Are there any rules regarding my signature?

  1. Normal members are allowed one image in their signature. Premium members are allowed two.
  2. You may not place videos within your signature, though you may link them.
  3. Your signature should not exceed 500px by 500px total (includes images and text).
  4. Only one .GIF (moving picture) is allowed per signature. The .GIF may not exceed 700kb.
A staff member reserves the right to edit or remove items from your signature without prior warning should they feel it is inappropriate or otherwise against our rules. Repeated disregard for this will result in punishment.

How do I put an image into my signature?

Click the dropdown with your name and select Signature. A space will appear for you to edit your signature.

Here you can add the BBCode for an image—it’s pretty simple. Get a direct link to the image, and wrap img tabs around it, like so:
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