Zexion's Will

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    Here are Chapters 1-24:

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    Oh Dear...this shall be...SPARTA!!! Haha!!

    By The Way guys, I'm going to alter some of the slide positions. Why? Because it's fun.

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 25
    ~The Insanity Of The Gold Saucer (Part 1)~

    "Huh?" Was the breathless thing to come out of Zexion's mouth. He was standing in a very weird, round room. There were holes in the walls that lead to slides, and pads on the ground below each one, with a picture and the name of that area it lead to. Zexion stared for about 5 seconds.....

    "NO WAY!!!" He yelled, getting an agreeable nod from Saiix, Xaldin, and Vexen. He started to march back tword the door leading out, only to have Xigbar's arm shoot out infront of thim, blocking his path and causeing him to stop.

    "Little Dude..." Xigbar began. He then walked beside Zexion as the their commrades started to talk amongst themselves. Xigbar put his arm around Zexy's neck. "Look, it's not THAT bad...remember The Moogle Incident? THAT was bad...just deal with it, alright, Little Dude?" Xigbar wispered into his friend's ear.

    Zexion sighed. "I'll KILL Demyx for this...but fine...." He huffed bad in an angry whisper.

    Xigbar pulled his arm away from Zexion, and the two walked back over to the crowd of Nobodies. Xemnas seemed thoroughly annoyed with them all. He kept calling at them, but nobody seemed to notice. "Excuse me...hey...Hello??" Were the words of The Superior, but nobody heard them...

    "SHUT THE HELL UP!!! ALL OF YOU!!" He suddenly yelled.

    All of The Organization shut their mouths on command. Lexaues sneezed, but Xemnas ignored it.

    "Okay...find a partner, find a slide, and go investigate that area...NOW." Xemnas said, angrilly.

    Zexion blanked out, starrng at the floor, in his trademark pose. He suddenly felt someone grab his shoulder and lightly shake it. He snapped his head up to see Xigbar standing there. "Com'on Zexy! Your comming with me, and your going to enjoy yourself, Little Dude!" Xigbar said excitedly.

    Zexion sighed. "I'll come..." He said. He wasn't expecting to enjoy this...

    The groups were: Xemnas and Saiix, Axel and Roxas, Xaldin and Larxene, Demyx and Marluxia, Vexen and Luxord, Zexion and Xigbar, and Lexause was alone.

    "Hey...What about me?" Lexause asked.

    Everyone looked at him, at their partner, then back at him simutaniously. "Uhh....does anyone want Lexaues to join their group?" Xemnas asked.

    Dead silence. Lexaues dropped his head and startd to walk away, sadly. "Hey, you can join our group, Lexy!" Demyx chimmed.

    "Yeah." Marluxia said quietly.

    Lexaues smiled and walked over to thw two Nobodies. "Alright, let's split up. Rendevous at The Hotel...thing." Xemnas said.

    Everyone nodded. Zexion didn't bother to watch where everyone else went, for he was upset. "Alright! Let's go, Zexy!!" Xigbar said happily.

    Zexion looked up at Xigbar. "Why me..?" He asked.

    "Because your my best friend." Xigbar said simply.

    "Why here?" Zexion asked.

    "Because this is where Sephiroth went, and we might as well enjoy ourselves while we can." Xigbar said.

    "Why me?" Zexion asked again.

    "Com'on Cloaked Schemer!" Xigbar yelled, grabbing Zexion's sleeve and dragging him along.

    Xigbar dragged Zexion over to the slide that said Wonder Square. Zexion slipped out of Xigbar's grasp. "No way!!" He yelled.

    "Yes way!!" Xigbar yelled. He then grabbed Zexion by the back of his cloak, and shoved him down the slide, head first.

    Zexion slide down a long slide, that took about three minutes just to slide down. He then slammed down on the floor, face first. He suddenly felt something heavy land on top of him. Zexion sighed. "XIGBAR!!! GET OFF OF ME RIGHT NOW!!!" He yelled loudly.

