yellow eyes and raven-black hair tied into a pony-tail. Even though he didn’t appear THAT old at the first glance, you could see a few streaks of gray mixed in with the rest of his hair. He was probably the eldest of the Organization. “Hey… My name’s Xigbar an’… whatev…” he grumbled, indifferently. The newcomer was surprised that, instead of the deep, dark voice you might expect from his appearance, he had a “surfer dude” voice.

    The man who was picking his teeth pulled down his hood, as well. He had raven black hair, also, but it was pulled into several dreadlocks – most of which were tied into some kind of ponytail at the top. He had dark violet eyes, and sideburns that seemed to wrap around his face, adding to his already stern appearance. “Hello, I am Xaldin…” he stated simply.

    The other members that had been asleep before suddenly snapped awake at the sounds of the first ones’ voices, and began mumbling their introductions at the same time. Pretty soon, their words were nothing but an inscrutable jumble of “blah, blah, blah”. They were half asleep, though, so they hardly even noticed. After the noise had died down, a lone cough cut through the silence. The one named Xigbar slapped his forehead.

    Xemnas rubbed his temples, sighing. “Honestly, can’t you guys show a little more decorum?” he asked.
    Another indecipherable mess of words was the only answer.
    Xemnas rolled his eyes. “Well, since it is obvious that you guys are not quite up to the mark yet for introductions, we will skip you all.” He turned back to the newcomer. “Tell them your name.”

    Silence for a second.

    “My name…” the new-comer pulled down his hood, and shook out his bright, blue hair. He looked over all of the members, his cold, golden eyes flashing.

    “…is Saix.”

    Xigbar raised an eyebrow. Saix? What kinda name is Saix?! he wondered, resting his face in his palm. But… Then again… What kinda name is Xigbar, anyway?

    Xemnas smiled and nodded. “Congratulations, Saix. You have become the first neophyte the Organization has seen ever since its creation. Thanks to you, we are now the Organization VII.”

    He turned back to the other members who had been sleeping throughout his little speech. “Now… Let’s try this again…” He pointed at one with his hood still on. “…Continuing with you.”

    The man nodded, and pulled down his hood. Long strands of his blonde hair fell around his shoulders. If it weren’t for Xigbar, he’d probably be the eldest member. His dark emerald eyes seemed to be sizing Saix up. “Hello, I am Vexen, Number IV.”

    Another man pulled down his hood. Saix could see, even when he was sitting down, that he was by far the tallest. He was also well-built and intimidating at first, but had a quiet demeanor. His light, brown hair was in a short, wavy style that Saix had never seen before. “My name is Lexaeus, Number V. Nice meeting you, Saix.”

    Saix nodded in response, and looked at the last member. He pulled down his hood, revealing a face that was half-shrouded by his short, gray-ish blue hair. He looked like he was the youngest of all of the other Organization, but he had a mature poise around him. Well… Certainly more mature than anyone else in the room – besides the Superior of course. And, maybe, Lexaeus. “Zexion,” he stated simply.

    Xigbar was staring at Saix the whole time throughout the introductions. Suddenly, he shouted, “Hey, Xemnas! I have an idea!” A sly smirk fluttered across his face. “If this is a big deal and all, ya know, with this Saix guy being the first new addition to the Organization… Why don’t we… ya know… throw a party?”
    Xemnas blinked, then leaned back in his chair, considering this. “Hmmm… Actually, that is not a bad idea, Xigbar!” He looked over at Saix. “That is… If YOU are up to it, Saix…”
    Saix nodded, solemnly. “I’d be honored.”
    Xigbar scoffed a little at this, catching Xaldin’s eye.
    Xemnas, however, didn’t notice. “Very well then! I’ll take you on your tour, Saix, and then I’ll give you all an hour to prepare. Xaldin, would you mind cooking again?”
    Xaldin blinked, looking back at Xemnas. “Well, uh… No, I guess…”
    “Excellent! You have my thanks.”

    With that, Xemnas and Saix portalled off. Xigbar smirked, and sat back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Xaldin stared at him for a few seconds.

    “That look…” he started. “I know that look… What are you up to…?”
    Xigbar shrugged, still smiling that sly smile. He didn’t answer the question directly. “Mmmmm… I dunno… There’s something about this guy… I don’t like him.”
    “Don’t like him…? Why not?” Lex asked.
    “Something about him… About how he’s so bleak, and calm, and… and…” He shook his head. “His hair… And, and, those eyes of his… And them STUPID elf-ears—”
    ELF EARS?!” Xaldin cut in. “Xigbar, you of all people should not be bashing him because he has elf ears.”
    Xigbar blinked. “Why not?”
    He was promptly back-handed by Xaldin. “Because, idiot, YOU HAVE THEM, TOO!
    Xigbar rubbed the sore cheek that Xaldin had slapped him on. “Ow…” he grumbled. “Well, okay. Ya got me there… But have you seen how BORING he acts?!”
    Xaldin nodded. “Just what we need… Another Lexaeus.” Lexaeus glared at him.
    “He’s nothing but fresh meat,” Xaldin continued with sly grin.
    Vexen smirked. “I heard that his element is the moon!
    Xigbar did a mock gasp of horror. “Oh noes! Not Sailor Moon!

