Video Portal

I uploaded a video to the Portal but it hasn’t appeared. What gives?

Each video uploaded must be manually approved by a staff member. It should appear within a few hours—if it’s been longer than that, feel free to message a staff member. We’re usually pretty quick about it!

What is the Video Portal?

Seeing as this site provides Kingdom Hearts cutscenes, the Video Portal is a special area where you can share the videos you create with those clips! You can reach it by clicking Video Portal in the navigation bar, or by clicking this link.

What sort of videos can I upload to the Video Portal?

We are happy to accept any video related to Kingdom Hearts, Disney, or Square-Enix. The video must also follow our standard rules for content.

What is the Top Five? How can I participate?

The Top Five is a video contest held weekly by the KH-Vids staff. Videos submitted to our Video Portal are reviewed by a member of the staff team; they select their favorites for that week, and feature them on our homepage! You can learn more about the Top Five by talking to our staff member Stardust.

To participate in the Top Five, add the keyword ‘top 5’ to your video when you’re uploading and it will be automatically submitted!

What sites can I upload from?

Currently we support videos from YouTube only. If there is another site you like to upload your videos to, let us know and we can see if we can support it!
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