    Xigbar got up immediatly, and sat on the floor next to the limp Cloaked Schemer. "Ugh...sorry about that, Little Dude..." Xigbar said, rubbing his own right shoulder.

    Zexion propped his head up on his hand, and tapped his fingers on the ground impatiently. "You need to stop eatting all those chips...." Zexion growled.

    "It's muscle, Little Dude, not fat." Xigbar said simply.

    Zexion stopped tapping his fingers. "I'm betting it's fat. I'M skinny. YOUR fat..." Zexion said.

    Zexion suddenly felt Xigbar's fist connect with his cheek. Zexion's head immediatly hit the floor from the force of the blow.

    "Like I said...muscle, Little Dude..." Xigbar said.

    Zexion slowly rose from the ground onto his knees and hands. He then sat ontop of his legs, and glared at Xigbar. "Did you HAVE to hit me?" He asked angrilly.

    Xigbar impersenated Zexion's thoughtful pose. "Hmm...Yes." He mocked.

    Zexion pouted. "How evil..." He said quietly.

    Xigbar chuckled. He then stood up, and held out his hand to Zexion. "Com'on Zexy. Let's go." He said.

    Zexion nodded and grabbed Xigbar's hand. Xigbar hoisted him up to his feet. The two walked over to a door that lead up. They walked inside, and walked fown the hall above. They walked up a flight of stairs, and ended up in a colorful room, with all kinds of games inside.

    There were numerous games around the room, and humans played them. A virtual wrestiling stand, a basketball type...thing, 2 grab-a-prize machines, and a woman who gave out prizes for GP (Game Points).

    Zexion was staring at everything like his cat just ate a Mastiff. "No....no way...no..." He said quietly, sctreaming in his mind.

    Xigbar grabbed Zexion by the sleeve as he started to bolt twords the entrance. "As If!! Your not going anywhere, Little Dude. Besides, the cooler games are upstairs." Xigbar said.

    Xigbar dragged Zexion upstairs to the next floor with the better games.

    Xigbar was right. There was a Bike Game, a Snowboarding Game, a Submarine Game, a 3D Fighter Game, and...a Moogle Game...

    Zexion walked up to The Snowboarding Game. "I guess...I could try this...." Zexion said.

    "Sure, Little Dude!" Xigbar said. He stood aside, crossed his arms, and watched.

    Zexion got up on the snowboard, and he positioned himself perfectly. He LOVE snowboarding, so he figured it would be better than any of the other games...even though he thought it would suck, anyways. Zexion pushed a couple of buttons on the machine, and on the screen, he appeared on the snowboard. He pressed one more button, and it started up the game.

    The 3D Zexion started to move foward with Zexion's movements. He started sliding down a huge snowy hill. It split into two paths at the bottom.

    "Go right, Little Dude!" Xigbar called out.

    The 3D Zexion swerved right as it reached the bottom of the hill. This lead to a path that split off two more ways.

    "Right again!" Xigbar yelled.

    The 3D Zexion swerved right once more, to enter The Begginer Course. Zexion shot a quick glare at the snickering Xigbar, then turned back to the game.

    The 3D Zexion started slidinging over small slopes. He kept picking up more speed as he went on. He slid to the right, and turned sharply to the left. He couldn't turn fast enough...and slammed into the wall of snow on the left path.

    Xigbar was cracking up laughing as The 3D Zexion got up and back on the board. He continued down the path, without hitting anything else.

    The 3D Zexion finished off the constant banks of snow, by lunging off the final large back, sailing through the air, and landing perfectly. This got a cheer from Xigbar.

    The 3D Zexion slid down a staright path. It lead to a forst setting. Zexion slyly evaded many trees...but he suddenly slammed into a tree, knocking it over.

    Xigbar was laughing hard at him. "I always knew you had a hard head!!!" He yelled.

    Zexion glard hard at hm, as The 3D Zexion got up and back on the snowboard. He started sliding again, evading the trees very carefully this time.

    Once he made it past the trees, he was on a large, open snowboarding area. He sped up real fast, and barreled down the path. Suddenly...Moogles started snowboarding back and forth infront of him.