    The three cracked up. “HAHA! Sailor Moon – that’s a good one!” Xaldin laughed.
    “Anyways…” Xigbar continued with another smirk. “I’m thinkin’ that we should give this guy a proper Organization VII welcome, if ya know what I mean…”
    Xaldin and Vexen grinned, deviously.
    Zexion looked over all of them, his eyes narrowing. “Guys…” he started. “Don’t. I’m not too sure about this guy. He has an ominous aura around him…”
    “Awwwe…” Xigbar cooed. “Wittle Zexxy’s a-scare-wed of teh big bad MOON MAN!” Xigbar, Xaldin, and Vexen started cracking up again.
    Zexion growled. “I’m serious, guys! He may seem all calm and deadpan for now, but it’s just a ruse… I’ve seen past his little mask. Deep down inside, he is nothing but a rabid mutt, waiting to sink his teeth into some unsuspecting victim’s butt and rip himself off a big ol’ piece of @$$ flesh to gnaw on in his lair!”

    Dead silence. Everyone stared at Zexion, a little thrown off by his outburst. Suddenly, Xaldin gave a wolf howl, and the three burst out laughing again.

    Zexion sighed, rolling his eyes. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you…” he grumbled before portalling off.
    Lex watched him leave. “Uh… Guys, I think you should listen to him. Zexion’s insight has never been wrong before…”
    Xigbar rolled his eyes. “As if! You ALWAYS want us to listen to Mr. Emo, Lex. Lighten up – it’ll be fun!”
    Lex just shook his head, and portalled off, also.

    “Ah, ignore the big monkey and the small fry…” Xigbar scoffed, waving his hand. “This is gonna be hilarious! I can just FEEL it!”
    Vexen raised an eyebrow, smirking. “You still haven’t told us what you’ve got planned, Xigbar…”
    Xigbar winked, grinning. “It’s a secret… What’s life without a little pizzazz, eh?” He glanced over at Xaldin. “One thing though… make sure that you make that strawberry punch Xemnas likes so much… And put lots of soda in it this time, okay?”
    Xaldin blinked. “O…Kay?”
    Xigbar smirked a little. “Trust me on this, guys…” he murmured as he portalled off.

    Xaldin and Vexen looked at each other, shrugged, and teleported off, also.


    An hour later, Xemnas was caught in yet another long, discursive speech with Saix. Saix was staring at him blankly, with a small actor’s smile plastered on his face. Maybe… if I just keep… smiling and nodding… he’ll stop… he thought in the back of his mind.

    Everyone, save for Xigbar and Xaldin, was in the dining room. They all were wearing suits – Xemnas’ was completely white with a pitch-black tie, Saix’s was a midnight blue with a lighter-colored tie, Vexen was wearing a green suit with a red tie, Lex was in the traditional all-black suit, and Zexion was in an all-gray suit.

    Vexen was a few chairs down the table, away from Saix and his Superior. He was sighing unhappily, and fiddling with his tie, trying to get it comfortable. Lex was across from him, doing some kind of puzzle. Zexion was way in the back, sitting across on a couch with his legs dangling carelessly off the arm. He was reading some book with his arm hanging off the other end of the chair. The room was pretty quiet, even with Xemnas’ rambling.

    Suddenly, a corridor of darkness opened up in the room. “Hey, guys, sorry I’m late!” Xigbar appeared in the room with his arms crossed.

    Everyone stared at him.

    He blinked. “What?”

    What, indeed… Xigbar had single-handedly annihilated the notion that wearing a suit makes you dressy.

    He had on an all-black suit, just like Lex, but his style was very… different. He had sleeves rolled up just above his elbow, and his collar was popped all the way out. Also, his jacket was all the way unbuttoned, revealing a white shirt that was only buttoned at the top.

    Xemnas looked like was going to say something, but he changed his mind quickly. “Just… Just sit down,” he sighed, shaking his head.
    Xigbar shrugged, spun the nearest chair around backwards, and sat. “Hey, does anyone know where Xaldin is?” he asked, resting his chin on the backrest.
    Xemnas blinked. “Well, actually, he hasn’t—”
    “The refreshments are ready!”

    Xaldin swept into the room, wearing a huge dark violet apron, a t-shirt, and some jeans. Not exactly dressy, but who would want to get their best clothes ruined by cooking? In his hands, he was holding a great big bowl of punch, and several glasses were being brought in by the Dusks.

    “Sorry I’m late…” he started. “I had some… Uh… things that I needed to take care of…” he said, casting a weary eye towards Xigbar. Xigbar completely ignored it.
    Saix looked up, happy to have a break from Xemnas’ loquaciousness. “Nice of you to join us, Number II,” he murmured, with a nod.
    “Hey! I’M Number II!” Xigbar snapped.
    Saix looked over at him, and arrogant expression on his face. “Oh… I, uh… Never would have guessed…” he said, staring Xigbar straight in the eye.
    Xigbar’s eyes narrowed into slits. That them there are FIGHTIN’ words…
    “Okay, ladies, break it up…” Vexen sighed, rolling his eyes.

