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    May 29, 2008
    For your reading pleasure, we have gathered a list of recommended stories and fanfics ~

    (Note- Guys, some of these stories are quite old. If the last post was over six months ago, please do not necrobump; and if you're posting, make it a good review)

    PM me if you wish for your story to be added to this list <3

    Some of these are completed, some are still on-going.


    Title: Spam Wars
    Author: Shades
    Spam Wars: A Noob Hope- A story where KHV and Star Wars have collided.

    Title: Valentine of Destiny
    Author: Braveheart
    This story begins where KH2 ended- now Sora and co. must return to school
    and face the truth.

    Title: Sunset
    Author: Magick
    And you thought all of Yuki's troubles were over... (Vampire Knight)

    Title: A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future- Sora and Kairi's Wedding
    Author: Destiny's Force
    What it says on the tin- will Sora and Kairi make it down the aisle?

    Title: Saving Kairi
    Author: P E A N U T
    The trio are safely back on the islands, but what will happen
    when Kairi is struck down with an illness with terrible consequences?

    Title: Kingdom Hearts 2- Untitled
    Author: Forever Love
    The tale of the gang back home on the islands, with Roxas and Namine
    still with them.

    Title: What's Xigbar's Age, Again?
    Author: 2Foxxie4U
    Funny story centered around the oldest member of the organization,

    Title: The Seamstress of Hearts
    Author: Imiko
    A special Riku fanfic where YOU are the main character.

    Title: A Kingdom Hearts Original: The Disneyworld Chronicles
    Author: Shades
    Kingdom Hearts and KHV characters together at Disneyworld?
    What is this madness?

    Title: Sora and Kairi: SWITCHED! A Kingdom Hearts Alternate Future
    Author: Destiny's Force
    The crazy tale of what happens when Sora and Kairi swap bodies!

    Title: Kingdom Hearts III: The Revival
    Author: Soushirei
    A focus on Kairi's past and her development from a princess of heart
    into something much more...


    Title: Her Savior
    Author: P E A N U T
    Kairi was witness to an assassination, and now the FBI must protect her.

    Title: How Aerith and Yuffie met Saix
    Author: Theonly9one
    A short and funny story; what will happen when the girls meet Saix in Hollow Bastion?

    Title: The Highwayman
    Author: 2Foxxie4U
    AkuRoku. Roxas always knew he could rely on his Highwayman.
    Until... (based on the poem)

    Title: Gentle Giant
    Author: 2Foxxie4U
    A tale of Lexaeus, the gentle giant.

    Title: The Scientist
    Author: TheOnly9one
    The inner musings of the Chilly Academic, Vexen.

    Title: KH: Under the Stars
    Author: Obsessed
    Cute and cheesy short love story.

    Title: Do you feel it? The 'moon's' power?
    Author: TheOnly9one
    A humorous tale in which the organization seeks to discover the reason behind Saix's chosen power.

    Title: Destiny
    Author: twilightsown
    What happens when you can no longer control how you feel?

    Title: Love me Again
    Author: Anniexo
    SaixXAxel yaoi.

    Title: The Fading Flower
    Author: twilightsown
    Riku takes advantage of Sora's absence and reveals his true feelings to Kairi.

    Title: KH: Short Story
    Author: Roxas
    What happens when Sora becomes sick of his role in the games?

    Title: KH: Elevator
    Author: Obsessed
    Riku and Kairi are trapped in an elevator, what will happen?

    Title: Emptiness...
    Author: 2Foxxie4U
    Sad short story from the view of Roxas.

    Title: Myde goes to a recital
    Author: TheOnly9one
    A silly poem-fic. Myde = Demyx's true name, apparently.

    Title: Incomplete
    Author: DarknessKingdom
    Kairi's thoughts after being seperated by Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts.

    Title: Love in a Bun
    Author: Obsessed
    Roxas and co. work at a fast-food restraunt.

    Title: Falling Rain
    Author: twilightsown
    Kairi ponders where Sora is as she goes about life five years later.

    Title: Blackmail Leads to Love
    Author: Anniexo
    DemyxXZexion yaoi.

    Title: Scattered Petals
    Author: Rouge Angel92
    Kairi's beginning to doubt that Sora and Riku will ever come home.

    With thanks to Breakeven for helping me put this together :3
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