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    May 29, 2008
    For your reading pleasure, we have gathered a list of original stories ~

    PM me if you wish for your story to be added to the list <3

    (Note- Guys, some of these stories are quite old. If the last post was over six months ago, please do not necrobump; and if you're posting, make it a good review)


    Author- Catch the Rain

    Memories of the Mentally Unstable
    Author- DPWolf

    The Dreaded Block
    Author- Yukai

    Flightless Wings
    Author- timexhasxgone

    Broken Sky
    Author- Destined

    Author- Jayn

    Author- Styx

    Author- Jiku Neon

    Spilt Blood
    Author- Sexy Sheva

    Vermillion Sunset
    Author- Chevalier

    Crocodile Pizza
    Author- What?

    Lock and Key
    Author- Jiku Neon

    KNIGHT's Code
    Author- ArchAwesomeman

    The Quickies
    Author- 2Foxxie4U

    Winter Solstice
    Author- Xaale

    The City of Gods
    Author- Pyro

    Author- MSUK

    All You Know Ends Now
    Author- JellyBeing

    Intimate Collision
    Author- timexhasxgone

    Let Me Assume
    Author- What?

    Tangled in Yesterday's Memories
    Author- Aura

    The God Complex
    Author- TheMagicalMisterMistoffelees

    Angels Don't Like Heroes
    Author- ArchAwesomeman

    The Sweetest Flower of them All
    Author- Cariad

    Thirty Nine Daises
    Author- Catch the Rain

    This Is A Story In Which A King Is Tested
    To His Greatest Degree

    Author- What?

    Karin's Heart
    Author- tummer