    Before Xigbar or Saix had a chance to pounce on the scientist, Xemnas cut in. “Hey, Xaldin, is refreshments all you made?”
    Xaldin shrugged. “I… Uh… Thought that it would suit the more, uh… Elegant mood…” He rubbed the back of his head, nervously. “I mean… Uh, um…” He crossed his arms, suddenly gaining all of his composure back. “We ALL know how Xigbar gets when he’s hungry and around food…”

    Xigbar blinked. “HEY!”
    “Yes, I suppose you are right,” Xemnas sighed. He examined the bowl a second, then smiled. “Oh well – at least it is my favorite punch! I absolutely adore strawberry!” he exclaimed.
    “Heh, heh… Yeah…” Xaldin chucked nervously, shooting another nervous glance at Xigbar. It went ignored, just as the last one was.
    Xemnas rested his chin in his palm a moment, still smiling. “Well, I guess I’ll take a cup of the punch then, Xaldin.”

    Xaldin nodded, and gave Xemnas a cup full of punch. Then, he began passing out cups to everyone else. By the time everyone had a drink, Xemnas’ cup was already half-way empty. To Saix’s despair, he turned around, and started talking… Again.

    Xigbar took Xemnas' glass in his hands while his superior wasn't looking. He snickered to himself, and took out a bottle concealed in his coat pocket. Xaldin raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing...?” he asked as Xigbar began pouring the liquid into Xemnas' cup.
    “What does it look like I'm doing...? I'm spikin' Xemmy's drink...” Xigbar whispered back.
    Xaldin stared at Xigbar with wide eyes. “But... SURELY, you're not—”
    “I promised a performance, right...?” Xigbar asked slyly. He stuck the bottle back in his pocket. “Well, I'll just let Xemmy here deliver for me...”

    He poured in some more punch, and gave the glass back to Xemnas with an innocent smile. “Here ya go, dude! I refilled it for ya.”
    Xemnas smiled. “Thank you, Number II,” he said, nodded. He took a long drink, and blinked hard, shaking his head. “Wow... This is really good...!” he exclaimed. “Nice job, Xaldin!” With that, he began speaking to Saix once more.

    Xigbar smirked. “Let the games begin...” he murmured, smirking.

    15 minutes later…

    Xemnas smiled at Saix, his eyes half-closed. His cheeks were a little redder than normal, giving him a slightly tipsy appearance. He tried launching into another of his ramblings, but his brain was a little scrambled, so half of the time he didn't even know what he was talking about anymore.

    “It is a fairly common misconception...” he started, “that you can't make windows out of brick. Most people feel that brick is too soggy... I assure you that it IS a shoe.”

    He took another long drink from his cup, and continued, “Scientists have discovered that 9 out of 10 shoes are numb. This brings up the disturbing question: does coffee bleed?”

    Xigbar, Vexen, and Xaldin were all huddled together, trying their best not to burst out laughing right then and there. Saix was just staring at the Superior, unsure if the Superior was really not making any sense, or if he had just been listening to his ramblings so long that he couldn't comprehend normal things anymore. Lex just stared with a face that literally read, "WTF, mate?!" Zexion kept reading, completely ignoring the insanity.

    Through all of this, Xemnas continued on.

    “If, in fact it does, then one must consider the possibility that all life is nothing but a giant cake mold!” Suddenly, his cheery expression darkened. “But... Instead of delicious, gooey cake batter... We are filled with...” He stopped to take another long draught of his drink, then slammed the glass on the table, snarling. A little of the drink splashed on the table. “...Raisins...” he growled out at last.

    Saix blinked, unsure of what to do. “Uh… Superior, are you feeling alright...?” He asked meekly as Xemnas finished off his drink.
    “PWAUGH! That’s geeeeewd!~” Xemnas sang. “Xigbar, hit me up with summore!”
    Xigbar snatched the glass away faster than you could blink. “Right away, Superior!”

    30 minutes later…

    “C'mon, Saix! It'll be fun!” an incredibly slurred voice answered. “Ha... That rhymed...” Xemnas giggled, unaware that nothing in that sentence had really rhymed.
    Saix grunted. “PLEASE! Get off!

    Xemnas was sitting on Saix's chest, pinning both of his arms down on the floor with his feet. He was holding Saix down by his neck with one arm, and in the other hand, he held a white-hot poker. The end was in the shape of an "X".

    Xigbar, Xaldin, and Vexen were on the other end of the room, watching intently. They looked like they were gonna pop soon from restrained laughter. Lex and Zexion were just watching with their jaws dropped and eyes the size of watermelons.

    Xemnas waved the hot poker around crazily, with a lop-sided grin on his face. “You belong to da Organuhzashun now, so we should do this so that e'eryone can know that you're one of US now!”

