How do I change my username?

You can request a username change by visiting this thread, stickied in this forum. A username change requires 300 posts and five months of membership.

Premium members are allowed username changes every two weeks; they should request changes within their section, in the stickied thread.

Why are some usernames colored? What do they mean?

A colored username signifies the user’s usergroup (see Usergroup section of the FAQ for more information).
  • Blue and bold usernames = Administrators (Username looks like this)
  • Purple usernames = Super Moderators (Username looks like this)
  • Red usernames = Sectional Moderators (Username looks like this)
  • Green usernames = Reporters (Username looks like this)
  • Orange usernames = Coders (Username looks like this)
  • Pink usernames = Premium Members (Username looks like this)
  • Light gray usernames = Banned users (Username looks like this)
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