    "Oh great...Moogles galore...." Zexion muttered, getting a chuckle from Xigbar.

    The 3D Zexion slid quicker and quicker,, and suddenly slammed into a Moogle. It went sailing far ahead on the path, and landed upside-down in the snow. Xigbar cracked up laughing at that.

    "Nice shot!" He yelled in his fit of laughter.

    Zexion chuckled as well. 'Okay...it WAS kinda funny...' He thought.

    The 3D Zexion slid past all the snowboarding moogles, and was now surrounded by igloos.

    "What the hell??" Zexion asked aloud, confused.

    He tried to avoid them. He slid around two, but slammed into the third. A Moogle playing cards at a tiny table appeared as the igloo faded. It got angry at The 3D Zexion, and tossed the table at him, hitting him as he rose. He was knocked down again.

    Xigbar had his right arm on the wall for support, and his left handon his stomach. He was laughing incredibly hard at The Cloaked Schemer. Zexion was glarring hard at him. He then turned back to the game.

    The 3D Zexion got back up on the snowboard. He slid down the remainder of the path, but at the end, and slid onto the checkered snow at the end. Zexion's status appeared on the screen, and at the bottom, it said FAIL.

    Zexion shut the game off, and stepped off the snowboard. Xigbar was on the floor laughing at him at this point. Zexion kicked his side. "Jerk." He muttered.

    Xigbar forced himself to stop laughing, then he got up. He brushed himself off, and looked at Zexion. "Sorry, Little Dude." He said.

    Zexion shrugged. "It's alright." He said.

    Suddenly, Demyx ran up the stairs. "Zexion! Xigbar!! Marluxia got attacked by a Chocobo, and Xemnas is entering a Chocobo Riding Contest!!! You've gatta come see this!!!" Demyx yelled. He then ran down the stairs.

    "Shall we, Little Dude?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion was quiet for a couple of minutes. "I guess." He said. The two Nobodies started walking down the stairs...


    Alrighty!! Next chapter up!!! ^^

    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 26
    ~Insanity Of The Gold Saucer (Part 2)~

    ~Gold Saucer/Entrance~

    The Cloaked Schemer suddenly dropped out of the celling, and landed on one knee and one foot. He was about to stand, but was suddenly slammed against the ground...by Xigbar falling on him.

    "Ugh...Xigbar??" Zexion called.

    "Sorry..." Xigbar said. He got up and held out his hand to Zexion. "Com'on, Little Dude." He called.

    Zexion sighed and grabbed Xigbar's hand. Xigbar pulled Zexion up off the floor. Zexion dusted his cloak off, and crossed his arms, pouting a little. "Your evil..." Zexion said softly.

    Xigbar walked over to Zexion. "What's wrong?" He asked.

    "Look....I just...ah, nevermind." Zexion said. He then walked over to the Chocobo Race slide, crawled in it, and slid down it. Xigbar followed him.

    Zexion dropped down on his knees from the long slide. He then walked foward into the light, exiting the pipe-like slide. He then heard a thud, and turned around to see Xigbar standing there.

    Xigbar walked out, and Zexion sighed again. He was upset, for good reasons, too. He refused to think about it, though.

    Zexion silently marched up the long stairs that lead from the slides, to The Chocobo Raceing Ticket Center. He walked up to the double doors at the top of the staircase, and pathetically sighed. Xigbar trailed him, and stopped next to Zexion's side.

    "Well, Little Dude? Are you just going to stand there?" Xigbar asked.

    Zexion shook his head, and then opened the left door. He walked inside, and Xigbar followed him. Zexion's gaze immediatly landed on Marluxia, who was sitting on a bench next to Demyx. Demyx was wrapping a white bandage around Marluxia's right hand. Marly also had a bandaid across his right cheeck. Demyx's hand slipped, and he hit Marluxia's cut on his hand.

    "OW!! Be careful! My hand's bleeding!!" Marluxia yelled.