    Saix was crying out in terror, and thrashing around as much as he could. “Please don't! PLEASE don't!!!” He felt like he was going to go CRAZY! If it were anyone else, he would have kicked in between the legs, popped ‘em in the eye, and beaten them to a pulp. But this was his first day in the Organization, and, even if it wasn’t, this was the SUPERIOR! He couldn’t do that – unless he wanted to be exterminated forever!

    … Could he?

    Well, he wasn’t taking any chances.

    Xemnas flipped the pike forward, snapping Saix out his thoughts. “Hold still, now, Saix! This’ll only hurt for a second…”
    Saix screamed again. “Oh, gawd – HELP!!! SOMEBODY, PLEASE, HELP ME!!!

    His call went unheard. Lex and Zexion were still too stunned to move. Xigbar looked over at Vexen and Xaldin, smirking. “You guys hear somethin’…?” he asked.
    “Hm…” he shrugged. “Musta just been the wind or something…” He turned back to Saix and Xemnas, grinning wickedly. THIS’LL show you what happens when ya mess with your superiors, ya little—

    Xemnas stuck out his tongue in concentration, and started edging the hot pike towards Saix’s face. “This’ll be the moment of truth… Man, I wish my mamma could see me now…!” he whispered.
    Saix’s blood froze. SURELY, Xemnas wasn’t going to…


    A few seconds later, you could hear a horrible hissing sound. And, a split second after that, a shrill scream pierced through the air like a flaming chainsaw through butter.
    And, so loud it was even drowning out the scream, was deafening, rambunctious laughter.

    “OH, THAT’S RICH!!!!!!
    “BWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I can’t breathe… I can’t breathe…!”

    To be continued...


    Ah-haha! You thought I was gonna make a character! Didn'tcha? DIDN'TCHA?! XD

    Well, no. I'm too much of an unimaginative gay lard to do somethin' like that. At first I was gonna do Roxas, but that idea is a bit overused… So... I decided to pick on Saix, instead... XD;

    Why is Xigbar the bad guy in this one? Well, before Demyx became Xiggy's apprentice in "Demyx's Aqua Pistols", this was basically how he was. But then he started hanging out with Demyx, and... Well... The nice-ness rubbed off on him. XD;

    Needless to say, this is nothin' but a lame rip-off of my sis Gharanth’s fanfiction.... XD;;;;

    Check it out here for the real one - not the knock-off. XD;

    ........ It's fun being the bad guy, though... >)

    Lord of the Wings,
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    Yeah! Who's my buddy?! WHO"S MY BUDDY?!?!?!

    Like I told ya before Leah, you rocked out on this one. This one's my fav out of all of them so far, and I've already read it three times! Once again, rockin it harder than Aerosmith!!!
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    That was GOOOODDD!!!!

    To be honest, I thought this was going to be another 'Roxas new to the Org' story, but this was a nice change! :D

    Keep it up! WOOT WOOOOOTTT!!!
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    Awww, you're so mean to Saichan! T_T But Xigbar being his chew-toy... ^_^ hawtdawg, that's rockin! XDDD
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    The internet! Duh!
    *le bumplez* XDDD

    Thanks, sis! >D You rock, too!

    Yeah, I knew doing Roxas or an original character would be a bit overused. ^-^; *hugglez* Thanks fer the comment! =3


    I know... But I HAD to do it! D= For the sake of the story! TT^TT

    Sorry, Saix fangurls! I don't hate him, I just wanted to show ya how I think he got his scar... It's not like it woulda been pretty anyway... XD;

    Thank ya, sis! >D

    *butt bumps you, too* XDDDDD
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    Awesome dude! That's no lame rip off - that's a total improvement. You rule Leah! :cool:

    My sis pwns!
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    The internet! Duh!

    *hugglez* Thank youz! =D


    *butt bump* XDDDDDDD

    I couldn't resist...
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    Xiggy shoulda listened to Zexy, cuz i'm willing to bet Saix is gonna snap and take out his eye, and give him a scar to match XD

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    Where do YOU live huh? Huh? HUH?
    At first I was inclined to think Roxas but after about the second line I thought it was in fact Saix and I was right. I think that it's weird. Oh well sometimes stuff happens and here a lot of stuff happened. He he he he he. Now we all no why he's crazy-his brains were cooked by that X thingie. Okay and I think it's funny how the whole thing played out.
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    The internet! Duh!
    Keep thinking... >3

    Thanx! ^-^ And, yeah, I tried to imply that it was Saix, but not give it away TOO fast...

