How can I contact the KH-Vids staff?

If you have general questions about how to use the site, try looking in this guide or posting in our Site Assistance section. Alternatively, you could message someone on our staff team, either by personal conversation or by leaving a post on their profile. Most if not all of us have additional contact details listed in our profiles (messengers and email).

For more official site business, please message one of our Administrators or email us at contact[at]kh-vids[dot]net (directly or through our Contact form).

Who maintains KH-Vids?

KH-Vids is maintained by its active and dedicated staff team of volunteers who are constantly working to make KH-Vids the best Kingdom Hearts site around.

Who owns KH-Vids?

KH-Vids was originally opened by Deathspank. In early 2008, he sold the site to spdude; three years later, spdude would sell the site to Tienewman. In 2016, Tienewman would go on to sell the site to Blaine. After a month of ownership, Blaine soon sold the site to a joint coalition of staff members.

When did KH-Vids open?

KH-Vids the website open on December 19th, 2005. Nine days later, on December 28th, the forums were opened.
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