    "Sorry Marly!! If we could find Vexen, this would be easier..." Demyx said. He slowly finished wrapping the bandage around Marluxia's hand, and tied it.

    "It's alright..." Marly said.

    Zexion shook his head. He then walked infront to them, and crossed his arms.

    "Okay...where's Xemnas?" He asked.

    Demyx and Marluxia looked up at The Cloaked Schemer. "Follow me." Demyx said as he stood up.

    Zexion, Xigbar, and Marluxia followed Demyx to a door on the right. They walked through, and saw bleachers that overlooked the finish line for the Chocobos, and at the top of the bleachers, most of the rest of the track was veiwable.

    Demyx jumped on the second seat of the bleachers, and ran up to the fifth seat. "Com'on! We can see the entire race from up here!!" Demyx yelled. He then ran up to the top seat, which was the tenth seat.

    Marluxia simply walked up the bleachers, Xigbar ran up them, and Zexion teleported up there. Demyx sat on the edge of the top seat. Zexion was next to him. Next to Zexion, sat Xigbar. And Marluxia sat on the nineth seat, next to Xigbar.

    The race was about to start, and Zexion, along with the others, could see Xemnas. He had his hood on, but it was him. Xemnas was riding ontop of a red Chocobo.

    Zexion struck his thoughtful pose. "I wonder if he'll get bucked off..." Zexion asked.

    "I'm betting on it." Demyx said.

    "...How long into the race, then?" Zexion asked.

    "11 Seconds!" Demyx said.

    "Nah, I think it'll take 2 minutes." Xigbar said.

    "4 Seconds." Marluxia said sternly.

    The chocobos took off, Xemnas's Chocobo barreling ahead of the others. It thrashed about, and Xemnas's calls could be heard by the 4 Nobodies watching him. The Chocobo suddenly threw Xemnas off him.

    Zexion was counting the time in his head. He looked up at his commrads. "4 Seconds." He said simply.

    Marly cheered as Demyx sighed dissapointedly.

    They turned their attention back on Xemnas, who was watching the Chocobo wark at him angrilly. The other Chocobos and their riders passed by Xemnas and his Chocobo.

    Xemnas eyed the now fumeing Chocobo warilly. He slowly got up off the ground, and stared at the Chocobo. He then took one step foward, and the Chocobo charged at him aggressively. Xemnas then bolted for the starting line's doors, and charged through them. The Chocobo followed him, then there was an ear-peircing scream, followed by pained cries.

    The 4 Nobodies sitting on the bleachers sat there, starring at the starting line banner.

    "...He's not my Superior." Demyx said, then jumped off the bleachers and darted out the door.

    "I don't know him." Zexion said, then ran down the bleachers and headed for the door.

    "Who is that goof?" Xigbar asked, jumped off the back of the bleachers, and ran out the door.

    "...Chocobos are evil..." Marluxia said, then walked down the bleachers, and out the door.

    ~Speed Square Hall~

    Zexioin wandered around, getting seperated from his commrades, and arrived at The Speed Square. He walked around, upset. His eyes then skimmed a form in a black cloak. It was kinda like his own, but far more basic of a design. No strings, no open bottom, and no coolio zippers. Zexion slowly walked down the hall, and up to this cloaked figure.

    "Seph...i...roth....re...union...." The strange cloaked man whispered.

    "...Reunion?" Zexion questioned back.

    Zexion felt someone behind himself, and immediatly turned around. Something hit him, and he fell on the floor...unconsious.


    Zexion's Will
    Chapter 27
    ~The Insanity Of The Gold Saucer (Part 3)~


    Ienzo was sitting on his bed, drawing a picture. He was at the age of 10. His Book was right at his side, as usual. He was carefully drawing something without a permanent form.

    "...Ienzo?" Came the meek call of his brother.

    Ienzo looked up. "What is it, Komi?" He asked.

    Komi walked into Ienzo's room. "So...what's up?" Ienzo asked quietly, dropping his gaze back onto his picture.

    Komi sat next to Ienzo, looking down at his own hands. Ienzo looked up at Komi. "Komi..?" He asked.