    And, yes. Saix DIDN'T get his scar by a dramatic, awesome, battle-to-the-death-type thing... But Xemnas got drunk and branded him like a cow. XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo, that's rich... XDDDDDD

    The next part's gonna make you feel sorry for him, though... >.>;
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    you know,I was wondering.How did Saix REALLY get that scar on his face?additional question,what kind of Soda was in that punch?!No soda I know can make people drunk.well,I'm only 12 so...yeah.anyway,it was still Hilarious,sorta....
    here's another question.what do you think Saix's real name was before he became a Nobody?

    wow,this story has seriously gotten into my brain.*pounds head and shakes it*
    Its hilarious,but your not laughing?
    Its this story.Its messing with my head with these questions!
    okay....*walks 2 feet away from me*
    *drinks my soda*I need something to drink.
    hmm,I think I got it.You have lightning powers,correct?
    Yeah,so?uh,Demyx....*wimpers*Oh no....
    Dance water Dance!*drenches me in water*
    uh..you might wanna wear this.*puts on some Sunglasses and gives everyone a pair**pulls out a Memory zapper and clicks it in my face*
    what was that?!
    Memory Zapper,got it Memorized?
    my head hurts.
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    The internet! Duh!

    That's how Saix got his scar... In my ******ed mind... XD;

    And it wasn't the SODA that got Xemnas drunk - it was whatvever Xigbar poured in it.

    See? That's why you NEVER drink the stuff at house parties with people ya don't know. >.>;

    [/health teacherness]
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    I'm still sticking to my bet! :D

    But i'm guessing he does something weird, like take it out himself...

    or maybe santa does it....

    *is confuzzled*

    I'm just waiting till the next part! :33333
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    The internet! Duh!
    "Initiating The New Kid" (Part 2)

    I used flashbacks for the first time here! =D I'm actally kinda pleased with how it came out...


    Nothin' more to say here... XD;



    Saix lay in a hospital-like bed, shivering and whimpering. Tears streamed down his face and now, there was a new, blackened scar in the shape of an ‘X’ on his forehead.

    Vexen was bustling about around him, tending to his needs. “Damn… Why am I always the one to get stuck with the chore of nursing the hurt people…?” he muttered. “I could be ripping apart lab mice with all kinds of grueling experiments right now…! There’s no fun in healing!”

    Zexion was standing behind him. His arms were crossed. “Xemnas’ drink was spiked…” he growled.
    Vexen went on working for a few more moments, silent, then muttered, “So…?”
    “You were in on it. I know you were.”
    “That’s preposterous…”
    “Why didn’t you go help him?!”
    “WELL, I didn’t see YOU jumping up to help him, either, Mr. Hero!” Vexen snapped.

    Zexion sighed. “That’s different… I didn’t think he would actually—”
    “Yeah, well, neither did I,” Vexen cut in.
    Zexion looked back up, his one visible eye flashing. “You were LAUGHING at him!”
    “I laugh at a lot of things. Torture is occasionally one of those. I’m a mad scientist – what else do you expect?”

    Zexion sighed again, exasperated. It was pretty obvious now that he wouldn’t be able to beat a confession out of the Chilly Academic anytime soon. His eyes flickered back to Saix on the table. He examined the ‘X’ carefully.


    Saix’s eyes were stretched unnaturally wide as he screamed – his eyes almost looked like they were ready to pop out of the sockets. Xemnas giggled idly, completely unaware of the pain he was causing his subordinate. Xigbar, Xaldin, and Vexen were all in the corner laughing themselves into comas.

    Zexion suddenly snapped back to attention. He jumped up, dashed over to Xemnas, and yanked the hot pike away from the intoxicated Superior.

    The Superior screamed. “NUUUUUUU!!!!! Give it back! That’s miiiiine!” His eyes watered. “I’m tellin’…!” he whimpered.
    Xigbar looked up. “Awww… Why’d ya do that? It was just getting’ good, too…”
    Zexion glared at him and tossed the pike down a corridor of darkness so that Xemnas couldn’t retrieve it again. “That’s enough, Xigbar!” he snapped.

    Saix was still on the floor, his body being rocked by convulsions. It wasn’t so much that he passed out so much as his brain simply exploded. His eyes were still wide open, but they were empty – soulless. Tears were rolling down his cheeks, but it was more of an automatic reaction triggered by his body. He laid there on the floor, giving animal-like whimpers as he tried to regain some part of his mind.

    Zexion glanced down at the sad sight. He couldn’t even IMAGINE what it felt like to have that hot poker on HIS face…

    Xigbar stood up, and yawned. “Well, if ya asked me, the dirty little sneak had it comin’ for ‘im.”
    Zexion glared back up at Xigbar. “Shut up!” he snapped. He couldn’t BELIEVE how Xigbar was treating the newcomer on his first day!

    Snapping his fingers, he pointed to Vexen. “You! You’re going to be in charge of healing him.”
    Vexen crossed his arms, scowling indignantly. “I’ll do no such thing! In case you forgot, I’m a higher rank than you, Number VI.”
    Zexion glared back at Vexen, completely unfazed. “Yeah, well, in case YOU forgot, Xemnas has positioned me as second-in-command for times when he can’t be of any use.”

    Vexen glanced back at Xemnas. He was lying in a corner with his arms wrapped around his knees, still crying about the way Zexion had snatched away his most prized pike.

