How can I customize my usertitle?

Custom usertitles are limited only to staff and Premium members. When you belong to one of those two groups, you can edit your Personal Details, which has an option for usertitle customization.

What is a usertitle?

A usertitle is a small phrase displayed under your username on each of your posts. They often signify rank, though they can also be customizable.

What are the usertitle levels?

000 = Moogle Assistant
010 = Merlin’s Housekeeper
050 = Destiny Islands Resident
100 = Traverse Town Homeboy
200 = Twilight Town Denizen
300 = Gummi Ship Junkie
400 = King’s Apprentice
500 = Hollow Bastion Committee
750 = Kingdom Keeper
1000 = Chaser
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