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    Mar 25, 2007
    In your breadbin

    This is a huge list of all the tutorials you have all posted over the years compiled into one thread. Sadly, due to the age of quite a few of them we have a huge number of broken links (if you spot another one then either inform me, Cherry Berry or Cstar and one of us place it in the correct category on this page). Have fun, each one comes with a small description of what the tutorial is and whether is has any additional requirements, go and experiment and learn stuff! Remember, not every render works with every tutorial- some renders are better suited for certain tutorials.

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/a-bunch-of-tutorials.13896/ (EVERYTHING! Some broken)


    Signature tutorials:

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/signature-coloring-tutorial.122328/ (Signature colouring tutorial) ~Noroz
    A simple smudge tutorial (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tut-thats-harsh-princess.104868/ (Effect, simple tutorial) ~Misty
    An easy tutorial to make a great looking signature using fractals/C4D’s and patterns (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tut-je-taime-the-valley.100469/ (Simple effect tutorial) ~Misty
    An easy and simple tutorial to make a nice, colourful looking signature (no special requirements unless you want the exact stock Misty used)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/sundown-tutorial.92569/ (smudging effect tutorial) ~Misty
    A tutorial that makes a nice smudged background (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/high-places.88307/ (smudging effect tutorial) ~Misty
    A tutorial that uses smudging and a few renders to make a signature (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tag-tutorial-long-time-in-the-making.83379/ (smudging/fractals tutorial) ~C4E
    A tutorial that uses smudging, lighting and renders to make a signature (Bubble render required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pretty-tutorial.74046/ (general) ~Cody
    A tutorial that uses smudging and liquifying effects to create a signature (possible smudge brush required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/vector-paths-tutortial.70662/ (using vectors) ~Fallen King
    A tutorial that uses vectors and renders to make a signature (tablet preferred but not required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/c4d-intermediate-sig-tut.44761/ (intermediate general) ~McFabulous27
    A tutorial that makes a signature using C4D’s and fractals plus colouring (requires fractals/C4D’s)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tutorial-polaroids-stock-love.42491/ (polaroids) ~mcFabulous27
    A tutorial describing how to make a polaroid (a picture like the ones that come from old cameras) with nice effects. (only requirement is the polaroid render which is provided)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pentool-mickey-tutoral-version.19415/ (general pen tooling) ~Cody
    A tutorial that teaches you a good effect using the Pentool (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/joker-tag-tutorial.17321/ (general PS) ~Cody

    A tutorial that uses brushes and lighting to create a great flow in a signature(Splatter brushes and floral brushes required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/ps-prefesional-tutorials-by-jason.17027/ (professional PS) ~Eclipse

    A professional tutorial describing how to make a signature using a picture, pen tool and fractals. (fractals preferred)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/zomg-tutorial-with-darky.11117/ (spiderman tutorial) ~Cody
    A tutorial that uses a full still picture with renders and various other effects to make a tag. (need C4D’s and fractals)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/b▪e▪c▪k-t▪u▪t▪o▪r▪i▪a▪l.11582/ (general photoshop tutorial) ~Eclipse
    A simple tutorial that uses smudging, liquify and renders to produce a signature (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/power-tutorial.11129/ (general) ~Cody
    A tutorial that uses a full still image with various renders/C4D’s to make a signature. (C4D’s and fractals required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/n00b-photoshop-tutorial.1176/ (easy PS) ~Mr. BuBBleS
    Various tutorials from simple grunge tutorials to GIF signatures. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/darkys-userbar-tutorial-fixed.925/ (userbar) ~Darkwatch
    A simple tutorial explaining how to make your own personalised sidebar. (no special requirements)
    General effects and colour improvement:

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tutorial-summer-warmth.103783/ (Improving photos) ~Jade
    A tutorial describing how to improve the colours in your signature. This can be used in Photography, signatures or anything that involves improving photos. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/saix-tutorial.68654/ (photo manipulation) ~axel-sora
    A tutorial that shows you how to manipulate photos to produce an interesting effect. This technique could be implemented into anything you wish. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pentool-guide.9205/ (pentool) ~tkato
    Teaches you how to use the pentool in a cool, glowing effect. The pentool is incredibly useful for many activities you wish to complete. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tutorial-energy-nova.5684/ (nice effect) ~Zero-Cerberus
    A tutorial describing how to make an interesting effect which could be used in backgrounds or incorporated into your artwork somehow. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/text-blending.4653/ (text)
    A tutorial describing an effective way of using text so it blends in but is also visible. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/glow-text-tut.1163/ (Glowing text)
    This is a tutorial describing how to create glowy text. (no special requirements)