    "...They said....your leaving in two days..." Komi replied quietly.

    "...What?" Ienzo asked.

    "...The Voices..." Komi replied.

    Ienzo turned around to face Komi, dropping his pencil. "...Komi...if I do...get separated from you....I promise I will find you." He said.

    "...Okay, Brother." Komi said, a tear slipping down his face.

    Ienzo knew....that The Voices never lied....

    ~End Dream~

    Zexion slowly opened his eyes, to see darkness. He was sitting against the wall, freezeing cold. He went to move his right hand foward, and it suddenly jerked to a stop. He looked down at his hand, to see a handcuff on it. He traced the form of the handcuff with his eyes, to a bed post. His eyes started to adjust to the darkness of the room, sketching out the faint form of a hotel room.

    "What the hell??" He whispered. "XEMNAS!! XIGBAR!! MARLUXIA!!! SOMEBODY!!!" He called for his friends.

    Suddenly, a black cloaked figure opened the door, and walked inside the room. "Re...un...ion...." He whispered slowly.

    "...Reunion? What is that??" Zexion asked slowly.

    "Seph...i...roth...." The cloaked figure murmered.

    "Sephiroth...? Do you know where he is??" Zexion asked.

    "........" The cloaked figure mearly stood there.

    Two other cloaked figures walked inside and beside him. They stared at Zexion silently.

    "What?? What do you want???" Zexion asked, trying frantically to jerk his hand free of the handcuff.

    "....Re...un..ion...." The first one replied.

    They first one slowly slipped his right hand into his left sleeve. He slowly pulled out a small knife. The other two mimiced his actions. They slowly walked twords Zexion...

    Zexion held up his left hand. "Come forth, Shixor!" He called, unsure of what else to do.

    A strong rush of light flowed through, and a Wolf Nobody appeared. It's white fur coat rather shiny, and it's red eyes gleamed, reguardless of the darkness.

    Shixor immediatly lunged at the first of the cloaked figures, scratching his arm. Shixor turned on the second one, the third one getting a quick slash in on Shixor's back leg. Shixor jumped at the second cloaked figure, and bit his shoulder. The second one stabbed Shixor in the left shoulder, as Shixor pulled him to the ground, backwards. He then jumped off him, and turned on the first one again. He bit his arm, and pulled away.

    The first two jumped up, and ran out of the room. Shixor glared darkly at the third one, causeing him to run out of the room behind the other two.

    Shixor then turned to Zexion. "Thank you, Shixor. Now...could help me here?" Zexion said, jerking on the handcuff a little more.

    Shixor snickered as the light flowed over him, and he dissappeared.

    "HEY!!!" Zexion yelled. He dropped his head and sighed.

    Zexion then reached in his left pocket, and pulled out a lockpick. He slid the lockpick in the handcuff lock, and started carefully fiddling with it.

    'I am The Cloaked Schemer...I'm not an idiot like Demyx. I can escape this with ease. I don't need anyone's help.' The thought. He tends to get angry when he's ditched.

    Zexion finally unlocked the handcuff, and took his hand back. He lightly rubbed his wrist, unsure of how long he was sitting there. He then stood up, and walked up to the door, slipping his lockpick into it's rightful place at his side. He opened the door, and walked out.

    Zexion looked around, to see he was in a hotel, at the top of the stairs. It had a Halloween-type theme, even though it was November. He looked at the front counter, to see nobody there. He suddered. The place gave him the creeps.

    Zexion lightly truged down the stairs, his legs almost fully asleep. He reached the bottom of the stairs, then walked straight to the double doors. He walked through them, and down the dirt path, and arrived to a small area with graves stones. They were engraved with words. He walked over to the one that read Entrance, and stood infront of it.

    "Entrance..?" Zexion asked aloud. The floor below him suddenly dropped, and he fell straight down.