    “Your Superior says ‘march’,” Zexion commanded.
    “Oh, alright!” Vexen growled, stomping over to the place where Saix was.
    Lex stepped up. “Any way I can be of use?” he asked.
    Zexion nodded. “Would you mind carrying him to Vexen’s lab?”
    Lex shook his head as he walked up to the scene. “Not at all,” he said as he slung Saix’s limp body over his broad shoulder.

    Xigbar crossed his arms and grinned as the three hurrying out of the room. He stared at Saix, wide-eyed and staring sightlessly at the ground. His face was a deadly pale, the Freeshooter could see, as his arms flopped down Lexaeus’ back. Don’t mess with the best, Sailor Moon.


    Zexion sighed as he brushed Saix’s hair out of the way so he could see the scar better. “Oh, Xigbar, that idiot… He’s gone too far this time…” he murmured.
    Saix’s eyes flickered to him, wide and surprised. “…Xigbar…?”
    “Xigbar. The one who spiked Xemmy’s drink, which caused him to get drunk and brand you like a cow,” Zexion stated bluntly. “I also think that Vexen was helping out, but—”
    “HEY!” Vexen snapped. “I TOLD you to leave me out of your accusations!”
    “Well, what else am I supposed to think?!” Zexion shot back. “You and Xaldin were…”

    The two continued arguing about whether Vexen was in it or not. But Saix didn’t hear. He stared at the ceiling, his eyes still wide with wonder. “Xigbar…? He’s… He’s the one who…?” His face began to darken. “He’s the one who did this to me…?! HE’S the one who’s caused me all this pain?!

    He clutched the sheets tightly in his fist, baring his teeth and growling in anger. You could practically FEEL the evil aura rising off him. Vexen and Zexion looked down at him, confused.

    Suddenly, he shot up, roaring. “I’LL KILL HIM!!!!
    Vexen pushed him down, quickly. “Oh, no you don’t. I’m not done with you yet! It could still get infected, ya know…”
    Saix caught him in his icy glare. They stood like that for a while with Vexen’s hand on his chest.

    Then, Saix sighed, and relaxed. He laid back down on the bed. “Very well…” he murmured, glaring into space. The aura was gone just as fast it came, but there was still ha heavy tension about the room – like the air right before a storm strikes.

    Vexen gulped and looked at Zexion. He shot him a look that read, “Did you feel that power?!”
    Zexion shrugged and mouthed back, “I told ya so…”


    “And I was all, ‘As if!’ And then I shot him!”
    A snort. “You SHOT him?!”

    Vexen stepped around a corner to see Xaldin and Xigbar laughing about some random stunt Xigbar had pulled. Xaldin spotted Vexen, grinned and waved. “Sup, Vexxy?”
    Vexen raised his hand unenthusiastically. “Hello, Xigbar and Xaldin.”
    “Hey!” Xigbar grinned and swiped his nose, copying Cid. “Heh… Remember that prank we pulled on the new kid last night?” he asked, deviously.
    Xaldin giggled. “Oh yeah, that… That was awesome man…!”
    Vexen blinked, not cracking a smile. “Yeah… Awesome…” he declared in monotone.
    The other two didn’t notice his unenthusiastic nature. “Yeah! Did you see his face?!” Xaldin continued.
    “He was all…” Xigbar put his hands to his face and gave a shrill, girly scream. Xaldin laughed, but Vexen remained impassive.
    “Yeah, he was TOTALLY freakin’ out! How do you do it, Xiggy?”
    “Meh, it comes with experience,” Xigbar bragged.
    Humble today, aren’t we?”

    Xigbar stroked his chin, slyly, completely ignoring Xaldin’s snide comment. “And I’ve got just the plan to put the cherry on top, too.”
    Vexen gasped, finally snapping out of his emotionless shell. “WHAT?! No, do NOT do that. That’s not a good idea – hmmm-mmm!” he shook his head on the last word for emphasis.
    Xigbar crossed his arms and tilted his head to the side, confused. “What? But I thought you were all for this, Vexen!”
    “Not anymore… I’ve seen it with my own eyes… Zexion was right—”
    Zexion?!” Xaldin demanded. His eyes narrowed. “I should’ve known… Now Zexion’s got him all spooked with his “prophesy” and crud…” he grumbled.

    Vexen shook his head. “Guys, I’m serious. Listen to me…! I’ve seen it myself! That guy is bad news, man…!” he cautioned.
    Xigbar twisted his pinky into his ear, an indifferent expression on his face. “Yeah, well, whatever. No matter what his power is, I’m a higher rank than him, so I’ll just call the mutt off.”

    Vexen sighed, and shook his head, portalling off. Xigbar scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Loserface…” He turned to Xaldin. “Alright, Xally, you’re my last hope. I’ve gotta plan that’ll make ol’ Sailor Moon’s head explode by the time I’m done with him! It’s about time we show him his place in this organization…”
    “But what do I do?”
    “Watch and learn…”


    Saix stalked through the hallway, his face completely expressionless. He was a man on a mission – search and destroy Xigbar. He wasn’t expecting what would happen next, though…


    He blinked, and turned around. No one was there. That’s when he realized that that the call had come from Xemnas’ room.