    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pokemon-trainer-card-tutorial.112502/ (Pokemon trainer card tut) ~Boy Wonder
    A tutorial describing how to make a Pokemon trainer card (blank trainer card provided- these can be found easily)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/making-a-grunge-sig-with-gimp.4338/ (Simple grunge tutorial GIMP) ~Misty
    How to make a simple grunge signature in GIMP (grunge brushes required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/c4d-sig-tut.4411/ (C4D tutorial) ~Misty
    How to make a simple yet effective tutorial using C4D’s and gradients. (C4D’s required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/requested-tut.59333/ (simple GIMP tutorial) ~Fallen King
    How to make a nice looking tag using smudging and other effects on GIMP. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/fade-smudge-tutorial.47684/ (GIMP general) ~Misty
    How to make a nice looking signature using interesting GIMP tools. (everything required has links provided)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/ice-tut.50569/ (general) ~Fallen King
    A tutorial that uses smudging and other effects to make a nice signature. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/purple-tut.49224/ (simple general) ~Fallen King
    A tutorial that uses effects and brushes to make a grunge tutorial. (brushes required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pixel-stretch-tut.48748/ (simple general) ~Fallen King
    A simple tutorial that makes a sidebar signature. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/gimp-intermediate-stock-sig-tut.47920/ (simple general) ~Fallen King
    A tutorial that makes an effective signature using a stock with a weapon in it. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/birth-of-an-artist-tutorial.31881/ (intermediate GIMP tutorial) ~Misty
    A lovely intermediate tutorial that teaches you how to make a smudge tutorial. (grunge abstract and splatter brushes required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/naruto-tag-tutorial.25029/ (GIMP general) ~Misty
    A nice tutorial that uses splatter brushes, C4D’s and smudging (requires splatter brushes and C4D’s)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/best-tutorial-you-will-ever-follow.5907/ (simple GIMP) ~Cody
    A tutorial that uses smudging and colours to create a signature. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/sprite-animation-tutorial-for-gimp.9963/ (sprite animation) ~Jinta Yadomi
    An easy to follow tutorial on how to make a sprite animation in GIMP. (sprite sheet required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tut-on-my-latest-style.5515/ (general GIMP) ~Misty
    A tutorial that uses brushes to create a nice looking signature (some images may be broken) (brushes required but links provided or you could use your own)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/venom-siggeh-tut.5425/ (general GIMP) ~Cody
    A tutorial that makes a smudge signature. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/c4d-style-tut-semi-advanced.5373/ (general GIMP) ~Cody
    A semi advanced tutorial that uses C4D’s to create a nice signature. (C4D’s required)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/photo-manip.5117/ (general GIMP) ~Cody
    A tutorial that utilises some effective aspects of GIMP to make a signature (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/easy-photomanip-tut.4358/ (general GIMP) ~Falco
    A tutorial that uses ripple and lighting colours to create a signature. (No special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/my-first-tut-blending-sig-tut-long.4569/ (blending in GIMP) ~Cody
    A tutorial that uses brushes to create an easy background to your signature. (optional brushes link provided)

    General effects and colour improvement:

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/leopard-skin-tut.45427/ (leopard print GIMP) ~Fallen King
    How to make leopard print in GIMP to be used in whatever you wish (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/making-borders-in-the-gimp.5817/ (borders in GIMP) ~Cody
    A tutorial explaining how to make the most out of borders. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/how-to-get-quick-scanlines-with-gimp.3624/ (scanlines in GIMP) ~Misty
    How to get scanlines into your piece easily. (no special requirements)



    A one stop tutorial and resource dump to get you started on breathing life (or gif., whatever you call it) to your characters c:

    Example provided below:


    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/simple-blending-tutorial.122961/ (simple blending tutorial) ~Ienzo
    A simple tutorial teaching you an effective way of blending in your stock. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/tutorial-for-typography-101.61537/ (typeography) ~Darkwatch
    This tutorial helps you with text and making it look effective in your tags. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/text-tutorial.61530/ (text) ~Misty
    This helps with using text effectively. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/a-quick-eays-tutorial-on-how-to-make-gifs-in-psp7.29826/ (how to make a GIF in paint shop pro) ~Weeaboo
    This is a tutorial that tells you how to make a GIF in paint shop pro. (movie making software required e.g. windows movie maker or Vegas)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/resizing-images.26845/ (resizing) ~Reptar
    This explains an incredibly basic and easy way of resizing any picture that may be too big/small. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/making-a-simple-avatar-paintshop-pro-x.1534/ (avatar in PSP) ~Mari
    This describes how to make an avatar in paintshop pro (no special requirements)


    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/gif-compression.115121/ (compressing GIF file size) ~Daydreamer
    This is a useful tutorial that helps you effectively compress the size of your GIF if it is too big for whatever reason. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/vector-tutorial.67607/ (2x general) ~Virtuoso
    2 tutorials that give you a nice looking signature using vectors- one is for Photoshop and one is for GIMP but probably not exclusively. (vectors requires)


    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/take-screenshots-with-alpha-transparency.115448/ (take screenshots with a transparent desktop background) ~Daydreamer
    This allows you to take screenshots with a transparent background to produce a cleaner render. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/photo-method-top-shade-shooting-method-not-post-production.104696/ (Photography shooting method) ~Jade
    This is a tutorial that gives advice on taking photos. This isn’t post production improvement in Photoshop, this is the actual photography. (no special requirements)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/the-rule-of-thirds.42917/ (rule of thirds) ~Misty
    A simple tutorial explaining stock positioning. (no special requirements)

    Broken links

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/my-first-video-tutorial-ever.90205/ (video tutorial)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/shining-gfx-tutorial-easy.4095/ (easy shining tutorial) (too small)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/kh-logo-tutorial.68411/ (KH logo tutorial)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/making-the-most-of-your-stocks.75111/ (making the most of your stocks) (too small)



    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/t-t-t-tutorial.66542/ (general)





    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/animated-rain-tutorial.24299/ (animated rain)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/stock-placement-tutorial-are-you-sure.43779/ (stock placement) (too small)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/simple-border-tutorial.27462/ (border tutorial)









    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/stock-tutorial.12100/ (stock tutorial)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/pentool-tutorial.9161/ (pentool tutorial)





    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/stock-tutorial-gimp.7172/ (stocks in GIMP)

    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/my-4th-tut.6456/ (general GIMP)



    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/making-borders-in-ps.4393/ (borders)




    http://www.kh-vids.net/threads/normal-vector-tutorial.1348/ (general PS)
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