    ~??? ???? ??????/Entrance~

    Zexion fell straight from the ceiling, and landed on both knees. He looked around quickly, to see he was in The Gold Saucer's Main Entrance. He stood up, and dusted himself off. He then turned around, to see the hole leading back to The Hotel he just came from. The name read Ghost Square.

    Zexion shook his head. "Rendevous THERE??? I'd rather sleep next to a Mastiff!" Zexion said aloud.

    Zexion then walked to The Battle Square, figureing that one of his commrades should be there.

    He jumped down the slide, and slid down to the Battle Square.

    ~The Gold Saucer/Battle Square~

    Zexion dropped from the slide above, and landed on one knee and one foot. He stood up, and noticed he was in another walkway, this time it was octagon-shaped walkway. He stepped through it, and saw a long staircase, a long purple rug streched over each step perfectly.

    Zexion lightly walked up the stairs, and ended up in a new room. He looked around to see the floor was black and white, there were two counters with people on stand-by at them, there was a large door leading somewhere, and Xaldin was leaning against a wall, arms crossed, and eyes closed.

    Zexion walked over to Xaldin. "Hey Xaldin." Zexion called.

    Xaldin opened his eyes, and darted them twords Zexion. "What do you want, Cloaked Schemer?" He asked.

    "Where is everyone?" Zexion asked.

    "How am I supposed to know?" Xaldin asked. "All I know, is Larxene ran off to Axel's group, and Roxas got kicked out by Axel, so he joined my group, and now he's in the Battle Zone, beating relentlessly on monsters. He's lost three times already...all on the fourth fight." Xaldin explained, chuckling.

    Zexion stood there, listening. "Why did Axel kick Roxas out of his group? Those two are almost inseperateable..." Zexion asked.

    "...He never said. I think it's because he wanted some alone time with Larxene..." Xaldin said, chuckling.

    Zexion then sat on the floor next to Xaldin, and curled into a ball. "So, why are you and Xigbar apart?" Xaldin asked.

    "Well, after watching Xemnas get chased by a chocobo, I walked off to The Speed Square, got knocked out, let my...rental Summon chase off some of Sephiroth's...followers, now I have only found you and Roxas." Zexion said.

    "Yes...that would explain things...." Xaldin said simply.

    Zexion sighed. "...When do we go to...the hotel?" Zexion slowly asked.

    "...Six o' clock." Xaldin said quietly.

    Zexion pulled his legs closer to himself. "What time is it now?" He asked quietly.

    "...4 o' clock." Xaldin said.

    Zexion nodded. Xaldin stood upstraight, streatched, put his hood on, then leaned against the wall, hands behind his head.

    The door leading into the Battle Arena suddenly opened, and Roxas ran outside of it. He ran infront of Xaldin and Zexion, grabbed his head, and growled. "ARGH!!! WHY do I keep LOOSEING??!!!" Roxas yelled furiously.

    "Maybe because your we-"

    "SHUT UP!!! XALDIN, JUST SHUT UP!!!!!" Roxas yelled darkly. He then took off, tword the stairs.

    "...Sorry Shorty. Now I'm the only one who's location you know of." Xaldin said, then chuckled.

    Zexion stood up and glanced at Xaldin. "Shut up, Xaldin." He said. Zexion then ran off down the stairs.

    '...Why am I always the one to make everyone 'feel' better?' Zexion wondered as he quickly ran down the stairs.

    Zexion reached the bottom of the stairs. He saw Roxas run off into the Event Square, and chased after him...

    ~The Gold Saucer/Event Square~

    Zexion dropped down from the ceiling, ladning on one knee and one foot. He stood up, and saw he was in a small room with slides on the floor and slides in the ceiling, and a door leading somewhere....that looked rather....white.

    Zexion walked tword the room with white. He walked inside, and someone suddenly grabbed his arm. He looked to his right, to see Xemnas.

    "Zexion! Your just in time!!" He said excitedly.

    "...I am?" Zexion asked.

    "Yeah! We need you to be The Priest!!" Xemnas said.

    Zexion blinked twice. "...Priest for what??" He asked.

    "Saix and my wedding!!!" Xemnas cheered.


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