    “Come in, please…” the voice continued.

    Saix gulped, a little nervous, and started into the Superior’s room.

    It was as still as a tomb inside, making Saix’s footsteps seem to ring. Xemnas was sitting on his bed, looking out of a nearby window. He was pressing an icepack to his head, too – probably to get over the excruciating pain of the hangover-caused headache.

    Saix approached his bed, and bowed slightly. “You wanted to see me, Superior?” he asked, respectfully. There was a catch in his voice, almost like he was afraid of saying the wrong thing. He CERTAINLY did not want to be branded AGAIN…

    Xemnas was silent a moment, then sighed, and turned to Saix. “Look, I just wanted to tell you that—OH MY GOODNESS!!!!” He flinched, dropping his ice-pack on the ground.

    Saix blinked, and stared as Xemnas climbed to his feet, eyes wide and staring at the scar. “Is… Is this it…?” He sucked in a deep breath, biting his lip. “I… I heard that it was bad, but I… Never imagined…”

    There was an awkward silence as Xemnas continued to stare. Saix blinked, an embarrassed expression on his face. Well, isn’t THIS great… he thought bitterly. NOW, I feel like a freak…

    He hadn’t seen his new scar for himself, either. He’d just gone by what Vexen had said: “Just a tiny, little ‘X’ in the center of your forehead – it’s nothing! No one will notice it, really.”

    Apparently, that had been a lie, as well.

    Finally, he coughed uncomfortably. Xemnas snapped back to attention, and looked away, equally embarrassed. “Oh, I’m… I’m sorry – I… I didn’t—”
    “It’s okay…” Saix assured. “Did you want something?”
    “Uh…” Xemnas began wringing his cloak awkwardly as he let his eyes wander across the floor. “No, I just wanted to say…”

    He finally brought his eyes up to meet Saix’s and said awkwardly, “I just wanted to let you know… That I am very… truly sorry, and that you NEVER have to worry about it happening again, and… and…” He was trying to be polite and keep eye-contact, but Saix could tell that his eyes kept on flickering back to the scar.

    Saix sighed, and smiled softly. “It’s okay. I understand.”
    “Are you sure?”
    “Positive. Is there something you want me to—?”
    “Honestly, I don’t think I’m in the position to ask things from YOU anymore, Saix…” Xemnas admitted with a nervous chuckle. He smiled at Saix. “Enjoy the rest of your day. You’re free to go.”
    Saix smiled, and bowed slightly. “Thank you, Superior.”
    “Please… Call me Xemnas.”


    Saix strode through the halls, a now thoughtful expression on his face. He was walking at a noticeably slower pace than he had been a few minutes ago.

    Hmmm… I am starting to rethink castrating Xigbar… he thought, tapping his chin. If it weren’t for him, I don’t think I would have been so nicely acquainted with Xemnas – especially on my first few days here… Although he DID give me this hideous scar on my forehead, and made me go through pain no human – or Nobody for that matter – should ever have to go though, and… and…

    His expression was dark now. What was I originally planning to do, again…?

    “Hey, Saix!”

    Saix snapped out of his thoughts, and whipped around. “Wha—?!”


    Saix stood there, stunned, as he examined a suction dart stuck perfectly in the center of his huge “X”. And WHO was doubled over in laughter about this mockery?

    Xigbar, of course.

    He wiped a tear out of his eye, sighing, and giggled, “Well, ya know what they say, Saix… ‘X Marks the spot!’” He began roaring with laughter again.

    Saix glared at him. All thoughts of letting the little scoundrel escape unscathed were now shot to pieces, along with his dignity. How DARE he?! Isn’t it enough that he GAVE me this horrid scar with out him having to further derive me by mocking it?! he thought, baring his teeth.

    The more he thought about it, the more enraged he got. And the more enraged he got… The more he changed… His teeth began to grow sharper and longer; his fingernails grew wickedly sharp – almost like claws; his eyes grew clouded over by a yellow fog; and his hair rose a couple inches adding to his wild appearance. He now looked like he was designed to kill.

    Suddenly, he gave an animal-like snarl, glaring at Xigbar.
    Xigbar flinched, and took a step back. “Uh… Oh…” he whimpered. I’m… starting to get the feeling that this wasn’t the BEST of my ideas…

    Blue fire erupted around Saix as his muscles tensed, getting ready to pounce. Xigbar gulped, and continued stumbling back. “Uh… D-Down, Saix… Down boy…!”

    Saix didn’t even hesitate long enough to pull the dart out of his head.


    Xaldin sighed, leaning against the wall. He was around the corner, listening in to what was happening with Xigbar and Saix anxiously. I don’t get it… Why isn’t the little Twinky cryin’ ye—


    A bloodcurdling scream cut through his thoughts. Xaldin jumped. “What the—?!” He heard yet MORE screams and things being smashed and slammed into the walls.

    He peeked around the corner, and was shocked to see blood splattered all over the walls and the floor and, even more odd, a number of blue claymores sticking out from the walls and the floor.

    Before he could see anymore, Xigbar dashed by him, screaming with his eyes wide in fright. He had a long gash ripped down the middle of his right cheek and the shoulder of his Organization cloak was hanging off his shoulder. His clothes also looked like they’d been chewed up by a T. Rex and were soaked in blood.

    “HEY! Get back here!” Saix was right behind him, mouth frothing in rage. In his right hand was another one of those blue claymores.

    Xigbar didn’t have a chance. “Hey! Wait…! NO!!!” Another crash. “AUGH! Oh, God, HEEEELP—OW! Easy on the—WAIT, WAIT!” A shrill cry. “Nonono, not the—AUUUUGHHHHH!!! SOMEBODY GET THIS CRAZY DUDE OFF MEEEE!!!!

    Later… ( again… XD; )

    Zexion sighed, irritated. “Okay, Xigbar… You can lose the boxers now…”

    Xigbar sniffed, and pulled down his shorts just enough so that it exposed his newly-scarred butt. He was completely bare except for the wad of clothes he held in front of his privates. And, not to mention, the number of bandages and Band-Aids scattered all over his body. Zexion was in charge of bandaging the Freeshooter.

    Zexion stared down disgustedly at the Freeshooter’s bare bottom, and whipped around. “VEXEN, SHOULDN’T YOU BE DOING THIS?!”
    A voice floated in from another room. “What’s that?! Can’t hear ya, Zexxy! Ehhehhehheh…”

    Zexion sighed, rolling his eyes, and turned back to Xigbar. Xigbar sighed, and looked up at the ceiling.


    “Xemnas! XEMNAS!”

    Xemnas’ door burst down as Xaldin rushed in, panting heavily. Xemnas blinked in surprise. “Xaldin! What—?!”
    “Come quick! SAIX IS KILLING XIGBAR!!!”
    Xemnas jumped up. “WHAT?!

    With that, the two scurried off to the scene. By the time they’d both gotten there, though, it was almost too late.

    Xigbar lay in a bloody heap of clothes and flesh on the floor. He was barely conscience. “Nyuuuuuuuugh…………” he moaned. He also seemed to be trembling slightly.

    Saix was standing above him, clenching his bloody fist together again and again. He was still snarling at the Freeshooter, as if considering what kind of horrible torture he would unleash on him next. All around the two Nobodies were claymores embedded in the walls, the floor, even some on the ceiling.

    Xemnas gasped in surprise. “SAIX!”
    Saix’s head snapped up in surprise. The wild look instantly disappeared, leaving only shock. “…OH! Uh… Superior…! I, uh…” He glanced down at Xigbar. “Um…” Needless to say, it’d be a pretty hard thing to explain…

    “What HAPPENED here?!” Xemnas demanded.
    “Uh… Ya see, uh… Funny story, actually—”
    “Nevermind, it’ll have to wait,” Xemnas said, glaring at him a little. Saix lowered his head slightly, like a child being scolded by his parents for sneaking a cookie out of the cookie jar.

    Xemnas glanced around. “Ahhh… Where is Vexen when you need him…?!” he growled. His head snapped over to Xaldin. “Okay, you! You take him to Vexen’s lab immediately!”

    Xaldin nodded, picked Xigbar up, ad portalled off. Xemnas looked back at Saix. “And as for you…”
    Saix gulped, and fiddled around with his fingers a bit. “Uhm… Yes, Superior…?” he asked meekly.
    “… Your punishment for striking out against a higher member than you is to clean up this mess you’ve left behind.

    Xemnas nodded curtly. “Get busy.”
    Saix blinked, and glanced around slightly, for the first time seeing the scattered claymores and blood all over the place.”

    “Uh… This is going to take awhile…”


    “Why, oh WHY did he have to go for the ***?!” he wondered out-loud.
    “Because, Xigbar…” Zexion mumbled. “THAT’S where it hurts most…”
    Xigbar yelped. “[I]OW![/I]”
    “Hold still!” Zexion snapped back.

    Xigbar did as he was told, wanting it to be done with as soon as possible. After a while, Zexion sighed, and muttered, “Okay, pull ‘em up. No one wants to look at that…”

    Xigbar pulled up his boxers as fast as he could without ruining any of Zexion’s careful bandaging. As he continued getting redressed, Zexion sighed again. “So… What did we learn today…?”
    Xigbar huffed, scratching the Band-Aid on his cheek a little. “… Don’t mess with Saix…?”
    “… Always listen to you…”
    “Good boy. Learn those simple rules, and you’ll go far in life.”

    Zexion started off without another word. Xigbar watched him go, then sighed, pulling on his shirt carefully.

    “No need to worry about that first one, Zexion…” he murmured. “After a beating like that, it’ll be the forty-eleventh of December before I mess with HIM again…”

    Or so he thought…

    [COLOR="royalblue"]The end…?[/COLOR]


    That question mark is there for a reason. XD; I have NO IDEA if this is gonna continue or not... I mean, I guess I COULD do all of the neophytes, buuuuut none of them would be this... Well... Good. XD;

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